How to Really Tell if Your Dog is Happy

Is my dog happy

We all know that when it comes to good communication, it is not all about spoken words. everything from the tone of your voice to your body language will help package and deliver what you are saying.

While majority of people communicate what they are thinking and how they are feeling trough words, dogs generally rely mainly body language to let their owners know how they are feeling.


Being able to pay attention to your dogs body language, including their tail position, posture, and even their facial expressions, is a wonderful way to understand how or what they are feeling.

You will also begin to learn things that they like and things that they really don’t care for. One of the easiest body language’s to understand about a dog is when they are happy and that is because there are extremely clear signs that you will see.

A high wagging tail

This is by far the most well- known sign that your dog is one happy pooch.

Floppy ears

When you hear someone say floppy ears what they mean is that the dogs ears are relaxed and “floppy’ looking. If their ears are pricked straight up is a sign of alertness. They are not telling you if they are happy or sad but that they are focused on something.

Their body is relaxed

If your dogs posture is not stiff or tense and seems over all relaxed, then chances are they are pretty happy. Soft non- fixed eyes, loose shoulders, and a good dose of complete “flopped- outness” are hints that your dog is feeling good.

They are playful

When your dog is happy they are more likely wanting to leap and play around. Play bows are a really good indication that your dog is in a really good mood.

They lean on you

When your dog is relaxed they enjoy your company and they are more likely to really enjoy your attention. Your dog might lean on you or “hug” you in-order to get your attention and get you to stroke them.

Now just like a happy dog, it is equally easy to see when your dog is worried or uncomfortable. If they are scared or uncomfortable about something their body language might look like:

Tucked or low tail

If your dog is unhappy or stressed they will probably tuck their tail between their legs. Also if they are slowly wagging their tail closer to the ground they are trying to tell you that they are feeling insecure.

Body position

When it comes to a worried dog they will seem more tensed up rather than relaxed. They could shrink away, avoid eye contact, and hang their head low. If your dog becomes a statue (meaning very still) they are trying to tell you that they are uncomfortable about something.

Ears are back

An anxious or stressed dog will have ears that seem to be pinned back or flat against their head.

They will turn away from you

When your dog is unhappy with something that someone around them is doing they might try to turn their head way from whatever is going on that they don’t like. Dogs might also give you a quick lick on your face or hand right before doing this.

Appeasement behavior

With this your dog could roll onto their back but still be stiff rather than relaxing. When this happens they are trying to tell you that they are worried about something but they are not out to hurt you. They also might yawn repeatedly or lick their lips; these too are low-key signs that they are uncomfortable with this situation.

how to tell if dog is happy

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