How to Tire Out a Puppy Indoors

How to tire a puppy out indoors

Can’t go outside? Check out these tips on how to tire out a puppy indoors.

When it comes to taking care of a puppy, there’s going to be a lot of different things that you will have to take care of. Of course, making sure that your puppy both is healthy and has all the food and water it needs is going to be an important part of caring for your puppy.

At the same time, you will also have to make sure that your dog has outlets for its energy.

There might even come a time when you find yourself having to tire your puppy out so that you can settle down to work or go to bed. Puppies are almost notorious for having a seemingly endless amount of energy so tiring a puppy out can seem almost impossible at first. However, there are ways to get it done.

How to tire a puppy out indoors

Unfortunately, most of these ways involve going outside. There might come a time where the weather or other circumstances don’t allow you to take your puppy outside to tire it out. This might leave you wondering what exactly you should do to tire your puppy out indoors.

With that being said, there are several ways to tire your puppy out inside.

Play with Your Puppy

One of the best ways to tire your puppy out is to play with it. Sometimes, all a puppy wants to do is play with its beloved owner. By playing with your puppy, you can also give it the socialization that it needs to stay healthy and happy mentally.

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Generally, you will want to look towards activities that are physically engaging. This means that puzzle toys might not be the best option for tiring your puppy out. In fact, puzzle toys can have the opposite effect as some puppies might get frustrated at not being able to figure out the puzzle.

You should instead stick with activities that will physically exert your puppy. You can either consider a fairly simple game such as fetch that doesn’t require dog toys or you could consider purchasing some dog toys.

For some examples of how you can tire your puppy out indoors, consider watching this video:

Activities That Don’t Require Dog Toys

If you are looking for a way to tire your puppy out without purchasing new dog toys and going from store to store trying to find the perfect item, there are plenty of things that you could try. One of the most enjoyable activities that you could consider is fetch.

Playing fetch down a hallway is something that many puppies will be more than happy to do. You can even encourage your puppy to bring back whatever item you have thrown more quickly so that it tires itself out more. This makes for a fun and effective method for tiring your puppy out inside.

If you have stairs in your house, this can potentially be an even more effective method to tire your dog out. You will want to make sure that your stairs are safe for a potentially excited puppy to clamber down before you start playing fetch though. Minimizing the risk of injury is important, especially when you are trying to calm your dog down.

Activities That Require Dog Toys

There are countless more games that you can play with your dog when you consider the possibility of purchasing a dog toy. Now the possibilities are just about endless.

As for one of the most common and effective activities to tire your puppy out, you should look into purchasing a dog toy designed for tugging. Puppies will probably love to play tug-of-war with their owners, making it an enjoyable activity for both you and your puppy.

In fact, the entire premise of tug-of-war is to tire the other side out. While you might have the advantage in size and strength, this game will be the perfect way to get your puppy to settle down before you go to bed or start work for the day.

Something that you will have to consider and pay attention to is how well trained your puppy is. Some puppies will get a little bit mouthy when they get really into their tug-of-war games and depending on the breed of your puppy, this can put you in danger of having your puppy bite your hand.

If you are truly concerned about such a thing happening, you could also think about wearing some thick gardening gloves while you play tug-of-war or you could teach your dog that getting mouthy is not always tolerated during play.

There are countless more games that you can play with your puppy to tire it out but these two activities are the most physically exerting and will be the most effective at getting your puppy to tire itself out.

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  1. Have a Cavalier King Charles that won’t play with toys unless treat involved. Also knows to turn a puzzle plate upside down because too slow

    1. You’re lucky. My Papillion is not even remotely interested in food–not treats, not liver, not chicken. She only eats out of necessity, I guess. Cavaliers and food are synonymous. It’s the breed. Talk to your vet about how to monitor meals with snacks. My girlfriend gives her Cavaliers treats called Charlie Bears which have almost no calories. It isn’t their weakness to love food.

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