How To Stop Your Dog From Whining

A whining dog might cause sleepless nights to you, as well as for whomever is nearby your place. Whining becomes a habit for some dogs, which can happen during the day up to midnight. There are times when it also happens during your soundest sleep. It will surely annoy you and whoever hears it. So, as a dog owner, you must go outside to stop your pet from making such noise. But, doing so is inappropriate at times.

So, are there other ways to prevent dogs from whining? Let us talk over our dog’s whining habit on the rest of this post!

Why Dogs Moan?

Where does whining coming from? Or, are there reasons why dogs moan endlessly? We know that dogs whine for a reason. The best way to handle this dog’s behaviour is to have answers to those questions. Solutions will depend on the causes of whining, which I will be discussing below.


Your dog might be reminding you he is there, so he whines. No owner could ignore the dog’s way of getting their attention by whining. He might be asking for a treat or want to have a walk outdoors.

To solve this problem, do not acknowledge your dog all of a sudden. Let him moan until he stops voluntarily. By this way, you are not tolerating his behaviour, but checking if the dog wants to catch attention or just bored. When the pup gets quiet, show them care or give them treats.

Anxiety attacks

Perhaps the dog is anxious on its surroundings, which pushes it to moan. Separation anxiety is one of the reasons why dogs whine because they feel distressed or in panic. It happens with symptoms like pacing, drooling, licking, and panting when its stress level is high.

Make a move to assure your dog that you will come back home. Try to go out of your house with a coat and key and then go back inside after a minute. The pet will understand you are not leaving permanently but only for a moment.


Appeasement whining means a dog perceives a threat, whether other people or dogs. It results in appeasement behaviour wherein the dog holds its ears back, does tail tucking, avoiding eye contact, and many more. Some say a whining dog is suffering from low self-esteem.

Since the pet is losing its confidence, you need to awaken it to stop appeasement whining. There are two ways to level up the dog’s self-confidence – the reward-based training and through interactive fun games. Whichever you opt to, never punish the dog physically and verbally for it could trigger bad behaviour.


Whining could be a sign of excitement too. Your dog may not control its joy to see you again after a while. That is how excited your pup is to reunite with you. The dog also jumps, barks, and wags its tail when he greets someone special to him. Sometimes it is overpowering and got exaggerated that might hurt the dog’s owner, which is not good at all.

You must teach your dog to have self-control in greeting someone. Set an example towards your pet by trying to keep calm whenever you are home. The pet will mirror your action and stays calm too. Other techniques to stop greeting whining are by mat training, hand targeting, and other behavioural pieces of training.

Sickness Or Injuries

Injury is the least reason why dogs whine as a response to the pain they are feeling. As a dog parent, you can discern when your pet is not feeling well through its actions and physical being.

Here are the signs your pet may be sick:

  • Weight increase or decrease
  • Bad breath
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive panting
  • Gloomy eyes
  • Excessive urination
  • Imbalanced ingestion

The best thing you should do to stop sickness whining is to bring your pet to the nearest vet for further tests. You alone cannot cure the dog’s sickness, so seek an expert’s help. Spending extra money is expected for the sake of your loving pet.

Lack of socialization

Socialization is not only made for people but also pets. Your dog must learn it from day one up to 16-weeks age. In this period, the puppy’s mind can easily captivate everything you show him. Improper socialization may lead to excessive dog whining whenever it goes in public. That kind of behaviour is so disturbing.

You can start by introducing the pet in a friendly environment with your friend’s dogs. It will be shy at first, but after 6-months you can encourage your dog to interact with people and other dogs. Prevent your dog from running towards people and dogs you are not familiar with. The dog can meet different animals as well to widen its network. Be on guard on your pup’s health whenever it interacts with other pets.


Dogs whining could be the pet’s way of the call of nature. The pet might be requesting to go outside to pee or poop. Perhaps nose-bumps and door-scratch do not take into effect to get your attention and so your dog moans.

Be cautious and sensitive enough of what your pet has to say. If the whining sounds frustrated, take the pet outside immediately. Maybe your dog does not want to ruin the floor with its waste. Do not ignore this kind of whining.

The Final Thoughts

To summarize, whining is not always a bad habit done by dogs. There are reasons why dogs make such frustrating sound, and we must consider those to know how to stop the whining. Keep in mind to not hurt the dogs both physically and verbally whenever they whine. Proper solutions must be done appropriately. You can share it with your friends!

Seek for training advice concerning to dogs’ whining problems. By this way, it would be easier to come up with the best solutions on how to stop your dog from whining.

For further questions, leave a comment below and wait for a quick response. Thank you!

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