How To Train Your Dog To Greet Visitors

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Sometimes dogs get too excited when visitors come into your house on which they jump all over them. That is a bit scary especially for someone who is not a dog lover. It might cause scratches and injuries to people.This post will give you techniques in shaping your dog well-mannered at all times.

Are there ways to calm canine pets when they see new faces? The good news is there are lots of training methods for dogs in greeting visitors.

5 Methods on How to Train Your Pet Dog to Greet Visitors

Applying the following methods will require more patience to make them work.You may test each process and see which one will be more effective for your dog. Call a friend to help you out!

1. Ignore Your Dog Method

Dogs are attention seeker pets. This method is applicable for non-aggressive dog breeds.

Simply ignore your dog whenever it jumps or barks to greet guests. Also, inform the guests not to pay attention to the pet until it stops.Do not forget to praise your dog when it starts to calm down.

Command the dog to sit before giving him attention, and then offer him a treat. Practice it daily so your dog can learn to calm down when visitors arrive.

2. On a Leash Method

Prepare a pet-friendly leash and a lot of patience for this method. This is ideal for dogs that have a bad habit of welcoming whoever enters the door.

Always keep a leash by the door, so you can immediately secure your pet when someone rings the doorbell. Hold it tightly and make a “STOP” sign and say “WAIT” towards your dog before opening the door.If the pet does not stop barking, continue to gently speak the word “WAIT”.

Once the dog obeys your command, give him a treat he deserves. Do this method over and over again until you will no longer use a leash.

Just a reminder, be gentle in putting the dog on a leash.

3. Wait On The Mat Method

This could be the easiest method you might use in training a dog to greet visitors. You can practice it daily even without visitors. Just prepare a bed or mat and bowls of treats.

Say the word “WAIT” and your pet dog will keep in place. However, it requires more time of practice to finally make your dog wait.

First is to ask your dog to sit on a mat when the doorbell rings. Reward him for obeying. Upnext is you need to lure him using a treat and use a hand signal to keep him stay in place.Do not offer him a treat yet and keep on making a “STAY” hand gesture.

When the dog settles down, it is time to open the door. Immediately throw a treat on his matas a reward. Give him another treat after a few seconds to reward the pet for waiting.

Repeat the process by increasing the time of waiting. Sooner or later the dog will learn to calm down when a friend visits your house.

4. Invite a Visitor Method

Maybe the reason why dogs are being wild in encountering new facesis by not exposing them to people more often.Dogs are friendly pets, so take your time to introduce them to your friends.

This technique will reduce their aggression feeling resulting from too much excitement.Start inviting one visitor at a time. Introduce to your pet the idea of welcoming guests. It helps dogs to recognize that person on the next visits.

As long as the dog familiarizes that one visitor and learns how to behave well, you can invite even more.

5. Break Jumping Behavior Method

This one is the same as the first method. It teaches dogs that they cannot jump over anyone else, other than their owners.

Start the training between you and your dog.Do not tolerate him jumping on you while sitting on a sofa. Be gentle in your ways of stopping the dog’s bad jumping behavior. You can simply ignore your pet until it calms down.

Avoid giving him a treat in using this method to prevent dogs to be aware of the training.

Do it repeatedly to finally break the bad habit.

Final Words

Training a dog to greet visitors takes patience and determination. Use your resources in looking for ways how to calm dogs every time new faces arrive at your house.

Those methods above are the most popular training method used by most dog keepers.We would pick the number three as the easiest way to behave dogs when there are visitors. Others may apply with consistency in mind.

You can seek professional help if necessary to completely solve the bad behaviors.Or, do it by yourself. Whichever you go through, there will be no aggressive dogs at the end of the day. But, do not disregard a time for cuddling with your dogs, they badly desire for it.

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