Would You Wear a Dog Shock Collar to Lose Weight?

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Dog Shock Collars

Thinking of using a dog shock collar for training? Before you do I want tell you about this new weight loss collar for people. Check it out.

Just Wear This Collar…


Here’s the plan.

Pick the person in your life that you trust and rely on the most. This person is going to be your weight loss buddy.

They are going to decide how much weight you need to lose. Next they will decide how they want you to lose that weight.

They will pick a diet or just make one up. They may or may not share the details of this plan with you.

Next, they will get you an electric weight loss collar for you to wear around your neck. It’s surprisingly identical to a dog shock collar, but we’ve scratched off the label and put a sticker on it that says “weight loss collar.”

Dog Shock Collars

It has a remote control so that your weight loss buddy can give you a shock whenever he or she thinks your veering off of your diet plan.

The tricky part is that you won’t be zapped every time you break your diet…and sometimes you’ll be zapped for no reason at all. Hopefully in time you will figure out what you’re supposed to be eating or doing at any given time.

Don’t worry, when you do something wrong and your weight loss buddy shocks you, they will say something helpful like “No!” or “Uhh-Uhh.”

Don’t worry. All this zapping will have no effect on your relationship with your previously close and trusted weight loss buddy, except that you might cringe in fear every time you see them or they walk in the room.

Eventually you WILL lose weight because you will be so stressed out and afraid to eat or move, that the combination of reduced calorie intake and increased anxiety will result in drastic weight loss.

Would You Wear a Dog Shock Collar?

If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t use one on your dog either. Proponents will say that the collars work, but that’s not the point.

The point is not the end result, it’s how you treat your dog. You can change your dog’s problem behavior without resorting to cruelty.

Plus, when you teach your dog in a humane way, the change will be more effective and longer lasting.

Focus on Winning Your Dog’s Mind Instead

If you are struggling with your dog, the first step is to win your dog’s mind. You want your dog to look to you as a trusted leader and provider.

Good leaders don’t lead by fear and punishment. They lead by being strong and fair, and by providing food and shelter.

It also means that you have to set boundaries and say no sometimes. Just be consistent and never use force to punish.

Instead, use your control over your dog’s environment to encourage or discourage particular behaviors. You are pretty much in control of all aspects of your dog’s life. Use it to your advantage.

Also, find out what motivates your dog. It’s usually food or affection. Use that responsibly to selectively reward good behaviors.

Don’t Be a Dog Bully

Finally, training your dog is not an excuse to be a Dog Bully. You don’t need to yell, scream or hit your dog to train him.

Which brings us back to shock collars. You don’t need them. There are so many other ways to teach your dog.

You might think it’s the quick and easy way, but teaching your dog is not hard. In fact, it can be fun and you can do it in short 5 minute clips.


Unless you think the weight loss shock collar sounds like a good idea for you, stay away from shock collars for your dog. If you’re looking for help with your dog, check out our resource guide to help get you started.

So, what do you think about dog shock collars? Drop a comment below!

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Are Dog Shock Collars Humane?

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