The Online Dog Trainer Review: Is Doggy Dan for Real?

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There are many different ways to train a dog. One of those with a behavioral training. You can also have your dog participate in obedience training, agility training, training for entertainment skills, vocational training for a rescue dog, herding and hunting, as well as working and assisting with law enforcers.

These kinds of training for dogs are usually expensive and it requires a special training program with dedicated dog trainers. Sometimes hiring a dog trainer becomes a challenge when your dog considers their trainer as their Alpha and not you as the pet owner.

It can really become a problem sometimes, but since Internet technology has taken over the years, this type of dog training can now be done online with the help of The Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan.

Let’s see and check if this modern-day dog training method works for you.

The Online Dog Trainer Review

The Online Dog Trainer, also known as Doggy Dan is one of the outstanding dog trainer experts for training dogs in New Zealand. They have clients around the world and that is thanks to the power of the Internet.

Doggy Dan helps you to train your dog by giving specific instructions for different scenarios and for providing video instruction tutorials. Aside from that, Doggy Dan has hundreds of recorded video tutorials for different scenarios from real client dog problems.

Here are some of the Pros of the online dog training program:

  1. The website itself is very accessible to anyone who wants to train their dog. It is compared to other dog trainers that you will need a special contact first.
  2. The trainer was able to train and deal with any dogs that he faced.
  3. The program has 60 Days money-back guarantee.
  4. Do not use force or aggression on training a dog, only uses gentle method and positive strategy reinforcement.
  5. Customer Support Can ask Doggy Dan and his team for any questions regarding your problem can also send videos and photos to them.
  6. It’s not expensive unlike the other special training programs.
  7. You will have a great time training your dog.
  8. They have hundreds of recorded videos for different scenarios.
    They provide real-life examples.
  9. Flexible Training hours depending on your schedule and not on the dog trainer.
  10. The program is fully endorsed by the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

and for the Cons of the program:

  • The training videos are not downloadable.
  • Can only access the content and watch the videos when connected online.
  • Topics are limited so there chances where you can’t find a specific solution for your problem.

The philosophy of the Training program of Dan is based on the idea of bringing a wolf pack in which, you as the owner will be the Alpha this training referred to as Alpha training. This usual method of training uses a positive reinforcement strategy where there is a reward or treats if the dog does the right behaviour. Positive reinforcement is actually good and healthy for the dogs.

Doggy Dan’s training earned a 5-star rating. Maybe some other people might not think that an Online Dog Training Program is the solution in dealing with their Dog’s behavioral problems but still, do not disregard this training method just yet. The training strategies that Dan use actually work and it is efficient because he has a lot of experience and practice and he knows what he is and what he is doing.

Many people have already tried this online training program and were glad that the online course actually worked for their dogs like these satisfied and verified buyers of the training programs.
“I love all the calming code. It has helped me with my dogs so much! I’m looking forward to the rest of my training. I’m very thankful to find Doggy Dan! Kelly”
– Kelly S.

“Finally I understand how to apply proper techniques to enable the relationship that should be with our dog Rocwell. What’s the best part? Rocwell responds to the training, and we are all pleased.”
– Thom S.

“We have a 14 week old puppy who already thinks she’s in charge! We are implementing all Doggy Dan’s recommendations and already we are seeing a better pup. Thanks Dan for all your advice!”
– Catherine L.

What amazing about these live comments of people to the Online Dog Trainer that are continually being posted on their social media and website, there is no fake testimonials and comments about them. The comments are written by completely independent people who are currently using their program and you can validate their comments and reviews if it’s real in the forums. So you will know if the testimonials are not edited and faked but 100% genuine and true!

How much does Doggy Dan Cost

The average cost of hiring a private dog trainer or dog whisperer ranges from $90 to $140 per training session. This also depends on the type of Training class if its private classes or group classes, the type of training for your dog that you want to take and also the age of your dog. An average of 6 to 8 weeks training class for private will cost you $210 to $600 and for a group class, it will cost you $120 to $200.

The pricing of the Online Dog Trainer, they actually do a monthly subscription model for their program. But for the first time customers and for those who wanted to try the program, they offer a 3 days trial for only $1 and if you wish to continue after the 3 days trial the program will now cost you $37 per month and you can cancel it anytime.

Also, if you want to skip the trial and go for their 6months program, this will cost you $147 and save up to $12.50 per month. This is the basic pricing for The Online Dog Trainer Program but there are more options depending on your preferences for your problems. Just visit their website to explore all the possible options.

With the help of The Online Dog Trainer, you’ll get everything for only $37 with no hidden charges and surprise costly up-sells to follow. Everything is included and you’ll get the value greater than the price value.

With their program, you will truly understand your dog, and watch on everything in their videos instruction-to-instruction of a professional dog trainer showing you how to do it and why. This will really be going to help you solve your dog’s behavioral problem virtually using the internet and you will know why it works.

It is really easier to study a video course and apply it right away. Unlike the other courses available that are written on an eBook format that is much harder to learn.

How much do dog trainers charge per hour?

The usual cost of an average dog trainer is $30 to $80 per session of the class or per hour session, while most of the dog trainer charges $50 per hour. The price really varies depending on the training that you want to get for your dogs. The average price per hour to train a service dog, therapy and rescue or protection dog is $120 per hour. Some of the dog training camp schools will cost you $200 to $600 per week.

Another average cost of a Professional dog trainer for a private class is about $30 to $100 per hour, costing you for six-session about $240 to $600 per session.

What Dog Behavior Issues Can The Online Dog trainer help with?

The method of Dan in solving behavioral issues is outstanding because he is going to teach and instruct you on how you will going to address the actual problems to deal and not just the symptoms of your dog. His method will not only solve the current behavioral issue but the main cause of your dog’s behaviour too, with this you will learn more about the background on why my dog acts like this and why my dogs do this and do that.

It is very important for you to know this to address the issue properly, this will give you a happier dog and can stop further behavioral problems starting from the same cause to the next coming days.

The video instruction from Dan will give you a new perspective and will learn why the behavioral problems of your dog exist, how to deal with it with the help of using proper training and a clear explanation.
This is the list of behavioral problems from the Online Dog Training website that shows you how to do it properly and can help you with solving the issue.

  • What makes your dog suddenly become aggressive
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Aggression towards people
  • Aggression toward other animals
  • 6 common causes of barking for attention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping up on people
  • Jumping up on furniture
  • Not coming when called
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Separation anxiety
  • Running away
  • Obsessive-compulsive habits
  • How to cure fears and phobias
  • How to stop nipping and biting

And more from their website!

It is very important for you to understand your dog and there are contents from their website that will teach you how to understand your dog’s behaviour, how your dog thinks and why your dog acts like that.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • The psychology of How dogs will learn quickly and how to help them
  • How to strengthen the bond and create a trusting in your relationship between yourself and your dog
  • How your energy as an owner and your dog’s energy affect other dogs that respond around you and in return how it affects your dog too.
  • How small change in your voice affects your dog dramatically.
  • How to make sure that children are safe around dogs
  • How to use rewards or food treats the right way and not giving too much.
    And much more of course!

An exclusive part of the Online Dog Trainer package is a community forum that is only available to members who are paying. It is a very helpful and useful resource where you can join and talk with other dog owners who are experiencing the same problems and in many cases having the same program you have with your dog or a puppy.

The great thing about this community forum is that many forum questions are answered by Dan himself! This is the big difference to many other forums where dog owners are usually left with blank answers and just talking among themselves and make a guest on how to solve their issue. 

That every time you need a piece of specific advice for a specific situation, you have found yourself in because access to Dan himself is right there and involved. You can tell by reading the answers on the Forum that Dan really takes his role very seriously.


This new system of training your dogs is really effective in helping you to solve your dog’s behavioral problems. Why you should consider The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan rather than the usual and traditional way of dog trainers you see in-person? For beginners, the $37 is less expensive than hiring a private dog trainer that will cost you $90 to $140 per session.

The fact that this training system is endorsed and approved by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) tells you that this indeed will work for you.  The program will give you all the video tools and resources that you need like the forums and it will make your dog or your puppy more cheerful and confident.

The Online Dog trainer is a powerful system that no matter what your level of practice, it will help you reach the results that you want and dream of.

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