What to do if Your Dog is Restless?

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Dogs show different behaviors depending on situations. And at times, you may feel that your dog is hyperactive more than usual, unsettled, or is pacing back and forth constantly. As their owner, it is necessary that you observe their normal behavior for you to tell if your dog is trying to tell you something or not.

The aforementioned behaviors are some of the examples that should not be overlooked as they may indicate that your dog is experiencing something unusual or is restless. Dogs may go through this situation at some point in their lives and there are various reasons for this. Some are behavioral factors while others are because of medical conditions. Look at these reasons to understand your dog’s condition better.

1. Stress and Anxiety

Dogs easily get attached to the things around them. At the same time, the bond formed with them matters. Anxiety on dogs may occur due to sudden change of environment as well as being separated to the people they have formed bond with. Some signs of this is difficulty in sleeping or pacing and frequent positioning.

2. Fear of Something

Another behavioral reason for restless dogs is fear or phobia. There are things that trigger this fear and it is something you have to pay attention. Mostly, dogs develop fear of loud noises from fireworks, thunder and the like. You may see your dog cry, pace or pant excessively when triggered by these.

3. Tapeworms, Fleas or Ticks

These may make your dog feel very uncomfortable. And your dogs can make you understand if they are suffering from any of these. Constant and intense scratching may be caused by fleas and ticks. As tapeworms are intestinal, it is a little difficult to figure out. A vet’s help is needed in order to confirm this.

4. Pain and Discomfort

Older dogs are prone to arthritis and may also be one of the reasons causing discomfort among them. Dogs with arthritis often pace back and forth trying to ease the pain they are feeling.

5. Diseases

Observe carefully and understand what your dog is trying to say. Often restless in dogs are caused by illnesses which require immediate attention. Some of which are liver disease, Cushing’s disease or other tumors. These diseases may lead to worst problem when neglected.

You may be wondering why it is necessary to understand what causes restless to your dogs. Knowing what exactly causes your dogs restlessness will help you deal with the problem. It is because there are ways specifically recommended depending on your dog’s case.

Dealing with Your Dogs Restlessness

1. Restlessness due to anxiety or stress

It is always best to ask for your veterinarian’s when it comes to your dog’s behavior or health issues. Though, for anxiety issues, there are some things you can do to calm your restless dog.

  • Eliminate whatever triggers your dog’s anxiety. In case it is something you can’t do anything about, you can try reinforcing your dog through training or exposure to be able to lessen the anxiety.
  • Try wrapping it with a blanket to ease discomfort.
  • If your dog’s anxiety is due to feeling alone, you may try putting a stuff toy beside it when it sleeps.
  • Use scented sprays that can help them relax
  • If your dog’s anxiety issues don’t subside, you may rely on some medications like pheromone or melatonin products. Of course, with your vet’s prescription.

2. Restlessness Due to Pain or Discomfort

The pain and discomfort felt by dogs vary depending on their age. Thus, you must also respond to each behavior differently. If you are tending to an older dog suffering from arthritis, you should try changing their lifestyle or you can try some medications. Things you can do for the are:

  • Give them regular exercise to keep them active. But make sure not to overdo it as it may cause more discomfort.
  • Give your dog a regular body massage to lessen the pain it feels and to keep their joints flexible.
  • Change your dog’s bed if needed. It must be comfortable and soft and make sure it’s warm especially on cold days.

3. Restlessness Due to Diseases

Some of the common diseases among dog’s that make them feel restless are Cushing’s disease, liver disease and neurological tumors. And you have to remember that each is dealt with differently.

  • Cushing Diseases – a dog with this disease is often in an agitated state which leads him to pacing around the house constantly. If you suspect your dog to have this disease, bring it to the vet immediately. Often, oral medication prescription is given to ease it.
  • Liver Disease –can lead to your pet’s loss of appetite with an alarming weigh loss which can be a serious problem when left untreated. While the disease isn’t grave yet, start changing your dog’s diet. It may also be required to take medication. Thus, it is important to ensure that your dog visits the vet regularly.
  • Neurological Tumors – this disease often attacks dogs of older ages and in worst cases, the only option left for your dog is euthanasia. Strange behaviors like sudden aggression and excessive panting are some of its symptoms. It is also associated with sudden seizures, muscle tremors, loss of hearing or eyesight and becoming clumsy. Before the worst case happens, make sure to get them a scan. One option to cure this is through a surgery.


Restlessness among dogs always has a reason. Your responsibility as their owner is to find it out and make sure to act upon it with love and patience. Though it is often inevitable, there are ways to help prevent it.

Always make sure that you provide your dog with all their necessities including food, water, shelter, regular exercise, proper care, time, and love and spend your happy days together.

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