Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

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A dog licking its paws is a common behavior when he has nothing to do while lying on the floor.It works to groom their paws without a human’s help. However, sometimes licking becomes a problem when bleeding, swelling, or even bad odor occurs.What will be your next step?

You need to visit a pet expert for diagnostics to deal with your dog’s paw licking problem.Afterward, the vet will discuss the possible reasons why the pet does such a thing excessively.You will know if there is something else going on rather than a grooming behavior.

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7 Reasons Dogs Lick Their Paws

Knowing the reasons why dogs lick their paws will give us an idea about how to treat the problem. We search online the things that keep your pet licks its paws, and end up with the following cases:

1. Allergies

Perhaps a canine pet that has a regular licking problem is experiencing an allergic reaction.Dogs can be allergic to some environmental factors, food, or even cleaning products applied to them.Finding the real source of allergies can be confusing and only an expert can help you out.

Most dogs cannot stand beef, chicken, dairy, and grain diets, which are the main causes of allergic reactions.The best remedy is to eliminate such foods on their diet. On the other side, swap out cleaning products once symptoms persist on dogs.

Always keep the house clean to avoid causing problems toward dogs.

2. Boredom

Since dogs are popular as cuddling pets,maybe the pet lick paws because they want attention. Pet dogs do the licking to cope with anxiety, as it helps to reduce stress hormones. This reason will depend on the breed of dog because some breeds are less active than the others.

There are called lick granulomas. It is a result of licking caused by the boredom that opens sores on the pet’s skin. It will get worse as licking continues.Only particular dog breeds are prone to lick granulomas, which is good.

Playing with your pet can ease the boredom and so licking problem. Spend time training your dogsor never let them doing nothing when no one is around.

3. Pain

Our pets get uncomfortable when they do not feel okay physically.They are not able to voice out how they are feeling in a verbal way, so the pet thinks licking might work to say he is hurting.Maybe something hurts its paw like a thorn on grass, a broken nail, and so on.

Some reasons for the pain are invisible to human eyes, as it may take into a deeper level.That is when you need to take your pet to the vet.You will notice an additional limping behavior to licking when a serious problem exists.

The first remedy would be checking its paws to see what is wrong. If you can remove the cause of pain, then do it. If not, let experts provide the best course of action.

4. Due to Fleas or Ticks

Tick infestation may happen to dogs not properly groomed. They often developed on the pet’s paws that cause skin irritations and so trigger to lick themselves. The dog thinks that by licking may soothe the itchiness and remove the pests. But, the situation gets worse in reality.

Use non-toxic ways to eliminate fleas or ticks on dogs. Make sure to use products that won’t cause allergic reactions toward the pet. When the infestation is getting worst, seek an expert’s advice immediately.

The presence of these pests can be prevented by regular grooming. Personally pick out the fleas out of the paw to release possible pains.

5. Dry Skin

Too much grooming may cause dryness on the dog’s skin, especially to hairless dog breeds. Dry skin is also a result of a cold or dry climate, whichever the dog is usually exposed. You may notice a dog will lick its dry paws to ease irritations.

The solutions here are simple. Arrange a grooming schedule that will meet your pet’s needs without harming its paws. Over-bath might reduce the natural oils on their paw and so better reduce the times of grooming. Be aware of the shampoo and conditioner you are using whether they contain chemicals that may cause dryness on paws.

Some more remedies are a natural dog lotion, vitamins, and oil supplements suitable for canine pets.

6. Hormone Imbalance

Large amounts of cortisol or thyroid hormone might result in hormonal imbalance on dogs.The next thing to deal with is skin issues on different parts of the pet’s body, including paws. It may lead to serious infections when not treated well.

Exposed skin is easy for dogs to lick which may cause lick granulomas, a serious skin infection.Though the pet’s saliva has the power to heal a wound, we will never know until when it will work.It may go down hill as licking behavior continues because of the said belief.

Better consult a veterinarian to cover up the skin infection with the right cure. Once healed, the dog will surely stop licking its affected paws.

7. GI Issues

Some health issues may attack your dog’s paws, like GI issues. A clinical study shows that even healthy-looking dogs can experience GI issues. It requires medical examinations to see precise results about this issue.

GI abnormalities include many serious skin infections such as gastric foreign body, chronic pancreatitis, and many more. It cannot be healed completely without the help of an expert. The procedure might be pricey but go for it for the sake of the loving pet.

Giving dogs proper care will prevent GI issues to take place.

How to Stop Dog’s Licking Problem?

Seeking for advice is the best thing a hooman can do to treat a dog’s licking problem.We are not an expert on everything about dogs, so looking for help is a must.

Most of the above reasons are due to health issues on which are to be resolved by an expert. Other reasons are just minor issues like boredom that can be easily treated by counter-conditioning the dog.

Conversely, home remedies are ever-present to stop the causes of too much licking. Taking care of dog paws must come regularly like after playing on the yard. By simply wiping its paws every now and then will prevent allergies. You may also soak its foot in cool water with oatmeal shampoo to rinse off the causes of itchiness.

Feed your dog with diets rich in omega fatty acids with an anti-inflammatory formula to strengthen its immune system. Lastly, place a humidifier indoors to bring moisture to your dog’s paws thus prevents irritation.

Final Thoughts

We can finally say that paw licking is beyond normal behavior done by canine pets. There are several reasons why our four-legged friend does the same thing over time. Some could lead to serious health issues that demand a call for pet experts.

Upon taking care of your dog, be aware when paw licking becomes excessive. Do not ignore some routines that possibly cause the pet to perform such behavior.As early as now, identify what causes your pet dog to lick on its paws and seek for professional’s help for the next steps.

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