This Is Why You Should Feed Your Dog Human Grade Dog Food

Human Grade Dog Food

It sounds a little confusing. . . Human-grade dog food.

Or maybe it was just me. I was confused so I wanted to learn more. Turns out what I learned about dog food versus human grade dog food was one of the most important things I learned about taking care of my dog.

Human-grade dog food has now become super popular for dog lovers.  Dog moms and dads are moving away from giant bags of dry kibble to this fresher alternative. It’s definitely more expensive, but is it worth it?

Let’s find out!

What is a Human Grade Dog Food?

What is a Human Grade Dog Food

A human grade dog food uses USDA and FDA food standard that is for people food. Your pet can also use a human-grade standard for production, as well as in the ingredients of their food. Also, these foods are wholly formulated, which uses locally or organic-sourced ingredients. These foods are specially made to be denser to meet the nutritional needs of your pet dog.

However, unlike the usual kibbles, human-grade dog foods are more expensive as they use more manufacturing process and of course, expensive ingredients.

Is All Dog Food Human Grade?

No. Dog food is regulated under a different set of guidelines than food for human consumption. Without going into all the regulatory details, its safe to say that the standards for dog food ingredients are looser than the standards for human food production in the United States. 

What Brands of Dog Food are Human Grade?

What Brands of Dog Food are Human Grade

The two main brands I know of at this point are Honest Kitchen and NomNomNow.

We use NomNomNow at our house, so I will talk about them because that’s what I know. Full disclosure and shameless plug. Since we are fans of NomNomNow we have partnered with them. If you try NomNomNow, our website may get a commission, which is great because it helps us pay for running this website. Thanks!

At NomNomNow, they mostly focus on making the best and most nutritious food that they could make for your four-legged family member. 

You can even customize the food that you want your dog to eat to make sure that they are getting the right nutrients.

Feeding your dog with a human-grade dog food would be the best decision that you could make for your dog, ever since you have brought them back home.

Various Ingredients to Choose From

Superfood Ingredients for Dog Food

At NomNomNow, you can choose various recipes that your pet might like to eat as their regular meal. Not only are they eating fresh food that is made from real people, but it is also packed with numerous nutrients that your dog requires.

All the dog foods that they sell has exceeded the AAFCO standard for dog food formulation for all different life stages. Also, all the dog foods are made with real, whole food ingredients that are even good enough for you to eat. And as the meals are perfectly portioned, your dog can easily achieve the appropriate weight for dogs.

Here are the following recipes that they offer:

Heartland Beef Mash

If your dog is more into beefy foods, then your pet would surely love this recipe. This is gluten-free and all natural which makes it ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Ingredients for Heartland Beef Mash


  • Carrots
  • Ground Beef
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Fish Oil
  • Egg
  • NomNomNutrient Mix

Heartland Beef Mash

Porkalicious Potluck

As the name says, this doggy food recipe is packed with pork and pother all-natural ingredients that are tasty enough to host its own potluck.

Ingredients for Porkalicious Potluck


  • Pork
  • Kale
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Green Beans
  • Fish Oil
  • NomNomNutrient Mix

Porkalicious Potluck

Chicken Chow-Wow

Here is another meaty meal for your four-legged companion. All the ingredients in this recipe are as diverse in nutrients as its color.

Ingredients for Chicken Chow wow


  • Yellow squash
  • Diced chicken
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Fish Oil NonNomNutrient Mix

chicken chow mow

Tasty Turkey Fare

In this gluten-free, fabulous meal, your pet would surely have a luxurious meal that has restaurant quality ingredients.

luxurious meal for your pets


  • Brown rice
  • Spinach
  • Ground Turkey
  • Egg
  • Carrots
  • Fish Oil
  • NomNomNutrient Mix

humane grade dog food

Variety Pack

Food Pack according to Dog Variety

If you are not sure which meal you should get for your pet, you can also choose a variety pack that contains about 150g of bags of all the recipes. Each variety pack cost about $15 and you don’t have to make a subscription.

Formulated by A Veterinary Nutritionist

Veterinary Nutritionist

All the dog food recipes made by NomNomNow weren’t simply made up by someone. But it was created by a Veterinary Nutritionist named Justin Shmalberg DVM. His core philosophy is that best medicine for our pets is by providing them with wellness, nutrition, and a natural approach which helps prevent chronic diseases.

It is quite challenging to create an individual food plan that would work for your pet, which is why they have focused on helping dog owners by preparing new food products, which could help with your pet’s lifestyle and health.

Care-Grade Quality

Care-Grade Quality

If you are willing to go above and beyond as a pet parent to y our dog, then you should make sure that every meal that you serve them with are neatly prepared, successfully delivered, and served fresh to meet your pet’s unique calorie needs.

At NomNomNow, they:

1. Care About Your Pet

Care Your Pet

Before you even subscribe to their page, you’ll have to tell them your pet’s age, activity level, health issues (if there are any), and weight so that they could prepare their food perfect balance. Choose the recipe you want for pet and complete your profile. They also provide free nutrition consultations to ensure that they provide your pet’s needs.

2. Dog Foods are Freshly Cooked

Freshly Cooked Dog Foods

All the dog foods that they prepared are fresh to order every week. Expect the foods to be whole and packed with restaurant-quality ingredients and not frozen. All ingredients are inspected to meet the industry’s standard.

3. Every Meal are Portioned

pet’s packed food

Once you receive your pet’s packed food, you no longer have to defrost, scoop, or make some guesswork before feeding it to your pet. Each meal is sealed in their own bags and was perfectly portioned by Dr. Shmalberg’s recommendations.

4. Free Delivery

free delivery of dog food

The human-grade dog food is delivered, free of charge, a couple of days after they were freshly prepared. You can store the foods in your freezer or fridge until you are ready to serve it to your pet.

5. They Consider You a Family

Dog Consider You a Family

Their nutrition team provides individual attention to every pet parent, as they always ensure that your pet has a long-term success and smooth transition to your pet’s healthy diet.


There are a lot of human-grade dog food companies out there that sells online, but choosing the right would be critical as you would be using their products to feed to your pet. All human-grade dog foods are certified AAFCO which would help provide all of your pet’s nutritional needs.

Not only are they much healthier than dog kibbles, but they are also far tastier that your pet would surely love it, which is why you should start considering feeding your pet with human-grade dog foods for their overall health and lifestyle.

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why you should feed your dog human food

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