Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days or Less?

Potty train dog in 7 days

Your dog isn't a puppy anymore. The problem is, your dog still isn't housebroken. Not surprisingly, many adult dogs are not housebroken. It doesn't matter why, at this point you just need it to stop. Here are some answers we found:

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The Problem When Your Dog Isn’t Housebroken

Every time you leave the house you worry. When you get home, you get that feeling of dread when you open the door. You wonder if there will be another mess to clean up.

And then there is the smell.

Are you embarrassed to have people over because your house smells like dog pee?

Not to mention that your carpet is ruined and you can’t replace it because it will just happen again.

The worst part? Stepping in it and cleaning it up.

The good news is no dog is too old to potty train. You might have tried in the past, but this time we have a suggestion that works.how to train your dog to potty in 7 Days

Your Old Dog Potty Training Options

You may have tried this already. Lookup your local dog trainer, drive across town, spend hundreds of dollars for a few short sessions and nothing changes.

Or, you get on the internet and spend hours reading articles from experts and so called experts on what you should do. You mish mash the information you find and end up with a dog that still pees in the house.

You’ve read the advice. Schedule, praise, consistency. Blah blah blah. It just never works for your dog.

It’s all so frustrating and hopeless. You can never get rid of your dog, but this is miserable.

House Training Basics

A pet parent who wants to establish a positive relationship with the pet is focused on housetraining. This approach shows the puppy how to live comfortably in your environment.

Forget the old school methods that teach you to start paper training and swatting a puppy the first day it’s home. Whether you bring home a puppy or an adult dog, you’re taking this animal from the environment it knows and going into an environment that’s totally foreign to it.

The dog has no idea what room is okay to go in and what room is off limits. A shelter dog or crated puppy is so excited to have space to walk and freedom to roam that your home is a virtual theme park of wonders. Add to that the presence of other pets or children and the excitement is almost too much to contain.

Housetraining takes a lot of your time. You need to work with your dog in every room. If the living room is off limits and you notice him sniffing for a place to potty, then gently pick him up, say “No” firmly without shouting, and then place him on the floor of the kitchen with his newspapers or take him outside.

You may have to do that dozens of times until he gets the message, but it will happen. Make sure you balance the “no-no” spaces with the “yes” spaces. Once your dog has learned the essential house rules for potty zones, you still have to allow for the unexpected.

A dog, particularly a puppy, who is alone and frightened by a thunderstorm or other loud noises may have a potty accident. Or there may be a medical issue that requires you attention. Like humans, dogs can get urinary tract infections that make bladder control difficult.

A sudden change in potty training levels can be a cue that your dog’s behavior change is from a physical problem, not defiance. As your dog ages, bladder control will fail just as it does for many aging humans.

Any drastic change in routine can get your dog off his potty training path to success, too. Visiting relatives, home remodeling or emotional distress are all factors that can cause a dog to be lax in housetraining.

Think about what’s going on around the home as possible reasons why the dog is feeling confused about what’s happening around him and responding erratically. Restore order as you patiently go back and reinforce housetraining in positive ways.

7 Day Potty Training Method

You can find everything you need to know on potty training for free online, its just time consuming. Plus, the information can be all over the place.

There is a program that you can download instantly that will have any dog potty trained in 7 days.

There is even a 60 day money back guarantee.

The program gives you the full complete steps to get your dog potty trained.

Imagine leaving the house and not worrying.

Imagine coming home to your house smelling fresh.

The longer you let your dog go in the house, the worse it gets, so get into action.

Check out the program by clicking here.

House Train Any Dog

Potty train dog in 7 days


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