How To Make A DIY Dog Gate?

Instead of buying an expensive dog gate, why not build a DIY dog gate? It will be a fun experience to customize a doorway for dogs. You will only need simple tools to make one, like blocks of sturdy wood and other necessary tools. Most DIYers just end up with a product out of recycled materials with less required tools.

Why you should make a DIY dog gate?

The main purpose of a dog gate is to keep your pet safe.It also prevents dogs from wandering outside the house or destroying your pieces of stuff.Having a dog gate does not mean punishing your dog by putting him in one place, but more on for safety purposes. No worries as the DIY dog gate are easy to make.This post will help you out in making one!

So, are you ready to build your own-designed dog gate?Read on to learn how to make one!

Some More Factors in Creating a Dog Gate

Creating a dog gate is a simple job for everyone to keep an eye on. Do consider the following good factors to get started afterward.


We are talking about the space where you planned to put the dog gate.Out of the idea of how much space you have is the type of dog gate possible to build. Swing door is not appropriate for small areas, but the concertina-door style might work.


Prepare the materials needed to start creating the dog gate. Only a few materials are required like woods, hinges, screws, and a locking latch.Any kind of wood will work but pine wood is more durable.


DIY dog gate can be custom-made depending on your pet’s needs. You may build larger openings than what is planned by creating more panels.


Your skill does not matter in making a DIY dog gate.It is best for all dog keepers.

Let’s now proceed to the steps in producing your own dog gate!

8 Steps in Making A DIY Dog Gate

Understand each step to finally end up with your best version of a DIY dog gate. You can ask questions in the comment section after reading.

1. Search for a Printed Plan

This step assures a possible result upon your DIY dog gate. You can download a dog gate blueprint as a reference. Still, your own designs will prevail whereas the printed plan will just serve as a guide.

2. Gathering of Supplies and Tools

Most of the needed supplies and tools can be found at home. You might choose to recycle the woods as long as possible. Or, buy some woods in the market just make sure they are sturdy.Here is the list of supplies and tools you need:

  • Wood glue
  • Screws (The number of screws will depend on the size of the dog gate.)
  • Hinges
  • Paint
  • Drill
  • Wood Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil

3. Measure the materials

A dog gate is composed of three wood sides, including the legs, rails, and slats.Each of them must be measured properly to produce a well-built dog gate.Failing to do so might not bring the best results.

Get the pencil to put markings on the wood you will be cutting later on. Make the markings visible.

You may consider the following measurements:

  • Four leg pieces about 1×3
  • Four rail pieces about 1×3
  • Six slat pieces about 1×3

4. Cut the wood

Go and get the wood saw to cut the woods into pieces.A total of 14 cuts must exist after the cutting process. Classify them into three parts as said earlier.

Check on the edges and remove anything that will hurt a pet. The sandpaper helps to make the edges smooth and safe for pets.You can sand down the entire piece for a smoother dog gate to prepare it for painting.

Also, cut some pieces of scrap wood about 1-3/8” to be used for proper spacing in between slats.

5. Drill the holes

Plug-in the drill and get the slats to drill pocket holes on its ends. There must be four holes on each slat. You may apply the hole-to-hole drilling technique to keep the cuts straight.

Drill holes on opposite sides to make sure latches will fit in during the assembly.Be careful in this process not to result in further costs due to mistakes.

6. Assemble the dog gate

Start with the half portion of the dog gate. Set apart two legs, two rails, three slats, and eight pieces of scrap wood. Layout the wood pieces with proper spacing about 1-3/8” apart.

Prepare the wood glue and then apply on both ends of slats and rails. Attach the woods using the pocket screws. Keep it as secure as possible.

After that,you can assemble the other gate panel following the same instructions.Just repeat the process until you complete your needed gate panels.

7. Attach door hinges

Arrange the gate panels side-by-side and according to your desired style of a dog gate. Place one hinge near the top of the panel and another hinge near the bottom.The hinges are the reason why the dog gate swings to open and close.

Screw up the hinges in place. Make sure to tighten,so as not to repeat the process from the top.

8. Finish the dog gate

It is all up to you whether you paint or leave stained your dog gate.You may decorate the dog gate to your liking. Apply creativity on this part because no one else will build a dog gate just like yours.

Some DIYers fill in the pocket holes with pocket-hole plugs to achieve smooth painting.Check again whether the wood is well-sanded or still requires some more smooth out process. Once the holes are filled in, apply a coat of primer and then two coats of paint.

Protect the floor against coloration and scratches by putting furniture pads at the bottom of the leg panels. No need to remove the pads once the paint was dry.

Final Words

To sum it up, creating a DIY dog gate is all up to you.Save a ton of money by simply looking around you for supplies to use. DIY dog gates help most dog keepers to save up a budget for other dog’s needs rather than buying a brand new dog gate. You may ask for help in building a dog gate which can be done a couple of hours.

Check out your space now and begin to plan a DIY dog gate design you might build.

This article was a collaboration with the folks over at Make Cents Woodworking.

Keep sharing your ideas below to benefit other dog keepers out there!

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