How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over in 9 Easy Steps

how to teach your dog to roll over

Dog training can actually be fun if you’re doing it right. Once your dog knows the basic such as to sit, lie down, and stay teaching them few tricks for fun will be even easier. Let’s start with a common one: How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over.

Advanced commands like shaking hands and roll over are some of the most impressive tricks you can teach to your dog. You just have to be patient to train your dog and have fun.

If you want to teach your dog to roll over, then follow these simple steps (we also included a link to a video toward the end so you can see):

1. Give your dog the command “lie down”.

The “roll over” trick starts in a lying down position, resting his stomach with his paws in front of him and lifting up his head. From that position, he will be able to roll over easily without hurting himself.

Techniques for your dog to lay down


2. Hold the treat near your dog’s face.

Get close to the dog where it can see and smell the treat. Close your fingers around the treat to make sure that the dog won’t bite it. Watch your hand when the dog snatch it so you don’t get hurt.


3. Move around the treat and say “roll over”.

Revolve the treat around your dog’s face so his nose follows the treat. Usually, where the nose goes, his body and head will follow. Lead your dog along a path that will cause your dog to roll over. Say the command clearly while moving the treat around his head. You can also use hand signal by rolling your hand with the verbal signal at the same time.

how to teach your dog to roll over


4. Keep practicing your dog.

Use your hand and gently help your dog to roll over if he is not making a move. Do this repeatedly until he can follow little by little. And throughout his progress, don’t forget to give your dog a treat. This will encourage the dog to keep trying until he perfected the trick. Show kindness and excitement by saying “good boy or good girl”.


5. Reward your dog for every successful move.

Know when to reward your dog. You can start first with praise and treat when he rolls over. Giving them treats will give them the boost to repeatedly do the trick. And once that they are familiar with the trick, you can give less treats frequently.


6. Do this until your dog can do the trick without help.

After a few successes, your dog will be able to roll over without any help. You don’t need to move the treat over his head or physically move his body over. Now what you need to do is to give him a command without doing anything. Tell your dog to roll over and reward him with a treat or a pat on his head.

train dog to rollover


7. Command your dog to roll over without giving him a treat.

When your dog already knows how to roll over and expect the treat after, you change the way to reward your dog. Change the time between treats and give less acknowledgment every time. This will keep your dog from expecting treats every single command. Unpredictable treats will keep your dog interested in performing tricks. You can continue with the affectionate petting but save the treat for the next trick.


8. Introduce your dog to a new location.

Having the same location with the same routine can hinder your dog for future improvements. You may want to find a new practice place to continue challenging your dog with new more tricks. Start practicing outside like training rooms or dog parks with treats until the dog get used to it. Be patient and reduce the treats until he consistently rolls over anywhere.


9. Show the trick to other people.

Let your dog get used to performing in front of people. The more praises and treats he will get, it can encourage him more to roll over. Also, try to ask other people to give him the command. If your dog truly mastered the trick, he can perform it anytime.


Seeing a dog perform the different trick is very entertaining. It is amazing how your pet can be taught with commands and how strong the connection between the owner and the dog.

When your dog follows your command, it only shows how much effort and patience you put in. This also shows the compassion you have for animals. Every love and care you have shown for is the same amount you will receive from them.

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