How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Washer

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Our furry friends are good for cuddles but shed a lot of hairs over the stuff and everything. People tend to throw everything in the washer, while no one wants to cover the washer with pet hair.

The washer system might be destroyed. What shall we do then? Perhaps some tips and tricks in removing dog hair from the laundry will help you out. Read on and be surprised!

Getting Rid of Dog Hair Out of Laundry

Pet hair attached to fabrics gets worse when rinsed with water. Until then, the fur will stick on the sides of the washer and form a clog on the draining system. Our immediate remedy could be brushing off the loose hair from the fabric before washing,however, it will take several minutes to be done.

Edgy, as we are, it won’t work.Look around your house and find out things that are actually helpful! Here are some things accessible at home you could use in getting dog hair out of the washer:

1. Dry Sponge

Get a dry sponge, kitchen sponge will work. Make sure you will not use the sponge anymore. Use the rough side of the sponge in brushing off the pet hair over the fabric. Prepare a trash bag so that the hair won’t fall on the floor.

Some hair might be difficult to get off, use a damp sponge instead.Remove any excess of water on the sponge before scrubbing over the fabric.

You can throw the fabric into the washer once no pet hair is seen.

2. Lint Roller

A lint roller can be made at home or bought in stores, whichever is effective in getting off pet hair out of the washer.

Let us start with the homemade remedy. Instead of an adhesive sheet, get a masking tape. Wrap the tape around your hand, with the adhesive side facing out. Swipe your hand over the fabric to get those pet hairs before wash.

If you have a roller at home,attach a clean adhesive sheet onto it. Gently roll it over the fabric in one direction or in areas full of pet hair. Replace the sheet when it is already covered with hair.Or else, it won’t be as effective as before in removing pet hair.

In addition,hairs shall be easily loosened by spraying the fabric with a static guard.

3. White Vinegar

Another home remedy in eliminating dog hair while washing clothes is white vinegar. It contains acetic acid which has the power of softening the fabric which will eventually free up pet hair. Apple cedar could be an alternative to white vinegar.

You must prepare a half cup of white vinegar. It will be poured out to the washing machine before the final rinse cycle. The time of pouring will depend on the kind of washing machine you are using. Some models work automatically while others demand a manual operation.

The use of white vinegar is highly advisable for clothes with lots of pet hair. It also benefits the fabric to some extent.

4. Fabric Softener

Yes, fabric softener is already part of the washing routine. On the other hand, it is used by many to loosen up pet hair over fabrics.

Whatever brand of fabric softener will take effect, just check out the instructions on the amount per load. Put an amount of softener into the dispenser of the machine. You can use the cover of the softener as a measuring cup to have the exact amount.

For older washers, the softener is manually added before the last rinse. New ones will do it automatically. Do not directly pour out the fabric softener into the clothes.

5. Dryer

Another convenient way to avoid pet hair from getting into the washer is through the dryer. This could be done before washing hair-covered items, which is far from the usual way of how the dryer works.

Plug-in the dryer in a low heat cycle and put the laundry in there for 10-minutes. Monitor the clothes after the time set and see whether there are still hairs on it. If so, run the dryer for another 10-minute to completely remove the pet hair.

When every hair has fallen off the fabric,clear out pet hairs left on the dryer’s lint trap. It is to avoid further damage to the system.

6. Dryer Sheets

When you are done washing clothes and then find out some strands of pet hair, you can still remove those hairs while drying the clothes.

The number of drying sheets needed depends on a load of laundry. Lighter load requires a single dryer sheet, while two sheets for a medium or heavier load.

It helps to eliminate hair stuck on the fabric while being wet. Place it together with the affected clothes in the dryer and turn on the machine. Pet hairs will eventually come off the fabric and will transfer to the sheets.

You may use dryer balls as an alternative.

7. Clean the Washer

After laundry, there must be dog hair left in the washer. It must be removed before the next wash by simply cleaning the whole thing.

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the clothes from the washer and then run an empty wash cycle. Press the longest cycle of the machine to completely get rid of the pet hair.

Right after the empty wash cycle, check on the sides of the machine and wipe up the remaining hair strands. Use a paper towel or a damp cloth in doing so. Better check all the corners of the washer to be sure. Dry up the washing machine before the next step by leaving its top open.

Switch on the vacuum cleaner for the final cleansing of the washer. Add a brush attachment onto the vacuum not to scratch the machine. It is available in different stores.

Final Words

The hassle is real getting dog hair out of the washer. Thanks to people who shared multiple ideas on how to do it. Most of the materials used are available at home and so no need to spend extra just to take care of your washer. So, enjoy cuddling with your furry pet! Just be aware in doing your laundry full of pet hairs next time.

Share your tips and tricks in the comment box for others to try!

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