Puppy Safety for the Fall Season

puppy safetyAs the seasons change, our activities and routines as pet parents change. With the change comes a new set of fun adventures with your puppy. Unfortunately, there are also some perils to look out for. Here’s what you need to know for puppy safety for the fall season:

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Puppy Safety Around Fall Holiday Food

Holidays in fall mean a lot of food in most cases. Whether it’s turkey bones or holiday nuts, you need to keep those things out of reach for your puppy or dog.

And don’t forget Halloween. Probably the one fall holiday that jumps out the most for puppy peril is Halloween. Everything from dog costumes to trick or treaters pose their own set of challenges for the holiday.

The most grave danger to your puppy is the chocolate and other foods that are harmful to dogs. Also, don’t forget the candy wrappers and other packaging. If your dog gets into a pile of candy and swallows the wrappers, these can cause bowel obstructions and other problems.

If you have kids that are going to be collecting a stash of Halloween candy, consider putting it in a snap seal plastic container so your dog can’t get into it. It’s always best to keep it out of reach, but we all know sometimes things get accidentally left out.

The Good News

Fall is a good time to spend some extra time with your dog outside. You can take advantage of the cooler weather to work on fixing any leash pulling issues when you walk your dog. It’s always easier when the weather is nice.

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Now get out there and enjoy the weather with your puppy!

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