The Secret Reasons Your Dog is Staring at You

Why does my dog stare at me?

Have you ever been watching a movie with your lovable little pooch at your side when you suddenly have that creepy feeling that someone is staring at you? Turns out, its not someone, your dog is staring at you.

If your like me, you start asking your dog questions. . .

What is it? You hungry? (stupid question, she’s always hungry)

Do you wanna go outside?

Usually you get a blank stare back or a tilt of the head and sometimes a bark.

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So what’s with this dog staring? Is there something in your face? Or is he plotting world domination and wondering how to begin with you? Your doggo’s unusual staring behavior might creep you out a bit, however, there are several good reasons as to why they just love to stare at you, creepily. We’ve talked about dog body language before, but this is more specific.

We decided to share with you our research on the secrets of why your dog is staring at you.

secret reasons

Your Dog is Showing Affection

Your pooch adores you. And just like gazing lovingly into your lover’s eyes, dogs will stare and look at you in order to show their affection. You will see your dog having a soft expression and maybe a bit of adorable, squinty eyes to draw you in.
So if your dog loves staring at you gooey-eyed with tails wagging, then he just wants to say how much he WUVS you!

Dog Showing Affection

Your Dog Needs Something

Dogs cannot speak our language and maybe a long stare can solve it. Maybe he is starving because you are 2 minutes late in feeding him his dinner. Maybe he wants to go out for a potty break. Maybe he lost his precious ball under the fridge and you are the only who can get it.

You’re Eating Something

Sometimes, the only reason why your lovable pooch is staring at your real hard is that you have something in your mouth that he wants to taste. Just because he has never tasted a potato chip in his life does not mean that he is not eager to help you finish that bag of chips right away. You adorable pooch just want you to share your food since those chips look and smell good that his tummy might be growling.

dog looking to eat

And sometimes it is actually our fault that he stares at you. If you ever fed your doggo while you were eating then you have taught him to stare at you in order to have his share. And now, he expects that he should do it again. Whether or not your unconsciously taught him this behavior or not, you can always train your dog to settle on his food if it bothers you.

Your Dog is Looking for Clues

Sometimes, the reason why your dog stares at you is that he is monitoring your behavior in order to find out what is going on and how it will affect him.

While you might think that your dog seems to rule the house, he actually thinks the other way around. You decide when at what he eats. You’re the one to decide when he can go outside and play. You decide where he can sleep and choose his canine or human friends. You are calling the shots in his life. And that is why your dog is looking carefully at you and is figuring out what you are up to since it has a direct effect on their life.

dog looking for clue

Dogs might seem aloof sometimes; however, they know how to read our body language. Their sense of hearing and smell are more acute than humans making them extremely observant and just loves to stareeeee.

Your Dog is Being Aggressive

This is not common, however, it can happen. If your dog gives you a really hard stare, has a stiff posture and eyes unblinking then he is showing signs of aggression. You might see this situation if you reach for his toy or food that he is guarding. In this case, it should be obvious what is happening. Check out our article on reading signs a dog is about to bite.


Well, now you know the next time you feel the glare of the stare from your pup. Usually its just adorable, normal dog behavior (except for the aggression). If you want to learn more about reading your dog’s signs and getting your dog to listen, check out our free 5 video training series put together by a real professional dog trainer. It’s free, so go get it!

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why does my dog stare at me

9 thoughts on “The Secret Reasons Your Dog is Staring at You”

  1. Now I know and thank you very much for this information, it is very valuable for me as I am thinking of getting another pooch in the near future. My GR past last November and he used to stare at me. So I got up and he followed me it was usually for a treat he wanted. So he was granted a treat and he was happy.

  2. Our Daisy Dachshund is always sitting in front of my husband she stares at him all the time. Daisy follows my husband all around the house and when he leaves she’ll cry running from one door to the other. When she stares at him she is sitting in front of the door, so he always thinks she needs to go outside but she doesn’t, so he always gets up for nothing it’s so funny.
    So when a dog stares it means that they love you. Or they want what’s in your mouth. My husband is always giving her his regurgitated food it’s not pretty or healthy the dog now expects it. Bad behaviors.

    1. My Daisy does the same thing about staring at me by the door, thinking she wants to go outside, and doesn’t. Lol. She gets me every time. Lol.It never fails.😄

  3. My Basenji , Dottie , would do this the last yr. That we where together. I would feel her looking at me with those soulful eyes soft squinting look, just stare as I talked to her trying to get a responce, nope , just turn around and lay back down in her recliner. Lost that soul in jan this yr. to kidney deasie , held her till the end, it was very hard to see her go even now it hurts that dottie isnt with me, she was one of the best dogs I have owned ,she rates with the Doby I had , both very smart and always with me. Miss them

  4. Well I knew when something was wrong with my Ben when one evening he sat straight up and I caught him staring. I was very concerned so I took him to the vet snd sure enough he was in a lot of pain he had liver cancer. Ben is in heaven now and I miss him every day. He was a Holden Retriever all white. Actually I had to put all three of my babies down they all had cancer. Miss them every day. Betty

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