Human Grade Dog Food Everything A Dog Lover Needs To Know

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If you are a dog parent, you may have encountered the term human grade dog food before. In here, I will be discussing everything about human grade dog food and review if it is better for your pet. As a dog parent, you would want to give the best for your pet. To help you out, check out the best human grade foods below that your dog will surely love.

What Is Human Grade Dog Food?

Human grade dog food doesn’t have a legal definition because it is associated with pet food, and it is prevalent, and the term is mostly linked in questionable uses. But with the AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials, a human grade food is defined as a product that comes with ingredients and resulting products that are handled, processed, stored, and transported in a way that it is consistent and according to regulations for foods edible for humans. It means that the food should be made in kitchens or plants that have a license to render human foods.

Although the requirements for human foods are not exactly the same with pet foods in some ways, it does not conclude that human grade foods come with better benefits for your dog. For instance, most pet food that has chicken on it comes from the same chicken that you can find in the grocery stores. The only difference is, the chicken in grocery stores are breasts, wings, and thighs, while pet foods include back, neck, and organs.

The same chicken is no longer edible for humans once it is sent to a pet food factory. Even if it originally comes with a quality that fits as human food.

In terms of the plant-based ingredients, human grade dog food involves products that have less difference with that of humans. The corn used to make the tortilla chips in your kitchen is the exact corn that goes into most pet foods. Hence, the term ‘human grade’ is not related to the quality of the dog food’s ingredients.

Aside from that, the term has nothing to do whether the dog food contains the right levels of nutrients that the AAFCO requires. It means human grade dog food may be similar to that of traditional pet food. The only difference is that human grade dog food is made in pet food factories and not in a human food facility. Even with this difference, it does not necessarily mean that pet foods are not made in a better facility.

The truth is, there are pet food factories that function with a high standard. On the other hand, some food processing facilities for humans barely meet the minimum regulations.

Is Human Grade Dog Food Better For Your Dog?

Human grade dog food aims to resolve the problems that are led by poor regulation in the industry of dog food. Instead of following the AAFCO guidelines for the ingredients that these products contain, they utilize the FDA guidelines instead. These guidelines are according to what is acceptable for humans.

Most human food goes under a high-standard process, making them safe and good for the tummy. Human grade dog food also utilizes USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture approved meats. It is similar to the ones you find in your local butcher shop and grocery store, not the meats that are thrown away during manufacturing.

The best thing about human grade dog foods is that they have a lower risk of contamination since they are made according to the standards that are acceptable for humans.

To give you a hint on what lies ahead if your dog eats human grade dog food, I will be discussing some of the benefits of having your dog eating a fresh diet. Check out the following:

  • Better digestion Human grade dog food has less gas and digestive problems, and customers report more digestive regularity.
  • Weight Control If your dog is overweight or underweight due to a medical condition and needs to lose or gain, Ollie customers say their recipes can give some help.
  • Shiny & Healthy Coat According to Ollie customer’s feedback, switching to a fresh diet allows their dog to get a brighter and healthier look.
  • Increased Energy Level The vital nutrients and fresh recipes are directly derived from the food. It will give your dog more energy to live a healthy and active life.

What Are The Best Human Grade Dog Foods?

If you are looking for human grade dog foods that are leading the hearts of most dogs today, here are two of the most popular that you may want to try.


For those who are opting for high-quality dog food recipes at a reasonable price, Ollie is the best option you can have. It is also packed with more sustainable packaging while keeping it easy to utilize.

Ollie is a fresh dog food delivery service that emphasizes the importance of rendering real and high-quality food for your dog every meal. What makes it unique from other dog food makers is its state of the art algorithms that aid the dog owner to make variations. This algorithm is a personalized formula that is according to the natural needs of dogs.

When making a transition from dry dog food kibble, Ollie’s dog foods are particularly helpful. Because it can be challenging to determine how much fresh food is right to give to your dog. The company is transparent on how much calories your dog requires, and they will also deliver you perfectly portioned meals.

Unboxing Ollie’s Human Grade Dog Food

As you order with Ollie, you will receive a pack of dog food that is enough for your dog for 14 days. It will include a welcome packet that contains a detailed feeding instruction, a complimentary bag containing probiotic supplements, and a nice rubber lid that you can use to cover the pre-portioned containers.

High-quality Ingredients

The pride of Ollie is its high-quality ingredients, as well as its belief that proper nutrition is the secret to a pet’s long life. To help you to make sure that your dog acquires the nutrition it needs, people behind Ollie considers some factors that are based on the breed of your pup. They also consider the weight of your dog and customize a set of feeding guidelines that fits the nutritional demand of your dog perfectly.

To ensure that the food your order from Ollie is suitable for your dog, they have many canine nutritionists who are in charge of overseeing the process of food production. All of those nutritionists are also involved in the development of fresh and unique cooking methods. It helps to keep the nutrients of every ingredient and preserve its taste. For this reason, we can conclude that Ollie always makes sure to make dogs healthy and keep their customers happy.

Ollie Provides Dog Foods That Fits A Pup Right

You will be asked many questions about your pet if you sign up for an Ollie subscription. Ollie uses an algorithm designed specifically to choose the dog’s right recipe. Not only will they pick your pet’s right recipe, but they’ll also tell you how much your dog will eat every day.

How To Order

The process of online ordering was pretty simple. You are asked to create an account and enter your pet’s data such as name, breed, gender, weight, level of activity, and any known allergies. Afterward, you can also choose how often you want the food to be delivered depending on whether you’re going to feed your dog just part of Ollie’s diet or a full Ollie diet. Once you set up and activate your account, you will receive an email letting you know your Ollie is on the way!

How They Deliver

Ollie enables flexible delivery that you can change according to your needs. You can log in to your account to update your preferences for delivery as required. Ollie also sends emails in real-time that are very helpful, so you will know when your food will be delivered. Upon receiving, put it in the freezer to keep its freshness.

Ollie’s Packaging

Do you want to give your dog some fresh food? Ollie is among the best ones that can provide that to you. Since you need to feed your dog twice daily, opt for convenience. In terms of convenient packaging, Ollie seems to have an advanced and very creative packaging solution that is miles ahead than others.

Here are the things we love about the packaging solution of Ollie:

  • The scooper it includes is intended to scoop food out of the package. For this reason, you can get all the dog food without any remaining.
  • All the recyclable pack is protected with an easy to peel plastic cover. Unlike other brands that require scissors or cutters to open, Ollie provides the easiest and the most convenient way to keep their human grade dog foods fresh.
  • Ollie also provides a leftover tray along with a lid to prevent you from using saran wrap to keep the leftovers. The tray is dishwasher-safe so that you can rewash it for later use. The tray will also allow you to skip tossing leftovers to ziplock bags.

Time For Tasting

If your dog loves beef, Ollie’s human grade dog foods also come in beef recipes that it will definitely love. Once your dog smells the oozing aroma of beef, he will surely drool until it starts to chow. You will know that Ollie human grade dog food is tasty for your pet if it eats even the last speck on its bowl. The fun thing about this human grade dog food delivery service is that they award good dogs who finish their meal cleanly with a certificate.

How Ollie’s Dog Foods Stay Fresh

A few days after being prepared, the meals are shipped and filled with dry ice to stay fresh. Once they arrive, check their freshness. If the ones you received aren’t, you can contact them to replace the dog food. To ensure the freshness of the dog food, the meals should be taken out of the package and put in the freezer.

What Makes Ollie Amazing?

After having my dog try Ollie, I have listed some of the best things about this human grade dog food delivery service below:

  • It Provides More Energy & VitalityIf you want to see your dog happy while playing and running a lot in your yard, Ollie can be your best friend. All of their pet food contains high-levels of nutrients that can level up the energy of your pup. It can also help to increase the endurance of your pet from physical fatigue.
  • If your dog naturally active? Don’t get fooled, because your dog still requires more energy to keep the strength of its stamina.
  • It Comes With High-qualityOllie only provides human grade and fresh dog food, making it the best food for all dogs. According to the breed and age of your pup, you will receive pet food that is tailored for them. As your dog gets older, they demand food that will suit their needs. Ollie will make sure that your dog will get delicious human grade dog food that will increase its quality of life.
  • You Will Receive It Right At Your Door Stepof the best things about Ollie is that they provide your order through delivery. After ordering, you will only need to wait for it right at home. Once delivered, unpack it, and your dog is ready to dig in. It means you no longer need to get dog food at pet stores.
  • My Dog Is Fond Of ItLove watching Miles quickly and excitedly eat his food. I can say that he really loves Ollie. For more than a couple of minutes, the dog food never sits in the bowl. Sometimes it would take him a whole day to eat one dish of dog food when I was feeding him with dry dog food.


For those who are not familiar with Nomnomnow, it is a subscription-based human grade pet food service that thinks fresh food is among the secrets to every pet’s long-term health.

They deliver human grade dog food right at your doorstep every month with about $35 worth dog food each week. Most pet owners think that NomNomNow offers its products way higher than others. But always remember, quality comes with a reasonable price.

NomNomNow Provides Dog Foods That Fits A Pup Right

NomNomNow provides care-grade food that is prepared in small portions containing whole ingredients that are around the grocery stores like pork, chicken, asparagus, as well as carrots. It is proportioned during packing to meet the exact needs of your dog. If your dog needs to gain weight, weight control, or it has to improve your skin condition, count on NomNomNow.

How To Order

Once you start with NomNomNow, you have to create a profile for your pet that will require you to share their current weight, target weight, and protein you prefer. Afterward, you will get a price quote from NomNomNow, given the sizes of their food portion mainly depend on their weight. Before deciding whether your pet has specific dietary requirements or allergies, I suggest reading through the ingredients lists here.

Once you have signed up, you will receive a sample shipment of all the proteins they provide. For this reason, you can always go back and modify what you like if the dog food turns out to be part of the wrong option. The first box, including a bag of chicken jerky, even comes with some other fun treatments.

After choosing the favorite flavor of your dog, you can begin receiving monthly deliveries of 56 individual food packets. These packets stay cool due to the dry ice that it contains. You are recommended to keep the packages in the freezer and take out a few at a time to thaw in the refrigerator. Place the cooled food onto a plate or bowl at mealtime, and you’re ready to go.

Feeding Guidelines

NomNomNow provides useful guidelines in terms of feeding for the variety pack. For dogs under 15 lbs, you have to feed them about ½ bag of dog food. For medium dogs under 15 to 25 pounds, feed them full bag every meal. Lastly, large dogs need more than one full container.

What Makes Nomnomnow Excellent?

Made By Vet NutritionistAmong the things that make NomNomNow excellent for dogs is its recipes that are formulated by vet nutritionists. All of their dog food products are human-grade and are freshly cooked weekly.

Comes With A Variety Of RecipesEvery pack of NomNomNow has four different recipes that you can feed your dogs. All of NomNomNow’s products are vacuum-sealed, which means their food packs are always fresh and tasty.

Fast To ReceiveAfter ordering, you will receive your package in a cold, insulated box. The most common time range of delivery is about one week.

Serve As Full Or MixNomNomNow can be served as full meals if your dog is starving. But if there is any leftover, you can mix it with a new place.

For Picky eater, you can find flavor flakes that contain an irresistible combination of the dried beef liver as well as bonito fish flakes.

Customer Feedback

  • Their dogs have smaller stools, and they have more energy.
  • During mealtime, their dogs are filled with excitement.
  • After eating NomNomNow, their dogs grew a shinier coat and showed better allergy symptoms.
  • Because of NomNomNow’s food pack, their dogs hit weight loss and have increased stamina.
  • Since vet nutritionists regulate the food prepared by NomNomNow, there are fewer vet visits. Dogs also become stronger, allowing them to avoid mediation as much as possible.

Ollie Vs. NomNomNow

Ollie and NomNomNow come with similar features that most dog lovers will love. First, these are human grade dog food that is always fresh. Second, the two are subscription-based dog food delivery. As a result, you will not just order food. Instead, you will be involved with the process of making it.

In terms of packaging, Ollie is better than NomNomNow because of its food scoop and rubber covered container. While the food packs of each brand comes with the same peelable plastic, Ollie provides human grade dog food packs in a plastic container that is very neat and clean.

For the area of personalization, I can say that the two companies are similar. Pet owners will definitely love how they can customize their orders according to the needs of their dogs.

The company asks you to answer some questions about your dog when you place your order. It will include their age, level of activity, as well as weight. We use the answers to determine the optimal amount of calories in every meal that your dog will have. Each pack they deliver is suitable for a dog that requires specific calories per meal.

In terms of price, NomNomNow offers cheaper bundles. You can get about $50.59 for 14 human grade dog food containers. On the other hand, Ollie offers its set of 14 meals for approximately $59.98. The only advantage is that the package includes a reusable container along with an excellent scoop.

Final Say

To sum it up, these two human grade dog food providers are very particular about the freshness of their product. Not only that, they make all of their recipes under the supervision of animal nutritionists, making them healthy and nutritious. For those who are still wondering about human grade dog foods, may this article help you out in understanding what it is.

NomNomNow and Ollie were both good for packaging, ease of use, and storage. I figured fresh food might be somewhat messy to use, but both foods were easy to feed, and there was no mess at all. I was surprised and amazed. The single, personalized packages of NomNomNow are suitable for many circumstances. I think most people might find it easier to feed NomNomNow.

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