How to Protect Your Dog’s Paws in the Winter

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The paws of your dog can endure even the roughest surfaces there is. An energetic dog can run, jump, and leaves a lot of marks with its cute paws all day long without regard on the kind of surface it touches. Furthermore, it is given that the paws of your dog are really tough.

Yet, we still have to take a good care of them because nothing in this world is indestructible. Do you agree? So if you do, then join us in learning on how to protect your dog’s paws in the winter.

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Dog’s Paws in the winter?

how to protect your dogs paws

Protecting the paws of your dog is very important. Why? Because your dog is subjected to serious bleeding and pain for even a small cut in their paws. The bottom part of your dog’s paws are the footpads where a lot of blood vessels is found. So, avoid possible dangers for your furry buddy and study the ways on how to protect your dog’s paws attentively.

Additionally, your dog can also be under a great distress if their paws are left unprotected during winter. Just like abrasions on the paws. These damage on your dog’s paws are very common during the coldest months of the year.

Like so, the paws of your dog will dry out due to lack of moisture brought by the cold weather. In many countries, people sprinkle salt to melt ice in a particular area which dries the skin. Hence, it is a lack of moisture that can cause cracks on the footpads of your furry friend.

The worst thing to happen is when your dog jumps and these cracks will split open due to the impact. Oh, no! Just like us, dogs are also very sensitive to pain. Don’t let them experience pain this way. Protect them, protect their paws this winter.

10 Excellent Ways of Dog Paws Protection

Here is how to keep your dog paw’s protected this winter. Try this 10 excellent ways of dog paws protection and never worry about your dog again this season.

1. Prevention: Regularly Check their Paws

Regularly Check Dog Paws

It is an obvious advice to consider, yet, many individuals still failed to practice this tip. Just like how walking your dog for a while outdoors is very important for its health, a regular checkup on their paws is important too.

More so, you need to look at their paws and inspect them for any cuts or scratches regularly. In fact, it is best if you do them every day. To perform a deeper inspection of your dog’s paws, try to press areas of their paws gently. Then afterward, take note of any action that shows discomfort or pain.

You must never leave the areas between your dog’s toes unchecked. Moreover, see if there is any discoloration, stickers, lumps, or cuts on them. You wouldn’t like it if your canine friend suddenly becomes sad and weak in the corner, aren’t you?

That is the reason why you need to learn how to protect them so you can keep them jumpy and happy.


2. Protection: Strengthen Their Paws

Strengthen Dog Paws

You must make it a goal to make your dog’s paws tough and strong. This is for them to withstand the roughest roads ahead and also conquer the hazards of winter.

Regularly, you can have them stand and walk on pavements or cement to achieve strong and tough paws for your dogs.

You can start on the sidewalks which have even pavements in the first month then try rougher areas afterward. At the moment you observe that your dog suddenly limps, go back to the basics again. Just remember that your goal is to develop callouses on their paws.

The thick skin that gradually appears from callouses will act as a shield on your dog’s footpads.


3. Prevention: Trim the Hair near Their Paws

Trim the Hair near Their Paws

The long fur of your dog might look cute on them. However, keeping the hair on your dog’s paws is not a good idea during winter.

Why? The fur around your dog’s paws might catch snow which sticks and clings to it during cold months. Furthermore, you must keep your dog’s paws free from hair to avoid frostbite. For humans and animals, frostbite can be really serious.


4. Protection: Moisturize Their Paws

Moisturize Dog Paws

Moisturizing your dog’s paws will prevent your friend to get cuts, cracks, scratches, or peeling of their paw’s skin. Just like how humans get bleeding and cracked heels, this happens to dogs too. Hence, your dog’s paws need to be constantly moisturized to protect your dog from more serious conditions to happen.

Use quality moisturizers specially made for pets to get better results. These moisturizers are best to soothe the scratches, cuts, irritations, and abrasions of paws.


5. Protection: Apply Wax to their Paws

Apply Wax to Dog Paws

Another way to protect the paws of your dog is to apply paw wax on them. This product is a good tool to protect your dog’s paws from cold and harmful surfaces which they might encounter from day to day. What’s cool about paw wax is its ability to be applied easily on paws.

It dries quickly so you can guarantee to reap its advantages any time of the day. Moreover, paw wax is far different from moisturizers. While moisturizers prevent the paws of your dog to get cracks and scratches, paw wax, on the other hand, acts as a barrier.

No more ice and road salts to worry about the moment you apply this protective product on the paws of your dog. Try this excellent solution now and secure your dog’s paws from the cold month’s harm.


6. Prevention: Use Non-Toxic Ice Melter

Use Non-Toxic Ice Melter for Dog Paws

The good thing about utilizing non-toxic ice melters during winter is that they cause no harm to your dog’s paws. These concentrated non-toxic pellets include a time-release formula that prevents irritation and itching for your dog and it is safe for vegetation, children, along with stone and concrete brick.

You can say that this astounding product is a solution that provides multiple benefits.


7. Protection: Dog shoes for their Paws

Dog shoes for their Paws

All dog owners desire to provide good care, protection, and joy to their pets. As a result, others even reached the point of caving their pets in the comforts of their home just to make sure that they are absolutely protected at all times.

However, dogs need to socialize and get active outdoors too. So, exposing them to possible dangers is unavoidable at all. You need to provide a balanced life to keep your dog healthy as it needs to be. In order to do that, let your dog stay protected in winter by putting dog shoes on them.

Dog shoes are cheap and easy to use. You just need to put them on your dog’s paws then you can already guarantee an all-day all time protection. Utilizing this thing is worth trying.

Besides, you will never know the relief it can provide if you will not let your dog experience it, right? So, find that comfortable dog shoes with rubber soles to give extra comfort and protection to your furry friend. See if your dog wouldn’t jump out of excitement once you put them on its paws.


8. Protection: Dog Booties for Their Paws

Dog Booties for Their Paws

Consider using dog booties made with thin rubber to protect your dog’s paws during winter. Offer your pet a good pair of booties to keep their paws warm during the cold months of the year.

Dog booties look like small balloons that you can use multiple times and dispose conveniently of the moment they have worn out. Moreover, these booties fit great so you don’t need to worry about a missing pair after walking in the park with your dog.


9. Protection: Dog Socks for Their Paws

Dog Socks for Their Paws

You can use knitted or other kind of socks to increase the protection for your dog’s paws. Socks are not only great to add comfort but also increase warmth great for cold days.

Your dog also needs this kind of benefit. Therefore, it is brilliant if you put a pair on them during winters too. Keep your dog comfortable and keep their paws warm and crack free.

You can have a pair of dog socks in a waterproof material. This way, your dog can use it just like a light shoe for outdoors.


10. Prevention: Check and Wash their Paws

Check and Wash Your Dog Paws

After a short walk with your dog, check their paws for cracks and cuts. It is also best if you wash them every day. Surfaces where your dog’s paws lands may have harmful chemicals on them.

Hence, washing is significant. As you wash the paws of your dog, see to it that you rinse them thoroughly. Afterward, apply a good amount of moisturizers on them.


These are the tips on how to protect your dog’s paws in winter. Keep your furry friend healthy and happy during the exciting days of the season.

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