The Secret To Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean Without Brushing

Brushing a dog’s teeth is never an easy task. But it is an important element of dog grooming that can help to keep your dog’s oral health at its best. If you include this in your dog grooming routine, you can prevent your pet from acquiring common dental health issues. Since most dogs hate brushing, I searched for the best alternatives for dog teeth cleaning that do not include brushing.

Teeth Cleaning Alternatives For Dogs

Here are some of the secrets of dog owners that helps them keep their dog’s teeth clean and healthy:

Raw Bones For Plaque Removal

Who would think that raw bones can clean a dog’s teeth without brushing? Raw bones are what animals use to keep their teeth healthy and free from bad breath. The hardness of raw bones can help to eliminate the plaque in the dog’s teeth that causes bad breath. Grinding the bone removes tartar buildup and the meat assist in cleaning the space in between your dog’s teeth.

Give your dog some raw bones to enjoy and it will have a nice meal along with a bright smile. It is best to give it some chicken wings as well as neck bones for gentle scrubbing. Also, take note to avoid giving your dog cooked bones. The soften bones are easy to shatter, making it a possible choking hazard to your canine.

Rinsing Solution For Fresh Breath

Just like humans, dogs also have their kind of rinsing solution that gives them fresh breath. You can find a different kind of rinsing solution for dogs on the market that can eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Most of these solutions are in powder form that you can add in your pet’s drinking water. This will make it easier for you to keep the breath of your dog fresh all day and every day.

Dogs are like kids that may swallow the spit when done rinsing their teeth. For this reason, the rinsing solutions for dogs are safe to consume. You can also add it to your dog’s food to keep its teeth healthy and plaque-free.

Dental Spray For Healthy Teeth And Breath

If you prefer an on the go product that can make your dog’s teeth and breath healthy in an instant, invest in an excellent dental spray. Most dental sprays taste good and they contain enzymes that can eliminate plaque. But make sure to give your pup a good amount of water to assist the effect of dental sprays.

Dental sprays may not eliminate plaque in your dog’s teeth. So it is best to use it along with other options on this list. The good thing about utilizing a dental spray is that it provides a quick fix to a dog’s bad breath. It comes handy when you travel with your pup and you can’t give him raw bones for the meantime.

Coconut Oil For Clean Teeth

Coconut oil is one of the best alternatives to cleaning your dog’s teeth without necessarily brushing. You can use organic coconut oil to rub on the teeth and gums of your dog to remove food particles and bacteria that cause plaque. Adding it to your dog’s food is another way of utilizing this natural solution. On the other hand, applying it directly to the teeth of your dog is way better.

Fresh Food For Tartar-Free Teeth

Most dogs crunch only once on their food then swallow. It is usually the reason why food particles get stuck on their teeth. To prevent them from acquiring dental issues because of this habit, give your dog fresh foods to change the chemistry in its mouth. This can help to produce more enzymes in the saliva of your dog that will work to keep its mouth and teeth healthy.

Fresh Water To Avoid Bad Breath

Giving plenty amount of water to your dog is one of the easiest alternatives for brushing its teeth. This can wash away any food particles that may be stuck between its teeth, allowing it to prevent the emergence of plaque in its mouth. Make water more accessible for your dog by placing freshwater in its bowl. When it is thirsty, it can drink much water if it wants to, making its breath fresh all day.


To sum it up, dogs also require proper teeth cleaning to ensure optimal dental and oral health. Since most dogs hate brushing their teeth, you can use the best alternatives to keep your dog’s teeth and mouth healthy and fresh.

Feed your dog some raw bones, give him the best rinsing solution, use dental sprays, scrub his teeth and gums with coconut oil, and feed him fresh foods to prevent him from accumulating plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

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