What’s Your Dog’s Attention Span?

No newsflash here, but your dog has a short memory.

According to a recent study discussed here by the folks at National Geographic, your dog forgets an event after two minutes. Some say that dogs forget even sooner than that.

dog’s attention span - quick training tips

Personally, our dog is probably at about 11 seconds. I know that I can let her inside, let her walk 15 feet and then ask her again if she wants to go outside. Every time she sprints to the door like it’s the first time she’s been outside in days.


So what does this have to do with dog training? It brings us to tip #14 of our series of 100 dog training tips.

Use Short Dog Training Sessions

Not only do dogs have short memories, they have short attention spans. In all fairness to our dogs, they also have owners with short attention spans too!

When you are working on teaching your dog, use 10 minute sessions. Your dog won’t be able to give you his full attention for much longer than that. In fact, hats off if you can get 10 minutes of good attention in the early sessions.

Short sessions will maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Once your dog is distracted, you will be wasting your time. Keeping it short will also help keep you engaged and keep you from getting frustrated.

Short sessions are also easier to fit in your busy day. Fitting them naturally into your day makes training with your dog feel like less of a chore and more of a fun diversion.

Don’t know what to start with for your 10 minute training sessions? Start easy, like learning how to sit.

Don’t Quit Before the Magic Happens

Most pet parents give up too soon on training their dogs. Most times it is due to frustration and a lack of time. Short sessions cut out these two most common causes for failure.

You will make progress daily. Sometimes it’s gradual and you don’t notice right away. The important thing is to keep working with your dog on a regular, daily basis. Keep it fun and short and you will both be happier.

Good Doggies Online Quick Training Tips

This series is designed to give you short, bite sized training tips to help you with your dog. Dog training doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t need to be a dreaded chore.

It’s good to have a steady supply of short and actionable tips that you can easily use.Work on these tips little by little and soon you’ll be surprised.

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