how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash

Dog leash pulling

7 Easy Hacks to Stop Leash Pulling by Your Dog

If your dog pulls on the leash and you’ve tried everything, check out these 7 easy hacks to stop leash pulling.

Out of control leash pulling can make taking your 20 lb dog for a walk and feel like your wrestling a team of sled dogs across Antarctica.

Plus when your dog is pulling on the leash and choking, it makes you worry. Trust me, I was there.

So how can you stop it? Let’s get started. 

Leash Pulling: Embarrassing And Dangerous

Nothing is worse than being embarrassed AND in danger! It’s like a double bonus of humiliation and edge of your seat adrenaline.

That pretty well summed up the walks with our dog.

Our obedience school dropout would dart ahead, dragging me behind like an empty can tied to a newlyweds bumper. Strangers would chuckle and say things like “Who’s walking who?”

Ha ha, very funny.

Not so funny when you’re trying to push a stroller or do anything else other than concentrate on keeping your balance.

It also wasn’t funny because our dog would pull so hard she would gag and choke. You would think common sense would prevent your dog from doing that, but then again this is the same species that chases its own tail.

Something needed to change. I didn’t want our dog to trot dog show style at my side, I just wanted our walks to be safe and manageable.

Oh, and yes, a little less embarrassing.Dog leash pullingRead More »7 Easy Hacks to Stop Leash Pulling by Your Dog