How to Stop Your Dog from Barking Inside

Dogs— they’re cute, lovable, playful but sometimes they can be noisy as heck. We love them, but let’s be honest, their barking can drive you nuts.

But why do dogs sometimes bark nonstop? Here are the most common reasons why:

1. Frustration – Sometimes dogs bark in response to a situation that frustrates them such as being separated from their human or other dogs or being confined for a long time.

2. Greeting – Sometimes dogs bark to greet “hello” to visitors or when you come home. It is accompanied by a wagging tail and a relaxed body language.

3. Attention – Dogs will bark nonstop until you give them attention. They bark to gain rewards, needs water, or want some playtime.

4. Territorial – Dogs bark excessively when they see other human, dogs or animals invading their territory.

5. Social – This is when dogs hear another dog howl or bark and are sometimes called “response barking”

6. Alarm – This is when your dog sees something he likes or made him curious or he hears disturbing sound or noise

Now, what should you do to make the barking stop? Here are some tips:


1. Remove the motivation

When your dog bark, he thinks that he will get some kind of reward. Otherwise, he will not do it. Observe and learn what he gets when he barks and remove it. Do not give him the opportunity to have his barking behavior. For example: If he loves to bark at other dogs or people through the window, then close the windows or put him in another room to manage his barking behavior.

2. Ignore the barking

Now, this may seem a crazy idea but it can work. Ignoring him when he barks means that he is not getting your attention (unless he needs something from you like water or food then you need to check first). When you give him attention, he will associate it with a reward for barking and being noisy. Do not touch him, do not talk to him, and do not even look at him. To be successful with this, you need to wait for as long as it takes for your dog to stop barking. Eventually, your dog will get frustrated and stop.

3. Teach your dogs commands

Train your dogs with a few commands that can help in controlling his barking behavior:

  • “Speak”

It may seem nonsense, but teaching your dog to bark only when you command him can actually stop the barking behavior. Train your dog by using the command “speak” and wait for him to bark 2 or 3 times. If he obeys, give him a treat. If not, do not give him any and repeat the process until he only barks when you say “speak”.

  • “Quiet”

After your dog learned the command “speak”, he is now ready to learn the other one “quiet”. Tell him to “speak” when you are in a calm environment without any distractions. When he barks, say “quiet”. When he obeys give him a treat. If not then do not give him any and repeat the process until he stays quiet. Once, he learns to obey, try it in an increasingly distracting situation until your dog can stay quiet when asked to.

4. Avoid Scolding

When dogs bark nonstop, it might cause you to be frustrated and scold or shout at him. Avoid this at all cost. This will only cause more agitation and will lead to louder barking.


Being a dog owner, it is always a must to establish your position as the alpha in the pack. As this will indicate the dog’s behavior towards the environment, sometimes some dogs just have their own temperament, so before acquiring one you need to really choose what suits you the best. Then applying this basic tips to your breed would be way easier, and fun.


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