How to Train a Dog to Catch a Frisbee?

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Nothing is cooler than seeing a dog leap up and catch a frisbee. Want to know how to teach your dog to do that? Never fear, we will show you how to train a dog to catch at frisbee.

To train a dog to catch Frisbee, first teach your dog to fetch. Once you’ve done that, grab some treats and plenty of praise and read on, we’re about to get started. 

Getting Started!

Start the training when the dog is still young to easily catch up on lessons. Training duration will depend on how the dog responds, as some breeds are not interested in flying objects.Most dogs can learn fast, which is so satisfying.

To begin training a dog to catch a Frisbee, you need to prepare some things like:

Flying Disc

Obviously, no one can start playing Frisbee without a flying disc. This tool varies in size and in the material used so pick what is best for your dog.

A Playing Field

Find a wide-open space that allows playing a Frisbee, with freedom in mind. It is necessary because there will be leaping and throwing of a disc that requires an open area.


Dogs get easily interrupted and a piece of treat can catch its attention.It is a good sign that he does a great job in every training session.

Moreover, it brings a lot of patience to keep the game going. Do not expect your dog will instantly follow instructions, as there will be distractions along the way.

Keep in mind the dog’s condition whether he has a serious health problem at present. If so, do not force him to play. If you are certain that he is healthy, and then let’s go to the next steps.

Frisbee Game Training for Dogs

There is a different approach to training a young and old dog is playing Frisbee.Let us begin with the young ones!

Frisbee Training for Young Dogs

The following are just basics that any small dogs can catch up. They are commonly part of other training routines as well.To start with, you can use the improvised disc for training purposes.

1. Grabbing

Teach the dog to grab the disc in your hand by holding it at the height of the pet’s mouth.Keep on holding the disc until the dog grabs it.Use the “drop it” command to take the disc from his mouth. Praise him after that.

2. Running and Grabbing

You do not have to run literally, but by just circling around the dog will work.The disc must be over the dog’s mouth. You can stand up as the dog grows bigger.

3. Jumping and Grabbing

Stand upright while holding the disc and let the dog jump upon grabbing it. Release the disc before the dog jumps. You can do it while running around the pet to give more excitement.

Frisbee Training for Adult Dogs

Repeat the previous steps many times for a better outcome.Once your pet dog learned the basics, you can now proceed to the next steps.

1. Purchase a Dog-Friendly Disc

As you are getting serious to see your dog playing Frisbee one day, invest for a high-quality flying disc. It is available in pet stores and even online. Most popular brands are Aerobie, Hero, and others, just browse the internet to look for more.

Dog trainers prefer using a soft fabric disc with a rounded edge not to hurt pets.Decide to buy two flying discs for spontaneous training.

2. Turn the Disc as Feeding Dish

Let the dog use the flying disc as a feeding dish for a few days. The purpose is to associate positive views towards the dog about the object. Do it for the sake of training and not as a permanent food bowl for dogs.

3. Roll the Disc

The pup will be more interested in chasing a rolling disc at first. Throw it on the ground like a wheel in slow motion. Wait for him to pick up the disc and then give him a treat.

4. Throw the Disc

It would be funny seeing your dog not dealing with the disc in the air a couple of times. Apply slow throws to encourage the pet to grab the disc.Patience is necessary. Make sure not to hit the dog.

5. Keep Throwing the Disc

The dog will eventually get the drill and then grabs the disc in the air.It will give you the best feeling ever! Congratulations, Hooman, you did a great job!

Final Thoughts

As compared to other dog training, catching a Frisbee is so easy to teach on dogs.A bunch of patience is essential to finish strong and paid-off. You can actually start at the backyard with a temporary disc on hand.Wait for the moment wherein Frisbee is just a game for your canine pet. 

Let others know how to train dogs to play Frisbee by hitting the share button.We would want to watch many four-legged friends enjoying Frisbee!

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