How To Stop Dog Shedding Using Olive Oil

How to Stop Dog Shedding with Olive Oil

Dog hair can drive even hardcore dog lovers a little crazy. But did you know that you can control shedding using olive oil?

Out of all the natural remedies to stop dog shedding at home, we think that the most surprising remedy of them all would be olive oil.

We all knew that olive oil has a lot of benefits for a human’s health, but who knew that they could also be beneficial for our dogs?

And for the fact that olive oils are often available in most household pantries, it definitely makes it a good natural remedy for our dogs without risking their overall health, and without purchasing expensive remedies in pet store.

Use this common pantry staple, olive oil, to help stop your dog’s shedding and keep their coats shining healthily.

Why Use Olive Oils for Dogs?

Like for humans, there are a lot of reasons why this oil is beneficial for our pet dogs. This natural oil is categorized as healthy fat, which is called monounsaturated fatty acids that has numerous benefits for our health.

Here are six health benefits that olive oil provides in both human and dog’s health”

  • It contains oleic acid, which is said to help prevent cancer.
  • It would your pet lose weight if its overweight.
  • It is very beneficial to an aging dog, as it helps prevent free radical cell oxidation which leads to premature aging.
  • It works as a great brain food that helps with cognitive and focusing abilities to senior dogs.
  • It helps with circulatory and blood-flow problems to prevent and cure your dog’s breathing issues. It would also provide your pet with a good energy boost.
  • It’s great in supporting the immune system, as olive oil is very rich in polyphenols, carotenoids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and Vitamin E.

Is Olive Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes, it is very safe for your pet to ingest olive oil in the right dosages.

The oil’s monounsaturated fat content can help regulate your pet’s metabolism, and it helps keep your pet’s coat healthy and shiny. However, there is one thing that you should watch out for.

It is not common, but there are some dogs that are allergic to olive oils. Allergic reactions may include irritated skin and upset stomach.

How to Stop Dog Shedding with Olive OilIf you are planning on giving your dog with olive oil for the first time, you should keep an eye on your pet and take note if there are any changes in their behavior.

But if you don’t want to risk your dog’s health to any new remedies, you should first consult your doctor to make sure your pet isn’t allergic to olive oil, before using it as a remedy for your pet’s shedding.

Ideal Olive Oil Dosage for Dogs

Ideal Olive Oil Dosage for Dogs

The amount oil dosage that you can feed your dog with would depend on your pet’s weight.

Therefore, to make sure you don’t overdose your pet with olive oil, you should first consult your pet’s vet before you coat their food with olive oil.

The easiest way for you to use olive oil on your pet’s diet is by putting olive oil in your pet’s food once a day. Some veterinarians recommend using not more than one teaspoon of oil for every 20 pounds.

Some dog owners say that they have good results or rotating between olive oil and coconut oil, and they give their pet’s with coconut oil twice a week instead of olive oil, but this would depend on your pet’s taste.

But to stop your dog from shedding excessively, then you might need to use one teaspoon of olive oil daily. You can use a conversion chart to measure the right dosage.

How Can You Give It to Your Pet?

best way to feed your pet with olive oil

Like we have mentioned earlier, the best way that you can do to feed your pet with olive oil is by simply mixing it with their food.

You can either on wet or dry food, but obviously, wet food can conceal the oil much better with affecting the food texture.

Therefore, you should use wet food when you feed your dog with olive oil.

Applying the oil directly on your pet’s is not really harmful, but it could make your dog a bit uncomfortable.

Not only could it result in some agitation, but it can also leave quite a mess around your house. But in some cases, your dog might just end up licking the oil off their coat and eating it.

When You Should Stop Using Olive Oil

When You Should Stop Using Olive Oil

After feeding your pet with their food coated with olive oil, you should keep an eye if he or she starts to show signs of an upset stomach or irritation.

Once you see these effects, you should stop using it immediately and bring your pet to the vet for a checkup.

Some dogs have sensitive pancreas which could be irritated when using too much fat in their diet.

Therefore, if your pet had previous pancreatic issues in the past, you should be careful in feeding them with oil, or better yet, you should avoid giving them food with olive oil and just use an alternative method for their shedding problems.

Fats have a lot of calories in it, and since olive oil have fats, they still deliver some calories even if it is a healthy fat.

Like humans, dogs can also gain weight when they eat too many calories. Therefore, always use a small dose of oil.

Would It Effectively Stop Your Dog from Shedding?

ways to stop dog from shedding

Hair shedding could be worsened by some issues on your pet’s skin and hair.

Dry, irritated, and flaky skin can cause your pet to scratch on their coat excessively, which would then lead to more shedding.

Also, brittle hair and dry skin can also cause your pet’s hair follicles to get weaker, which would also lead to increased shedding issues.

Olive oil contains Omega 3 and 6 which are the key ingredients to help stop the shedding.

Therefore, it means that olive oil is great at strengthening, moisturizing, and nourishing your pet skin and hair from the inside. By adding this kind of oil to your pet’s diet, you would be doing him a favor by helping him have a comfortable, shiny, and healthy coat.

You would also notice that the amount of dog hair around your home has lessened.

Using the Right Olive Oil

Right Olive Oil for Dogs

Two bottle olive oil with two test plate and Peppercorns on brown and white

If you have decided to use some olive oil in your pet’s diet, we recommend that you an extra virgin olive oil.

Virgin olive oil is made from the first pressed of olives, and extra virgin olive oil has a much lower acid content compared to regular olive oils. This results in having a much fresher taste which your pet might love.

However, using this kind of oil could get rotten much faster than regular olive oils.

Therefore, it should be stored in a dark-tinted bottle and away from areas with high temperature.

Some beauty magazines suggest humans apply olive oil directly on their hair or skin for best results. But unfortunately, as we have stated earlier, it is not a good idea to use this method on your pet.

Long-Term Benefits of Using Olive Oil

Benefits of Using Olive Oil on Dogs

Girl owner is combing out the fur of retriever puppy after shower

After a few weeks of letting your dog consume olive oil as part of their diet, you would start noticing the changes on your pet’s coat.

It would start to look much better, elastic, silky to the touch, and shinier than before, not to mention the decreased shedding of hair that you’ll find around your house.

Also, with the right doses, if your pet is overweight, you might also notice a bit of a change in their weight as olive oil can also be used for slimming in diets.

Note that it should be given in right doses, overfeeding your pet with olive oil will just result to an opposite effect.

Rather than losing weight, It would just cause your dog to gain more. Aside from healthy coating, olive oil can also treat skin problems that cause excessive shedding and skin irritation.

Rosehip oil is also effective in treating dermal issues on your pet, but unlike olive oil, they cannot consume rosehip oil.

Potential Side Effects

stop a dog from shedding using olive oil

Like any other home remedies, using olive oil can also lead to some potential side effects.

While olive oil is considered safe to be consumed by dogs, doctors said that it might irritate the gastrointestinal tracts of a pup with a sensitive stomach.

So, if there are any signs of vomiting, irritation, or diarrhea you should stop using olive oil.

One tablespoon of olive oil contains about 120 calories and about 31 grams of fat. While it may be considered as healthy fat, it could still lead to weight gain.

Therefore, moderation is the key to let your pet have a healthy diet.


Olive oil doesn’t directly stop your pet’s excessive shedding, but it could help improve your pet’s skin and hair conditions that worsen your dog’s shedding.

A strong, nourished, and moisturized coating could shed far less than having an itchy, dry, and irritated coating.

Also, olive oil does not only help with your pet’s shedding issues, but it can also prevent brain issues, heart diseases, weight issues, and even diabetes.

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How to Stop Dog Shedding with Olive Oil

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