Why is my Dog Shaking?

If you’ve ever seen your dog start shaking or shivering it can be pretty scary. My first question is why is my dog shaking? Is she sick, scared or what.

I worry about my dog like I worry about my kids. When anything happens to our beloved pets we feel helpless and worried due to the sudden behavior change, seeing them in pain, shaking or shivering.

There are a couple of reasons why your dog may start shivering or shaking. It may be due to being too cold, in pain or under any kind of stress. There is even a disease seen in dogs that causes them to shake uncontrollably called Addison’s Disease.

Instead of feeling helpless about the condition of your companion, here are a couple tips to help you care for your dog.

Stress and Shivering

Just like us, our animals have stress triggers as well that will cause them to shake so it’s important to try to limit the stressful situations you are involving your dog in.

Loud noises like construction, fireworks unusual noises, thunderstorms, fear of traveling, or kennels can cause your companion to panic, leading them to shiver or shake uncontrollably or tremble. As a pet parent, you can play an important role in helping your pet calm down by just following a few tips.

Punishing your pet for shaking by yelling at them to stop or even pushing them away can make your pet feel even worse, causing them to stress even more.

Since you are your pet’s safety blanket your dog will automatically seek solace in you, so during these instances try speaking to your dog in a calm, quiet voice to soothe them. During these instances your pet will want to be right under you for comfort. Some dogs even need a calming vest to help them calm down.

The calming vest provides a gentle, constant pressure that gives your pet the feeling of being swaddled in turn helping them to reduce stress. If the shivering or shaking your pet is experiencing is combined with panting its most likely a stress issue.

Pain and Shivering

When you companion is experiencing any kind of back, neck or abdominal pain they may start to shiver as well. If you notice your pet doesn’t want to move, is having trouble walking on their own or experiencing some kind of stiffness they most likely are shaking because of the pain they are in.

You would need to make sure you get your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible to have them looked at because they may be suffering from a herniated disk, pancreatitis or a possible fracture.

If your dog already has a preexisting condition such as arthritis the affected limbs may shake. Viruses or neurological conditions can also cause your furry friend to start shaking as well for long periods of time. In those instances you should also make sure to set an appointment with their veterinarian as soon as possible.

Cold and Shivering

Temperature related shivering may happen from time to time with your pet. Some people automatically assume that their pet is experiencing some kind of pain but the next time you come in from the cold if you’re cold, your pet is probably cold too.

If the occasional shivering of your furry friend bothers you, you can combat this by taking them to play at an indoor dog park so the can still get some exercise time in or you can take them on shorter walks.

Seeing your pet shaking or shivering is a very scary experience especially when you don’t know what’s going on with them. When in doubt, your best option is to go directly to the vet and keep an eye out for any strange behavior. Our furry friends are vital members of the family and when they’re happy, we are too.

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