Puppy Crying in Crate? 5 Ways to Stop the Saddest Sound on Earth

5 ways to stop Puppy Crying in Crate

Sad puppy eyes and a pitiful puppy whimper. If you have a pulse, then those two things are sure to melt your heart. Unfortunately, the sound of your puppy crying in crate is common when trying to crate train your new pup.

If your looking for relief, you’re in the right place. We have five tips that will help you reduce and handle the heart melting whimpers coming from your adorable new puppy.

As always, here at Good Doggies Online we are all about gentle and humane training tips. No yelling, no hitting and no shock collars. That being said, let’s get to it!

Why is my Puppy Crying in His Crate?

When puppies cry and bark, it does not always mean there is a significant problem in their crate. Sometimes it is because crying and barking are the natural ways they use to get attention.

Dogs bark and whine for a lot of different reasons. For instance, puppies whine to get their mother’s attention. This is as natural as a baby crying.

However, there are still other reasons why your puppy can cry or bark. The only way to know your little guy is seeking for attention is if he continues barking after you have gone to all lengths to make sure he is happy.

Below are 5ways to help you stop your puppy from crying in the crate.

Make the Crate Inviting

Most new puppies are used to the company of other puppies and their mother. This means you have to do your best to make the crate of your puppy welcoming and comfortable.

You want him to comfortable just like he was with his mother. One way to do this is by putting a ticking clock that is wrapped with a towel in his crate. Use a battery operated or the wind up clock since they both have a loud ticking sound that can mimic a heartbeat. When the puppy lies against the wrapped clock, the ticking will just feel as if it is his mother’s heartbeat.

Discover Why Your Puppy is Crying

Many times puppies cry because they have a need. This might sound obvious, but make sure your puppy has been fed and has water.

Next think about potty breaks. Does your puppy need to go? The point is to make sure you aren’t overlooking a basic need.

If all his basic needs are met take steps before putting him in the crate to minimize crying.
Before putting your puppy in his crate always make sure that he is tired out, especially if the puppy was used to playing with older puppies.

Puppy Crying in Crate

Ignore the Puppy Crying in Crate?!

I know. How could you be so heartless?!

It’s not good to give in to all your puppy‘s crying and barking since he will know his actions will always get your attention. I know it is hard to ignore your puppy since you want him to be happy but giving in will cost you more problems especially when he barks all the time to get your attention.

Attention is a reward just like food. If you reward the behavior, your puppy will repeat it.

Also, don’t yell shut up or quiet. At this point your puppy doesn’t understand the command and will just see the yelling as a form of attention.

Here’s a video on ignoring your puppy:


Place an Article of Your Clothing in Your Puppy’s Crate

This works when you have spent some time with the puppy and the puppy wants to continue spending time with you. The article of your clothing does give him comfort since it has your scent.

Also make sure you entertain your pet, for instance, provide him with a toy to chew, this way your puppy will be occupied. The crate of your puppy should be situated in a position where he can see and hear everyone. In case your puppy starts crying at night, then you may opt to take his crate in your bedroom where he can see you.

Use A Small Treat to Lure Your Puppy to the Crate

You can create positive associations with the crate by using a treat with the crate. Once your puppy enters the crate you give up the treat and close the door..

When you do this frequently, where you offer you puppy special crate toy or just simple treat, the puppy will get used to it and won’t fuss when he enters the crate, in fact, you will be surprised he will be happy to do it so as to get the reward.

how to stop puppy from crying in crate


A puppy crying in crate can be one of the saddest parts of having a new puppy. As pitiful as your pup may sound, you have to resist giving in. Now you can use these tips to get through the next night with your new puppy.

Do you have any tips that you use? Drop is comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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