How to Teach a Dog Tricks the Easy Way?

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As one of the intelligent animals known to humans, dogs can do a lot of things that are sometimes beyond our imagination. Other than the usual commands, they can learn various tricks provided that they are given enough time and proper training for it.

Dog tricks can benefit you and your dogs in many ways. They can entertain you and the people around you, reduce your trouble for undisciplined dogs and you can establish more bonding with them. As for our beloved dogs, doing tricks help them stimulate their physical and mental being.

It will help them build stamina, endurance, flexibility and more. It also contributes in reducing their stress and anxiety and making them confident. Moreover, they learn how to be obedient.

Far from what people know, teaching dogs tricks can be done not only by professionals but also by pet parents who have determination to teach their pets. Yes, you can also do that. And there are many easy ways to do that. But first, you should take note of a few important things needed in order for you to be successful in doing it.

  • Teach your dog only when both of you are in the mood. Readiness is important to achieve a positive result.
  • Every practice shouldn’t be done more than twice a day and should only be 10 minutes every session.
  • Don’t be harsh. It is normal for your dog to make mistakes. When they do, don’t show frustration, rather be calm and patient to go over the tricks.
  • Always be ready to praise your dog. This is an indication that they are doing a great job so give it to them.
  • Not all dogs have the same progress so never compare.
  • Don’t forget the treat. It reinforces your practice.

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge, it is time to start practicing the tricks and amaze everyone. In this article, we will share how to teach a dog tricks the easy way so get ready and let’s get started.

5 Dog Tricks and How to Teach them to your Dogs

Before proceeding with the tricks below, it is necessary that your dog already knows the basics sit, stand, and down commands. This will save your time to practice.

1. Spin

Teaching your dog to spin is one of the easiest trick. Before doing it, make sure that you have a treat prepared. Also, be in room with enough space and the practice should be done before meal to easily entice your dog with a treat. This trick must be taught while your dog is standing.

  • The first that you should do is to get your dog’s attention and the best way to do that is through a treat. Make your dog pays attention to the treat.
  • Place the treat a little above his nose and move it slowly above his head in a circle motion. Make sure that your dog follows your hand.
  • Repeat it and make sure your dog keeps on following. After a full spin, say “yes” or “good” depending on what you always use with him and give him the treat.
  • Do the same practice again with a command like “spin” and “turn around”. Once your dog gets the hang of it, you can teach him to spin a different direction. Then you can also teach him “right spin” or “left spin”.

 2. Roll Over

As dogs naturally roll over, it will also be a bit easy to teach the trick. The only challenge is that they should do it only when you tell them to. At this point, your dog must already know how to follow,” lie down”.

  • Tell your dog to lie down in front of you. You should start the practice with your dog in this position.
  • Hold a treat in your hand. Make sure that the treat can’t be snatched easily. Put it near your dog’s nose so he can smell it.
  • Move the treat to his shoulder and around its body. As the nose follows the treat, his body goes with the direction as well. Once the roll is completed. Give him the treat.
  • Do the same procedure but this time, you should use the word “roll over” with the word,” good”, plus the treat for every completed trick.
  • Practice it without a treat and in front of others.

3. High-Five

Another great trick to teach your dog is “high-five”.But it is never good to grab your dog’s paw and touch it with your hand. Before starting with this trick, your dog must be comfortable with you touching its paws but not in this way. In addition, he should start with the sitting position.

  • Prepare your dog’s favorite treat. Ask him to sit down in front of you.
  • Hold the treat tight in your hand and place your hand near his nose for him to sniff the treat.
  • Hold it this way and wait for your dog to touch your hand using its paw. When he does, say “good” and give him the treat.
  • Repeat this cycle with the word “high-five”. Whenever your dog touches your hand, give the treat and do this until he gets the hand of it.
  • Try it with your palm open and let your dog touch it with his paw.


Our dogs are capable of doing many things. That is with our patience and guidance. Always think of what is best for you and your fur babies and work hard together to be able to achieve it. You want to make your time with your dogs fruitful and fun? Try these tricks and let others be amazed.

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