What Dog Breeds Are The Most Loyal?

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If loyalty is what you seek from a pet, you can never go wrong with dogs. Dog is on top of the list among the most loyal animals and it has been proven by many dog owners.

But, as with their other characteristics, the level of loyalty is associated with their breeding purpose. In addition, each breed also has a difference in showing their loyalty. So, if you wonder what dog breeds are the most loyal, keep reading and we will give you the answer. 

Why are dogs loyal?

Before we go to the breeds of the most loyal dogs, let find out the reason behind their loyalty. Studies show that the loyalty of dogs to humans started from their shared past. 

It also originated in their pack behavior. As pack animals, they thrive in the company of others who they consider a part of their pack, and they build a strong bond and loyalty with them. Expressing loyalty is also their they way to build allegiance among the pack members and work effectively with each other to survive.

How do dogs show their loyalty?

Every dog shows their loyalty in different ways. Some of the ways they show it are sleeping with you, jumping on you, bringing you their toys, leaning on you and more. You just need to be observant to be able to understand your dog more.

The Most Loyal Dog Breeds

As loyalty is in their nature, many dog breeds are included in the overall list of the most loyal breed. Here is a list of our personal pick.

1. German Shepherd

On top of our list is the “gentle giant” German Shepherd. Being raised as a working dog, it is natural for them to obey commands and serve their purpose effectively.  They are also very friendly and affection are resulting to their natural loyal temperament. These dogs will never leave your side especially when they know that you feel down.

2. Beagle

Beagles are characterized by their soulful expression. They are also known to be a great companion especially to kids. Their desire to love and be loved increases their loyalty, thus they might seek for a regular attention.  There is a tendency for them to be clingy so they might experience separation anxiety when left for a long time.

3. Golden Retriever

It is never impossible to build a strong bond with a Golden Retriever. They are very affectionate, friendly, intelligent, and incredibly loyal. Golden Retrievers can be protective to their family, and it is one of their ways to show their loyalty. They may bark at possible danger and the safety of their owner is their priority.

4. Border Collie

Border Collie is bred as a herding dog and they are a good epitome of beauty, bravery and loyalty. They are also very sensitive and are gifted the ability to predict what their owner needs. As a family dog, they can be sweet and gentle. You can expect them to watch and protect you as they way of expressing their loyalty. You may also notice them following you around when they are bored or anxious.

5. Saint Bernard

This dog breed possesses a lot of wonderful characteristics that make them a great family dog. They are easy-going, friendly even to other animals, and they work hard on pleasing people. Not to mention their great sense of loyalty. They also tend to be protective with their owner and they are likely to build a string bond with them.

6. Akita

The loyalty of Akita has been known since the feudal Japan. Originally, they were used to guard the royal and noble man and they have proven their loyalty since then. Though they appear fearless in front of strangers, they are very affectionate and playful with their family. They love spending time with them and they are very in doing activities.

7. Barbet

Used as hunting dogs for many centuries, Barbet has great swimming skills. Other than that, they are also recognized by their cheerful and social disposition, and their unwavering loyalty to their owners. They are great at obeying commands and they love learning new things. Although these days, Barbet has become a rare dog and they are classified in the miscellaneous class.

8. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute is native to North America and is known as the oldest and largest sled dog in the country. Although perceived as strong due to their nature, they are one of the gentlest, most affectionate and loyal companions. They can also be patient with kids. They love companionship and social interaction with their owners.

9. Brittany Spaniel

As one of the working dogs, Britany Spaniel is popularly known for their great stamina, athleticism, and carrying out commands accurately. They are also intelligent, loyal and good at getting along with others, including other animals and humans. They love being with a company, so being along makes them lonely. Moreover, they have much energy to deal with children.

10. Great Pyrenees

This beautiful mountain dog is loved for their calmness, patience, strong will, intelligence and loyalty. Their great devotion to their family is incomparable and their love is unconditional. During training, they can be patient and they can also be good at obeying commands. This dog can be independent and also loves social interaction.


Other than the ones in this list, there are still many other breeds known for their loyalty. Just remember that loyalty is earned, so if you want your dogs to be loyal to you, you should work hard on it. Give your dog the care they need, love them with all your heart, and they will surely do the same to you.