Should You Let Your Dog Sniff Around When They Are Out

Are you wondering why your dog loves to sniff around when you walk it outdoors for exercise? If you do, here is the answer you have been searching for. In this article, I will be discussing the importance of sniffing for dogs, its benefits, as well as when it is the right time to allow them to. Make sure not to miss out.

Why Sniffing Around Is Important For Dogs?

Gather Information

For us humans, we receive information through reading books, surfing the internet, engaging in a conversation, and so much more. Dogs, on the other hand, can’t talk with one another and read newspapers. While they use their eyes and ears to determine what is happening around them, their sense of smell is more effective and accurate when it comes to acquiring information.

Dogs also use their nose to see things. Compared to us, they have millions of more olfactory sensors as well as an extra organ called vomeronasal organ. This special organ of dogs works for processing smells. So when they are using their long snouts to sniff around during your walks, they are actually gathering information.

Get Familiar To A Place

Observe the times when you take your dog outside for a walk, and you will notice that he loves to sniff almost anything it passes. You may be tempted to stop him to do so, but sniffing the ground and the objects it passes by allows it to familiarize itself to the place. It also helps to know some of the details of anyone who went there.

Aside from that, they will also sniff around to know what other dogs or pets lives in the area. Other people may also wonder why dogs sniff their pant-leg, but it is how dogs get a good impression if you also have dogs or other pets at home. Just like how mother dogs sniff their young babies and babies get familiar with the smell of their mother’s milk, your dog sniff people to establish familial bonds. It also helps them to assess the current situation they are in.

Dogs also use their sense of smell to remember how to go back home. For this reason, make sure to take your dog for daily walks and let it sniff around.

Strengthen Mental Health

Sniffing can also contribute to the mental wellness of dogs. This activity involves interpreting all the information from a smell, allowing them to have a mental workout. The effort that is required for identifying every element of the odor is also great like they are solving a hard murder case.

While physical exercise is important for canine, mental activities like sniffing are equally beneficial. Letting your dog sniff around in your yard or the neighborhood can help to prevent its cognitive decline when they get old. It will also keep them from developing bad behavior like chewing anything they find interesting in your home.

The Right Time For Dogs To Sniff Around

Every dog owner should understand that walking their dogs outdoors will take time. Allow your dogs to sniff around when you walk them in the neighborhood, give them the freedom to do so.

Dogs also need to feel free, so even when they are secured with a leash, allow them to sniff wherever they want to. On the other hand, you can also give your dog a clue when is the right time to sniff and when you need to go. Teach him some commands like “let’s go” to keep him going and “okay” to allow it to sniff around.

But always remember that too much control can give a negative effect on your pup. So as long as possible, give him some slack and allow him to make decisions for itself. Forcing your dog to stay when it wants to sniff around can also add to its stress. Walking them outside is intended to relieve their physical and mental stress so allow them to do so.


To summarize, sniffing is incredibly important for dogs. It works more than their sense of hearing and sight. It also allows them to gather and read information about the people and other animals who passed and are in a particular area along with other details that accompany them.

Dogs also need to sniff around to strengthen their mental health. It also allows them to establish a familial bond and memorize their way back home so make sure to let them sniff around during your walks in the neighborhood.

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