20 Superhero Halloween Costumes for Dogs That Will Make You Smile

Superhero Halloween Costumes For Dogs

‘Tis the season… to dress up! Halloween is once again fast approaching, ladies and gentlemen. While we don’t need much excuses to dress up our dogs, Halloween is that time when we really have to step up our game.

Last year, we gave you the best Star Wars Halloween costumes for dogs, and this year, continuing with the spirit of nerdiness, we present you with the top 20 superhero Halloween costumes for dogs.


Superman Costumes For DogsIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… superdog! What kind of superhero list would this be if we didn’t include a Superman Dog Costume for your dog, right?

The manly costume not a great fit for your little lady? Fear not! As they also have a  Super Girl Dog Costume for a more feminine flair.

Supergirls Costumes For Dogs


Batman Costumes For Dogs

If you prefer a more Dark Knight kind of look for your dog than a Kryptonian, then superhero Halloween costumes for dogs also come in Batman and Batgirl forms.

Batgirls Costumes For DogsRobin

Robin Hood Costumes For Dogs

If your Batdog needs a trusty sidekick by their side, then why not get a Robin-inspired dog costume for their little buddy too? Or you can dress up as Batman/Batgirl yourself and arrive at the Halloween party with Robin at your side.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costumes For Dogs

Your dog will feel just as much as a femme fatale as Gal Gadot when you dress them up in this Wonder Woman costume for dogs.


If you’re more of a Barry Allen fan, then dressing your dog up as The Flash may be the way to go.

Flash Costumes For Dogs

Green Lantern

If your dog looks better in green, then you can also dress them up as the Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Costumes For Dogs


Let it not be said that we have a DC bias here at GoodDoggies.Online. We’re all for Marvel superheroes too! You can also try out this Hulk Halloween costume for your dog:

Hulk Costumes For DogsYou wouldn’t like him when he’s hungry… er, angry!


Thor Costumes For Dogs

This Thor dog costume is perfect for any dog worthy of wielding Mjölnir.

Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Captain America

If your dog’s as polite as Steve Rogers, then they should look pretty dapper in this Captain America costume.

Captain America Costumes For Dogs

Or should we call it Puptain America..?


This Spider-Man Halloween costume will dress your dog in a web of cuteness that no one can resist.

Spider-Man Costumes For DogsSpiderdog, Spiderdog
Does whatever a spider can

Iron Man

Your dog will be the Tony Stark of dogs with this adorable Iron Man Halloween costume.

Iron Man Halloween costume For DogsWolverine

Deck your dog in an X-Men suit fit for Wolverine.

X-Men suit Costumes For DogsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you’re neither a DC nor a Marvel fan, then you can still dress your dog up as a superhero. Maybe one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Superhero Halloween Costumes For Dogs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Dog

Costumes are available for all the members of the TMNT, so suit up your dog as either Rafael, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, or Donatello.


You can even opt to dress your dog up as a generic superhero, just make them wear a cape and off they go!

Superhero Halloween Costumes For Dogs Green Superhero Halloween Costumes For Dogs Pink Superhero Halloween Costumes For Dogs

This cape comes in red, green, or pink.

Top 20 Dog Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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