The Secret to Goldendoodle Training

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The overflowing cuteness and socialness of goldendoodle will surely make you fall for them. Goldendoodle is one of the “designer breed” as a result of breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. Although their popularity as a designer breed isn’t that successful, more and more people are drawn to adopting them because of their characteristic.

Other than their great looks, Goldendoodle inherited the best traits of their parent breeds equally. Like Golden Retrievers, they are adorable, obedient and energetic family dogs, and same as poodles, they are athletic, very affectionate and they don’t shed much.

These are the reasons why they make a good furry companion to both novice or experienced pet parents. They are also highly intelligent, a trait they inherited from both their breed parents, so training them is not much of a problem. But to be able to do this successfully, one must know the secret to Goldendoodle Training.

Getting to Know Goldendoodle

The first step to becoming successful in training a Goldendoodle is to get to know them like the back of your hand. This will give you a better understanding of who they are, what they want, and how they wanted to be dealt with.

1. Goldendoodle is easy to train.

As Goldendoodle possesses both the intelligence and obedience of its breeding parents, training them can be done with ease. It is also in their nature to please the people around them, and you can take an advantage of this in training them.

2. Being athletic is natural for them.

They have much energy which sometimes requires them to engage in various physical activities. A simple walk in the park, chasing games at homes or other simple activities can meet their needs of using their energy. With this being said, you may include one or some of these with the rewards that you offer them. They will definitely love it.

3. They are highly sociable and friendly.

It is one of the best traits of Goldendoodle, making them a good companion for both children and adult. They like meeting and greeting people, even strangers, ad tend to get their attention in any way they can. At the same time, they also like socializing with other dogs.

4. They need much of your time especially in their young age.

On the first few weeks of your pup with you, it is a much that you spend much time with them. As much as possible, give them a daily contact and do most of their usual routines together. This is to build trust and start establishing a good bond between you and your dog. Having trust and good relationship is the foundation of your future activities together.

5. Goldendoodles are curious dogs.

Their attention can be easily caught by other things because of their curiosity. It also causes them to be distracted in between their usual routine, or even ignore their usual treat over something unusual.

What is the secret to training your Goldendoodle?

This is nothing much of a magic, but willingness and determination. Set your goal, stick to it, and bear in mind these useful tips.

1. Give them an early training.

Establishing a strong foundation is the secret to creating an effective routine. After spending some time with your pup, gaining his trust, creating a great bond together, start establishing routines. As part of their daily habits, pups lie down, or sit. When they do so, give them a treat as a reward. Do the same thing when they did something good. This is to help them realize which of their behavior is decent.

At the same time, you should help understand which of their behavior is not acceptable. Jumping on you, chewing random things or growling at you may seem cute when they are still a puppy, but not anymore when they grow up. Rather than correcting the behavior they are old, better stop them when they are young.

2. Do not punish bad behavior, but redirect them.

Everyone makes mistakes and our puppies are not exempted. From time to time during your training, they may make mistakes which can freak you out, but chill. Getting angry at them might give them anxiety about the drills which can cause failure for the future training.

Redirect their behavior instead. For example, if they chew your slipper, take it and replace it with a chewing toy. The nest time they chew the toy instead of your slippers, reward them.

3. Observe your dog’s schedule and create a schedule that works for both of you.

Creating a routine means creating a schedule, and a consistent schedule helps carry out the routines as expected. But before doing so, pay attention to your dog’s routines first – what time he poops, pees, is most energetic, sleeps and so on. Considering these as the basis of your schedule will help the training more effective.

4. Avoid distractions during your training.

Goldendoodle curiosity will always lead them to wandering around, and you will find it hard to get their attention to yourself. An effective training requires their full attention, so you make sure you do it in a room without any distractions like toys, other people and more.

5. Level up your rewards.

Treats will always be appreciated by your pup. But you might as well take it to the next level. To put it simply, level your rewards to the activities carried out successfully by your Goldendoodle.

As they are athletic and sociable, you may also give them other rewards like walking outside, spending time with other pup or with yourself.


There are no shortcuts to training your dogs and it doesn’t have impossibilities, either. Same as with other things that you do for the first time, it takes professional advice and accurate information to be successful in it.

Most importantly, it needs your consistency, willingness, passion and patience. Train your Goldendoodle with love and spend the rest of your days with much love and happiness.

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