How To Train A Dog To Calm Down?

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Sometimes dogs get wild and hard to quiet down when someone or something caught their attention. They cannot be friendly when that happens and may knock things over instead.

Training a dog to calm down is necessary to protect anyone against this energetic behavior. The training progress will depend on the energy level of your canine pet. It takes weeks to fully teach dogs to calm down if needed.

What causes dogs not to stay calm?

Knowing the reasons why your dog seems uneasy and cannot stay calm is essential to have the “How’s” in stopping him. The main reason is dogs easily get bored and so thirsty for seeking attention from their hoo man.

Or, there is something he is not familiar with that causes him not to stay calm.Another popular reason for a hyperactive dog is maybe he is not feeling well and wants to be checked on.Whatever the behind reason is, dogs must learn how to calm down.

No worries, such dog problem has solutions on which most dog keepers can apply.Read on and learn more!

Getting Started!

The following training methods in calming dogs could be applied in a lifetime or make it a habit.Let’s start up with the simplest way:

1. Exercise

Give your dog a nice long walk. It can be rewarding for the pet to walk outdoors in a leash for hours, but it can drain energies. Time will come he will stop pulling you while walking and just remain calm.

Incorporate some training commands in between walks. The purpose is not only to release its energy but also to correct its behavior. You may use tools good for agility training routines.

2. Introduce him with the other dogs

The more dogs get familiar with anyone, the more it behaves properly. This method could be hard at first, as some dogs are becoming aggressive in seeing other dogs. Let him socialize with his co-pets in a leash, for added safety. Do it on a regular basis.

3. Play with him

Another way to use up some of your dog’s energy is by playing with him in the backyard.It could be hide and seek or ball fetching, with breaks in between.Dogs get overexcited sometimes and it will be hard to calm down that is why breaks are important.

Then again, incorporate commands while you play with dogs for training purposes. You are not just calming him down but also teaching to follow even simple commands. Give him a treat after showing positive reactions towards the commands.

4. Ignore him

If the reason is getting attention, you better ignore him for a while.Do not acknowledge such bad behavior of dogs to let them know you are discouraging the action.

This might be the quickest way to calm down dogs as experienced by most dog owners. Completely ignore your dog by not making eye contact and even not touching him, so he won’t take it as a joke.

5. The “Settle” Command

Make your dog excited to make this training method effective later on. You can move around and wait for your dog to follow. Let him jump and be free to do his bad habits.

When everything seems wild, stop moving and make your arms cross over your chest. Say the command “settle” in a firm voice not to scare the pet. Do not ever shout towards the dog for it may trigger his aggressiveness.

Once the pet settles down on the ground, reward him with a “good” word and a treat.Practice it more often and make it more challenging. Let the guests do the command when the pet has already mastered to settle.

Final Words

To summarize, the dog’s hyperactive behavior must be dealt with for a lifetime.They have days of being edgy and it is normal for canine pets.The only thing hoomans can do is to find ways on how to calm a furry friend.

There are lots of commands to calm dogs, but even the simplest activities like exercise would work.It is indeed a lifelong process that demands a bunch of patience to finally make dogs be composed.

Do you know other techniques to keep canine pets calm? Share in the comment section to help more hoomans out there!

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