Why Does My Dog Dig Before She Lays Down?

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There are days wherein a dog keeps digging on the ground as if there are treasures underground until he decided to lie down instead. Your pet is not making some tricks nor fed up. It is the so-called digging behavior that most dog breeds do. Why dogs hollow out anyway? Let us see the answers below!

6 Reasons Why Dogs Dig Before Sleeping

There are reasons why dogs have digging behavior whenever they lay down. We can see how chaotic your mind is over this topic. So, here is a list of what causes dogs to dig before sleeping:

1. Natural Behavior

Digging before lying down is already into canine DNA. It is part of a dog’s behavior that is irresistible.Some breeds, like terriers, are excessive diggers on which to keep an eye on.

Keep notice of the wild breeds whenever the pet likes to rest they begin to create a den.This is also true for domestic dogs looking for safe places to ease themselves.

Some owners find the behavior cute, but others won’t understand why dogs are acting that way.It happens in backyards during hot days, just to get you warned.

When digging behavior becomes cruel than expected, you may take advantage of the pieces oft raining to reduce or eliminate a bad habit.

2. Comfort

Perhaps the dog is looking for a nice spot to get some sleep. Like humans, canine pets also demand a comfortable sleeping area at all times.The weather outside could be warm or cold, either way will trigger a dog’s digging behavior.

In summer days,dogs desire to still get enough rest. The surface might be too hot and so dogs will scratch the ground to cool down.Colder days on the other hand could not be good for a dog’s health. Digging helps to result in a cozier sleeping place.

Observe your pooch outdoors while he looks for a resting place.The pet will not just dig a hole, but in a good shape as well. The reason is, dogs like to sleep in a most comfortable position.

3. Seeking Attention

Dogs are known as a clingy pet that wants more of its owner’s attention.Not giving them much attention will push them to do other things just to finally catch your attention. Remember not to spoil a dog of your attention that easy to limit over familiarity upon an action.

To correct the behavior, give him pet toys to alter his attention from digging in a carpet. Or, interrupt the pet by making noise, not a scary noise.Call your pet’s attention and give some other commands as an outlet for his energy.

Giving treats after your dog responded correctly is a strategic way to easily get its attention and be motivated.

4. Territorial Claims

Other dog breeds can become so territorial at times.And, digging is one way for canine pets to express such an attitude toward other dogs.It may seem unfriendly, but this happens not so often.

According to research, the dog’s paws have special glands that release a special scent on the ground. Claiming a territory leaves the evidence on the leftover scent by the dog paws in a particular area.

Canine pets take advantage of their special paw scent to claim a territory. It could only be done by digging on the ground whenever the pet plans to rest.

The dog can rest peacefully over its selected sleeping area for the coming days. No other pets are allowed to stay there.

5. Entertainment

Another dog’s habit is to play around, whether with someone or some other dogs. They are innate active pets.

Most dog owners understand what could entertain their pets.Who knows digging behavior is one source of entertainment for dogs?

It might not sound good for some pet owners, but digging makes dogs happier. They sometimes scratch the ground to release excitement.It causes destruction to some indoor fixtures, like carpets or cushioned sofas.

You will notice after minutes of exposing its digging behavior, it is easier for him to get some sleep.

6. Dislike New Beds

Dogs can imitate a human’s behavior when we did not like something.We might act strangely not getting what we really want, and so as our pet dogs.It can be too hard for dogs to move on from their older stuff, as well.

Pet owners love to buy new stuff for the comfort of their companions.But, sometimes dogs cannot get over to their old stuff especially on the bed. The older ones were already filled with the dog’s scent, which is a reason behind.

This hurts many dog keepers spending so much money just to buy the stuff. As promised, your dog will soon love the new bedding as the old one. Give him more time to explore its new bed.


Canine pets do have some pre-sleep rituals and one is digging the ground or its bed.The reasons behind are very basic and yet pet owners must be reminded. Digging behavior could turn bad when the dog starts to destroy things around.

Think of an outlet on which could alter the dog’s behavior into something useful. Seek for professional’s help, if necessary, to avoid doing the wrong thing. Never shout towards your dog for it may leave trauma for the rest of their lives.

Do you know some other reasons behind the dog’s digging behavior? Share your idea in the comment box below.