What Does Your Dog Really Think Of Your Kisses?

The sign of our love for family and friends is hugs and kisses. We hug our friends when we saw them and kiss our parents when we arrived from work. Us humans can easily feel that we are loved when they hug or kiss us. But how about our pet dogs? How will you know if they love you and how they will know if you love them? Can they fell our kisses? Can they kiss us back?

We are created so different from animals, but we still have a connection to them. We have different ways on how to love them. But to those who usually kiss their dogs, do you think they can feel and appreciate it?

Since dogs are already part of the family, human shows their love to the dogs by hugs and kisses too. And the dogs show their love for human by cuddling and licking the face of their owner.

We have two different ways on how to own a pet dog and we have a different approach in petting these kinds of dogs.

1. Raise them from being a puppy.

If your dog is raised by you then they can be trained in an easy way because they are still adjusting and you can use it as an advantage to train them well.

You can notice to a puppy when you kiss them, they look like asking their selves “What is he/she doing to me?” because they can’t understand what you are doing. But when the time goes by and you will regularly kiss them when they did something good or when they welcome you home from work, then they will slowly realize that it is a sign of your love to them.

There are signs you can see when you kiss them or when they want to be kissed. They jump up and try to lick you, they run around you while their tail is wagging and puts their head into your palm or sometimes into your armpit when you are sitting.

You will feel more secure when you raise the dog by yourself because you know that you trained them well. And they are more clingy, loving, and ready to protect you by all mean. If your dogs were raised by you, then they probably understand what your kisses means. Because you are kissing then almost every day of their life.

2. Adopt a homeless or rescue an abused dog.

Adopting a homeless dog is risky because you don’t know what is the attitude of the dog. Most likely, dogs that are homeless are wild and ready to protect their selves anytime because being in the street for a long time is dangerous.

Same with the rescued dogs, they have a wild side. The rescued dogs have already trauma and trust issues because of their experience. But dogs are still dogs, they can still be trained even though you are not the one who raises them. It will be tough and you’ll need a lot of time to earn their trust.

Take it slowly, soon they can also recognize your hugs and kisses. They will trust you and love you the way you did to them. They are like a human who can appreciate the effort and they have their own way on how to pay back your kindness.

Safety in kissing a dog

Do not just kiss the dog whenever you like, you should also need to observe them when they are in the mode to play with you or when they are upset because letting your face near to their face might scare them and be the cause to attack you.

Even though you are the owner there still a chance that the dog will attack you when they are angry. But dogs know how to read body language not only to other dogs like them but also to humans, especially to their owner. They can’t speak so all they do is observe our body language.

Also, if you can feel that they are having a hard time to understand what your kisses mean to them, keep distance because they might give it a different meaning and might bite you all of a sudden.

Can dogs kiss us back?

Dogs are jolly and they have their on way how to express their love to their owners. But most likely, they also kiss us in a different way, and it is by licking us.

Some dogs lick their owners face because they want the salty taste of our face but other dogs make it as a way to express their love. They also know how to cuddle, they love to take the attention of their owner.


We can’t read what is inside the head of our dogs, but we don’t need to know it. The most important thing is, we should know how to express our love for animals. Not only to dogs or cats but to all animals that are created by God. They are all extraordinary and they also deserve to be loved.

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30 thoughts on “What Does Your Dog Really Think Of Your Kisses?”

  1. This may be just wishful thinking on my part but I have often observed dogs licking each other in their own pack and I believe they are greeting each other and it truly is their way of showing affection and submission to others in their pack. Even though I am certainly no expert, if you are part of your dog’s pack then of course they are showing you affection and maybe submission

  2. My dog Pebbles , learned early on what I mean when I ask her for kisses or for sugar. We do this every day. She loves me sooooo much as I do her. She and I share an apartment…….and I would not have it any other way.

  3. I have a Toy Poodle of 1 year called Asher he love it if i play with my head/face with him then cuddle up to m and give me lots of kisses and then we kissed and play, he often com up to me and just ask for a kiss, too cute i love love him to pieces he is so addorable.

  4. My Pit Bull 8 months old is a real lover!! Insists on sitting in my lap, licking me & sleeping👍👍 I put the back of my hand in front of her face & say kiss, she licks it 1 timeI love it👍👍When I go to bed I lean over her & we swap kisses😘😘

    1. Who cares, we are discussing a manner of transmitting love and affection to animals that can’t read or write. Go somewhere else to critique what others do with their pets.

      1. Thank you Anonymous (#2) for your reply to Anonymous (#1). Don’t know why some people have to take every opportunity to be ugly.

      2. If the author doesn’t care about whether, or not, the reader understands them, how can we trust their grasp of the subject matter. They owe their readers the courtesy of writing properly…… you dunce. There is no excuse for sloppy writing.

    2. This person is obliviously English as second language
      This person can speak read and right in our lang can you do that in hers . Be kind.

    3. I think it’s polite to simply read and understand what others are expressing. Perhaps they are from various cultures and English is not their first language. N’est pa?

  5. Do not be afraid of a dog at a rescue they are not wild this article is a lot of BS I’ve got a rescue dog and she is the best thing that has ever been in my life you’ll know if the dog loves you immediately that’s all I’ve got to say

    1. Kimberly Michaelis

      This is sooooo true… I’m trying to comprehend where the author is coming from…Maybe they had a bad experience… I have had every kind of dog,and now I have an American Pitt bull terrier… She was 3 months old when I adopted her… She is the sweetest little girl in the world… She is soooooo affectionate… This little puppy is one of the most smartest dogs I’ve ever had… if I say, will Gracie give mommy kisses, she will stop whatever she is doing and run to give me a kiss… So yes they do know what a kiss is… They are just like little children… As far as a homeless dog, who probably had to fight to stay alive,,, look at children who have been abused, they to need time to adjust and trust… Amen…

    2. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We have three rescues. All of them were rescued as puppies. One, who is a male, snapped at us. He was aggressive. We got on top of that quickly, who wants a dog that bites? Not all rescues are aggressive. But not all rescues are docile, either. Another one of our rescues was very sweet, but extremely nervous. At first I thought she had a urinary infection, but turned out it was just all nerves. Dogs are different just as people are different.

    3. True. I had rescue dogs and they are smart and friendly. A Border Collie is now adopted and she is loved in her forever home. I have two other rescues as one-month old puppies and they are my pack. I have a pup with its mother out of 8 and the mother dog deserves at least one after 3 litters and she is now spayed.

    4. I feel that the author has conveyed a very obvious sustain for rescue dogs. He has added to the misinformation concerning the ability for rehabilitation of a rescue dog when an educated, informed, and compassionate person commits to bring a abused dog a second chance. The author also imposes his obvious
      Distain for animal rehabilitation and could influence a potential person debating the idea of rescuing a forgotten animal I hope he does not share these views on foster care!

  6. Is it mean to re home your 8 no old had him since he was 2 mo to a wonderful house with a yard a mom dad and son son that’s older ! They love him and I can’t have him anymore will he be ok ? These people are great big yard

    1. It’s sad especially that none of your family members want to take care of it. So very sad, however, if her new family will love her to pieces and she has a huge space to run around in, it may be good for her, as long as you do not ask for her back again. Then that would be mean and unfair to the dog. It’s confused enough for the reason she is being given out to another family, but in time she will adjust, but she will never forget you.

  7. I have a boxer who loves to be loved; when she feels like I’m not paying attention to her . She places her paw on my hand or arm to remind Meth at she’s waiting to be loved..

  8. Many people are not native speakers, or else never learned to write well in school. It is unkind to attack them about their lack of writing skills.
    It would be nice if they would take classes to learn speech and writing better, but that does not happen often enough. It can mean life and death in some settings. Like in my hospital where some of the nurses must have passed the English test, but I cannot understand the lab results when they call.

  9. My job for many years was taking care of dogs..A realtor said to potential buyers that the neighbor hood came with free doggie day care..One of my sleepover dogs was a female chihuahua, she thought she was the mistress of the house..She ended up using my bed at night and she was generally easy to get along with, sometimes I woke up ahead of her and she woke up quite nicely..Sometimes she woke up, nose to nose and eye to eye with me,then
    our day would start..One day was funny, I had accidentally been sleeping with my mouth slightly open and she said the nose to nose stuff wasn’t working, so she “french kissed”me
    and I knew upon impact and who was doing it..She Got Me That Way Once..Never again !!

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