Why Does My Dog Love To Cuddle?

Let me tell you some heartbreaking news. Dogs actually don’t like hugs from their favorite humans.

Yes, this news is really hard to swallow and some dog owners even rejected this immediately, but if you think about it carefully you’ll realize that they do have a point.

If you have seen a dog being hugged, you’ll notice the uncomfortable fact that they are showing. But just because they don’t like hugs, doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. In fact, they hold a huge amount of love and affection for you, they just show it in a different way.

Here’s how your favorite pupper show his love towards you:

 1. They Like Cuddles Not Hugs

Now, this is great news that you wanted to hear, you don’t have to give up your cuddles to your pet after all. Dogs don’t actually dislike being hugged, what they don’t like are the big bear hugs that you give them. It’s because you make them feel like they can’t escape from it.

However, they really love cuddles. Being close to you, especially during bedtime, mean that they are enjoying having a close physical connection with you.

Letting them snuggle against you, rather than hugging them to death, will ensure that they don’t feel trapped and that they can go whenever they wanted.

2. They Provide Affection by Cuddling

If you noticed that your dog keeps cuddling with you, it’s just his way of showing his affection for you. And we suggest that you encourage this kind of behavior to strengthen the bond you have for each other.

Researchers have even found that having a simple bonding with your dog, such as cuddling, makes it more important to dogs than other kinds of pets.

3. It Makes Them Feel Good

One of the reasons why your dog loves to cuddle is because it releases chemicals that make them feel good. It is quite similar on what we feel when being hugged by the person that we love.

Dog cuddling releases a hormone called “oxytocin”, which is the same type of hormone that is released during childbirth and breastfeeding. It provides a comforting and calming effect in the body.

Just 3 minutes of cuddling between a dog and a human help releases oxytocin in both of them, which is why it is not only beneficial to dogs, but to humans too.

4. It Provides Warmth to Your Pet

If you live in a country that has a cold climate, you’ll notice that your dog will more often cuddle with you than any other dogs that live in warmer places.

Also, for thousands of years, dogs and humans have always been cuddling with each other to keep their selves warm, especially on cold nights.

Why does my dog love to cuddle

Unlike us humans, when we get cold all we have to do is to snuggle underneath a blanket to keep warm, but for dogs, it’s not that easy for them. They need to cuddle with another being to keep warm.

5. Dogs are Pack Animals

Another reason why a dog loves to cuddle is that they are pack animals. It means that they are used to living in groups, and it’s also their way of maintaining heat. This is quite similar o a pack of wolves, they move in groups and sleep in groups to keep their selves safe and warm on cold nights.

And the fact that dogs are social animals, they will always seek companionship and would often show their affection, and one of it is by cuddling with you.

6. To Protect You

In the olden days, there is a term “three dog night” where a human needs to cuddle up with three dogs to keep him from freezing to death. But aside from providing warmth, dogs also cuddle with their owners to protect them from harm, such as when a robber has broken inside your home.

7. It’s a Stress Reliever for Them

Like we have mentioned earlier, cuddling releases oxytocin which help them feel really good. Like us humans, cuddling is also our pets way on relieving they’re pent-up stress. Aside from cuddling, petting your dog also helps lower their stress levels.


If you have a dog that often cuddles with you, then you should consider yourself lucky as not all dogs’ like cuddles. Some dogs prefer having their own privacy by sleeping in their own beds, it may even surprise if you non-cuddly dog suddenly cuddles with you one time.

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Why Do Dogs Cuddle

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