These 9 Dog Obedience Training Tips Will Make Your Dog Happier

dog obedience training tips

Have you ever felt bad when you tried to train your dog? You’re not alone. Dog training done wrong can be a pretty miserable experience. The good news is it can actually be fun and transform your relationship with your dog. Check out these 9 dog obedience training tips that will make you and your dog happier.

No one wants to have an undisciplined, impolite, and disobedient dog. Not only do people have to put up with your crazy dog, but they also have to deal with the owner’s yelling and screaming at the dog.

Actually, dogs are much happier especially if they have limitations and know what is expected of them. If not, they are always nervous, not knowing what is going to set you off afterward. This confusion can lead to fear and anxiety and take not fearful dogs are really dangerous. And this where an obedience training comes in.

Obedience training is important for dogs. It makes life easier for the both of you since your dog already has an idea what you will be expecting from him. And normally he will not participate in actions he knows he is not supposed to do.

So, where and how do you start with your dog obedience training? Right here! The first step is wanting to learn more. Plus, with the right attitude, obedience training can be exciting for you and your dog.

The best way to get started is to jump right in. Here are 9 must have tips for dog obedience training that you will help get you on the road to a happy and healthy dog.

Must Have Tips for Dog Obedience Training

1. Know your dog’s breed

Know your dog’s breed

Before starting your dog obedience training, it is essential that you should read more about your dog’s breed. This will tell you the how difficult or easy your dog may be to teach. Even so, a resource page for the breed can provide training tips to optimize your session so that you will be able to get excellent results in just a short period of time.


2. Keep the commands consistent and short

Keep the commands consistent and short

When training your dog, make sure to use the same instructions all along to avoid confusing your dog.  Also, when using a command it should only be one word or a maximum of two such as, off, down, heel, stay, sit, and up.


3. Know how a dog learns

Know how a dog learns

If you come home and you found out that your canine has pooped on your living room, you’ll never be able to get him to fix that stack of poo to any type of punishment you impose. Dogs learn over abrupt consequences. That is why you need to catch your dog in the act and then address his bad behavior immediately.


4. Keep The Training Session Short

Keep The Training Session Short

Make your dog training obedience fun. Training a dog is very fun and having a dog is also fun. Either way, when your training session is too long your dog’s courtesy is going to decline. As a result, you are going to get angry.

Better yet, focus on two skills per session, because when talking about training, repetition is the king. So, go over several steps for one skill, after which jump to another one. Keep repeating ’til the time is over or your dog becomes bored.


5. Keep your consequences consistent

Keep your consequences consistent

You need to impose consequences each time he does a bad or good behavior, ‘til your dog is completely trained. But make sure the consequences are consistent inside the family.

For example, if you ignore your dog whenever he jumps on you but your kids or spouse find it adorable and offers the attention he is looking for you as the trainer you may as well give up. Because he will not learn the consequences that are associated with its jumping behavior since the consequence is not consistent. Your dog may not jump on you but he will jump on everybody else.


6. Be Patient

Be Patient

Irrespective of the age of your dog, you have to be patient all the time. That is why, if your dog is not doing what you are saying or following your standards just take a deep breath and keep practicing.


7. Do not consider violence

Do not consider violence

Both shouting and violence are absolutely the most awful ways to try when instructing your dog to do what you want him/her to do. Actually, violence introduces anxiety in your dog, while shouting will make you look unpredictable and threatening. So if you don’t want your dog to become a fearful one, treat and teach him/her nicely and properly.


8. Focus on specific skills

Focus on specific skills

By simply teaching your dog some basic skills, you will be able to prevent undesirable behaviors from arising. For instance, when your dog stays and sit, you can tell him to stay and sit when someone comes to your house or when the doorbell rings. Also, teach your dog not to jump on visitors or persons your dog is not familiar with.


9. Reward your dog

Reward your dog for obedience training

If your dog has been following the rules you’ve taught him during your training sessions make sure to praise him. Better yet, give your dog some rewards. In fact, positive reinforcement is an essential element in dog obedience training. Because, just like people, dogs, on the other hand, loves the feeling of being praised and rewarded.



Due to their affectionate and lovable nature, dogs are one of the best animals to have as a pet. Dogs are great and good companion no matter how old they are. However, some dogs are hard to train, but if you follow the tips mentioned above you will be able to make dog obedience training easier.

Furthermore, you should always keep in your mind that training is a continuing process. You’ll never be absolutely finished. That is why it’s essential to continue working on the training all throughout your dog’s life. A person who learns a language at an early an age but stops speaking the language may possibly forget it as he/she grows old. The same thing goes for your dog.

Either way, teaching them even the simplest commands and tricks is a good way to make sure that your instructions will remain fresh in your dog’s mind. Plus, it is the best way to spend more time with your dog.

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