How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

Looking for a cool DIY dog project? Check out how to make a paracord dog leash, it’s a fund and easy project that you can actually use everyday.

Are you thinking of customizing and making your own leash for your dog, want a unique dog leash or just want to create one to save money?

Then here you’ll learn how to make your own dog leash so that you can proudly walk your dog outside with its very own customized leash.

How to use paracord to make a diy dog leash

What is a Paracord?

paracord dog leash

But wait, what is a paracord though?

It is a cord that is often used to serve as the parachute’s suspension line, also called as 550 cord or parachute cord. This strong nylon rope can be used to a lot of things, you can use it for survival, accessory, for climbing support, and many more. It is a utility cord that is often used by civilians who are always on an adventure and by the military personnel.

How to Make Your Own Paracord Dog Leash Cord?

There are a lot of different kinds of knot that you can use to create your own dog leash, but in here I will only teach you one of the simplest knots and that is the snake knot so that you can immediately create your own homemade a leash.


Here are three different kinds of knots that you could also try aside from the snake knot:


1. Jagged Ladder Knot

Jagged Ladder Knot

It is a sturdy compact way of weaving, but it isn’t bulky. Using this knot to make a dog leach can be good.


2. Oat Spike

Oat Spike

This is a simple flat knot but is sturdy enough to not break. It has a good style in it and it is perfect to be used as a dog leash for big dogs.


3. Thin Solomon Bar

Thin Solomon Bar

As the name says, it is quite a thin knot but still sturdy enough to be used as a dog leash. This knot is good for small dogs if you want to use this as a dog leash.

And that’s it! Now here’s what you’ll need in making your snake knot paracord dog leash:

Things you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Paracord – Depending on the length of the cord you’ll need about 20 feet of paracord to make a foot long leash. If you want a longer leash then you can at least use 40 feet of paracord to create a 2-foot long leash.
  • Lighter- This you seal or singe the ends of the cord to avoid the nylon cord from splitting.
  • Dog Leash Clip- and of course, the clip. You can use whatever kind of clip that you prefer. Anything is fine.

And for the procedure, you can watch how to make a paracord dog leash snake knot so that you can hear and see the procedures to make it easier for you on how to make them.

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Making your own paracord dog leash is not only unique and fashionable, but it is also sturdy enough and will make you proud because you have successfully made a unique leash with your own effort.

Also, you can use it as a survival tool in case of an emergency.

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