The Best Dogs for Seniors

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Growing old is indeed inevitable and is something that everyone has to face. Some fear it due to the possibility of having limited activities. Some do because of losing their beauty and youth. And most people are scared of it because of the possibility of being left behind and alone.

As we age, companionship becomes something that matters the most, especially for the elders. It is also something that is difficult to offer because of the demands in our lives. Luckily, there are charming creatures that can offer this unconditionally.

Dogs as Companions

One of the best companions one can have is the dog. It is one of those who can commit themselves in loving, protecting and making someone happy in their own adorable ways. They can adapt to all ages, environments, and situations and are known as man’s best friend.

But did you know that dogs aren’t only good as companions? There are other things that they can do that some people might not have thought about yet. And most of them benefit everyone. Most of all, our beloved elders. This is why it is always a good idea to consider having one for our loved ones or even for ourselves when the time comes.

Best Dogs for Elders

All dogs are undoubtedly cute in their own ways-whether big or small. They also have distinct characteristics that make them unique from each other. In case you have decided to adopt one and you can’t choose which one to get, use the following as your guide.


Is very ideal for seniors because of their size. They only grow to a maximum of 10 – 18 pounds so they don’t require much physical strength. They are very affectionate that everyone can fall in love with them easily. They are also very nice to other people and even dogs. Maltese are okay with being indoors as long as they are given daily walks or short playtimes.

Shih Tzu

The name Shi Tzu means “little lion”, it is very far from being one. Loving and happy are some of its wonderful characters. This breed of dog is originally raised as a companion. This is why this dog tends to follow its owner around – an action that can truly make anyone forget about being alone. They don’t require too much attention and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time with their owner.


Havanese is often used as therapy and emotional support dogs because of their non-aggressive characteristics. They are very loyal and they love to please people which make them a good companion for seniors. They are also highly intelligent and can be trained easily. They are good to be with people who love teaching tricks for they can learn easily.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog was originally bred as lap dogs. As a result, they are now considered as one of the best family dogs that you can have. They are very gentle – a characteristic that suits seniors the best. They can be both active and calm and they can easily adapt to any environment.


The breed is also known for its intelligence and willfulness. They love being around with people and they love cuddling very much. They hate to be left alone for a long time so it is very ideal for them to be with a person who just stays home and can spend quality time with them.

French Bulldog

The French bulldog was also bred originally as a companion dog which makes them a great family dog nowadays. They can easily adapt to any living situations and they don’t require much for grooming. They tend to be playful but they have energy suitable for seniors.

Italian Greyhound

The dog that makes a good companion for seniors is the Italian Greyhound. They are basically admired for their beauty and athleticism. In addition, they are known as lap dogs. They are kind to both children and adults and are very loving to their owners. Though they look athletic, they don’t require much physical movement and their maintenance is not a problem.

Lhasa Apso

Rather than being a companion dog, Lhasa apso was originally bred as a guard dog. This explains its stubborn personality. Despite this, they have an affectionate nature and can also do well with children. Being an excellent watchdog, they can be a great protector of their senior owner.


Chihuahua is not only ideal for their low maintenance; they are also very loyal and love being cuddled and pet while in your lap. As with other dogs, taking them for a walk is necessary. Although, their exercise needs can be met even indoors because of their size.

Golden Retriever

As one of the best therapy dogs, a golden retriever is also a good companion for seniors. They can be patient with all types of people and they can be trained easily. They can easily create a strong bond with their owner and they are very attuned with the emotional needs of humans.

How Do Dogs Benefits Seniors?

There are endless reasons why it is recommended for seniors to have a furry friend and some of them are listed below.

1. You will not feel aloneDogs love to follow you around, you will never have the feeling of being alone. They will always be there to watch over you, enjoy some activities with you, savor a quiet sit with you and are always ready to protect you.

2. They give so much happinessDogs can bring a kind of genuine happiness that even humans can’t give. They have their own unique way to impress and amaze you and they never get tired of pleasing you. They can also make you focus on something instead of thinking about problems.

3. They make you active As we get older, we tend to lose interest in doing physical activities which worsen our physical condition. Having a pet to go with for a walk is something motivating and energizing.

4. Your social interaction can improveit is just a simple smile or a simple “hi” from the people you come across while taking your dog for a walk is a nice start to have social interaction with other people. This can boost your confidence as well as your emotional being.


Your golden years can live its name depending on how you live your life. So no matter how you decide to spend the rest of your days, choose to do the things that make you happy and choose to be with the best companions.

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