How To Get Rid Your Dog's Eye Boggers

Eye boogers. If your dog gets them, you know what I'm talking about.

I guess a more civilized way to describe it would be eye discharge. Either way, if it bothers you to see it on your dog, you are not alone. Here are some tips on how to get rid of your dog's eye boogers.

My dog (Delilah) doesn't have any medical issues, but she gets a ton of eye boogers and tear stains around her eyes and it drives me a little crazy. So I started using a multi line attack of using special eye wipes, clipping the hair and if needed, using a tear stain remover.

Here's what I use to keep my pup booger free:


These shears feature unique soft-grip finger holes and built-in finger rests to make grooming more comfortable. For fine finishing work and perfecting the correct coat length. Always make sure hair is completely dry and free of mats and tangles before cutting.

  • EverGuard coated blades create a nonstick, smooth surface, making cutting much easier.
  • Superior quality shears are made of Japanese stainless steel with micro serration for exceptional durability and precision performance.
  • Lightweight and comfortable pet grooming with soft-grip finger holes and finger rests for added control, reducing fatigue.
  • Rounded tips are ideal for safe facial trimming around eyes, nose and ears, lessening the chance of an injury.
  • The perfect way to finish you pets grooming experience by making sure the coat length is correct.


Sterilize and protect your pet's eyes with Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash Pads for Dogs & Cats. This cleanser has been the favorite of groomers and breeders since 1961, and the convenient pre-soaked pads can be used on dogs or cats—making it ideal for multi-pet homes, clinics, or vets. 

  • Convenient pre-soaked eye wash pads can be used on dogs or cats, making them ideal for homes with multiple pets.
  • Specifically formulated to safely clean and remove uncomfortable debris from the eye without irritation.
  • Soothing, non-stinging eye irrigation will clean your pets' eyes while protecting their comfort and vision.
  • Cleans dirt, grime, and bacteria that can cause infection in and around the eyes.


Puralube has been formulated for use as a lubricant to prevent further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye. Puralube also serves as an excellent protectant during bathing or grooming and as a lubricant for procedures which require an anesthetic to be used.

  • This specially formulated petroleum ophthalmic ointment will help lubricate your pet's eyes and prevent dryness.
  • A protective barrier is formed over the eyes that prevents further irritation.
  • Comes in a sterile, tamper proof tube that ensures product safety.
  • Great for use before grooming since it will protect the eyes from shampoo and tap water.
  • High quality product that is made here in the USA.


Tap into nature’s power with Burt's Bees Dog Tear Stain Remover. From the trusted name in natural skin care, this gentle solution is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients for your peace of mind, and to keep your dog happy and feeling great. ​

  • Dog tear stain remover is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients.
  • Uses chamomile to remove stain-causing particles from the fur around your dog’s eyes.
  • Made with 99.9% natural ingredients by the trusted name in skin care.
  • pH balanced just for dogs to take care of their special skin and fur needs.
  • Always made cruelty free in the USA with no sulfates or colorants.


Don’t cry over tear stains, just wipe them and go! These disposable wipes contain a mild coconut-derived cleanser that gently cleans around eyes to help remove eye secretions and tear stains. The formula also contains organic Aloe Vera juice to moisturize around the eye area.

  • Tear stain wipes gently clean eye area without harsh ingredients. Ideal for dogs and cats.
  • Helps remove eye secretions and tear stains from around the eyes, with regular use.
  • Made in the USA with Certified Organic Aloe Vera juice, to help naturally soothe and moisturize eye area.
  • Easy to use—simply wipe as needed and toss. Deep stains may take more wipes.
  • Comes in a convenient tub that keeps them fresh and handy for when you need them.


Angels' Eyes Gentle Tear Stain wipes are recommended to help remove dried mucus secretions, discharge, and tear stains. Use daily to keep eye exterior clean and help reduce the risk of eye irritations and itching caused by foreign matter. This unique formulation requires no rinsing.

  • Juniper berry oil aids in removing mucus secretions, discharge and tear stains from around your dog's eyes.
  • Regular use helps reduce the risk of eye irritations and itching
  • No rinsing wipes make maintaining your pet's appearance a quick and easy task.
  • Safe for use in in all dogs and puppies over the age of 12 weeks.
    Natural ingredients, antibiotic-free, and made in the USA!

So there you have it. The tools I use in my multi step method to keep my dog's eyes booger free. Hope it helps!

Also, keep in mind that eye discharge can sometimes be a sign of something more serious. If you are concerned, you should consult your vet.

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