How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

how to get dog hair out of your car

If you love dogs but not dog hair, you’ve probably wondered how to get dog hair out of your car.

Let’s all admit it, sometimes we love our pets more than we love people. In fact, most of us would rather prefer being accompanied by a dog, than with a human.

Because dogs, unlike people can be less annoying. There is a reason why dogs are often called a ‘man’s best friend’, and it is mostly because of their undying loyalty to their owners.

With that said, when we travel we would sometimes or often take our dogs with us, whether it’s just a ride to the store, a ride to the park or workplace, or just wanted to bring them anywhere you go.

Dogs often shed and this can be a problem in your car. So here are ways on how you can get rid of it.

get dog hair out of your car seats

6 Different Methods on How to Remove Dog Hairs in your Car

Most dog owners really love to bring their pets with them in their car. However, once it’s time to clean your vehicle, it can really be quite tiring and difficult to remove your pet’s hair on your car mat, seats, and on your dashboard.

Here are 4 ways on how you can remove dog hair from inside your car:

1. Hand-Held Vacuum


Hand-Held Vacuum

This is the most preferred solution in solving your dog hair problems.

This is commonly the first step when it comes to removing dirt and dog hairs in your car. However, not all of them can be extracted by the vacuum cleaner.

But this is still a great investment in cleaning your car, it will thoroughly get the dirt in your car’s hard-to-reach places.

2. Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves

Your next solution is rubber gloves, you can even use the typical yellow household glove for cleaning.

If you do choose this kind of option, make sure that there are nubs on the glove’s palms. It will make your task in removing hair much easier.

If you are sensitive to latex gloves or allergic to them, you can use a Nitrile glove for your convenience.

By wearing the gloves dry, just simply run your hands on the surface of the seat in one direction. If you are not getting much of the hair, you can dampen your rubber glove a bit to get the job done properly.

3. Duct Tape

Duct Tape

If you want to save up your lint rollers, you can just use a duct tape in removing your pet’s hair in your car.

You can even use a packing tape if you don’t duct tapes. Wrap the said tape on your hands with the adhesive side on the outer side, press the tape firmly on your seats, mats, flooring, and on your dashboard to remove hairs.

The only downside of this method is that you’ll occasionally change out the tapes as you grab more hairs, this is to help maximize the effectiveness of the adhesive.

4. Use Seat Covers

Use Seat Covers


You can invest on a seat cover or pet rider that you can use to cover up your car seats.

This cover can be easily removed and installed in your car. It is also washable, so you can use it anytime.

But before washing the cover, make sure to remove the hair to avoid your washer or dryer from getting clogged. This can be really convenient if you are often traveling with your pet.

5. Balloons


This is a unique method for removing loose hairs.

A balloon has a static quality that could attract hairs, this can be an interesting technique and also one of the best methods for removing dog hairs in your car.

All you have to do is to rub the balloon all over your car’s internal surfaces, and then watch the hairs stick to the balloon.

However, it is almost impossible to remove the hairs on the ballon, so it is best to just inflate a new one.

6. Velcro Curlers

Velcro Curlers

Ladies will be more familiar with this thing since this is an old-school hair curler for girls.

Aside from curling hairs, these curlers are also great tools in clumping up your pet’s hair in your car.

You’ll just simply use the curlers like a lint brush to pick up hair. And since the curlers have no adhesives, you can conveniently use them repeatedly without decreasing its effectiveness.

Simply pull out the collected hair on the curlers and then continue brushing.

how to get dog hair out of your car


And those are the conventional methods that you can use in getting your dog’s hair out the car.

Here’s another tip in keeping dog’s hair out of your car, brush up your pet’s fur before letting him in your car. It won’t prevent hairs from sticking onto your seat, but it will help lessen it. This way, you can much easily clean out your car with less fur.

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