How to Get Dog Hair off A Blanket?

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If you are a dog parent, you completely understand that alongside the cuteness and joy your pet dogs bring is the mess of their hair in every corner of your house. Dogs normally shed.

Though the amount of shedding varies from each breed. It’s kind of easy to get rid of their hair around the corners of your house, but if you dog loves to cuddle on the couches and visit your bed from time to time, that is a different story.

Dog hair sticks to cloth pretty well making it a lot of work to remove them. Washing could be a good idea but it isn’t the most recommended way. So if you are thinking how to get a dog hair off a blanket the easy way, keep on reading and you will get the answer.

1. Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner and its universal usage in keeping your home clean is probably the best solution to remove dog hair around your home. It works on almost everything and it is also very easy to use.

You can use it to remove hair on the floor, furniture and even on cloth. To remove hair from a blanket, lay it down on a flat surface and work on it evenly. You can surely remove that hair in no time.

While you can use the usual vacuum cleaner available in your homes, there are also those which were specifically made to remove dog hair on cloth.

2. Through Lint Rollers

Lint Rollers are a roll of adhesive paper on a spindle. They come in various sizes and are very handy. They are often used to remove small dirt or particles on surfaces especially on cloth and also a convenient way to remove dog hair not only on the blanket but even on furniture and other things around the house.

Before rolling it over your blanket, make sure that the blanket is dust-free. This is for the roller to concentrate on hair. After that, roll all over the blanket until you removed all the hair on it. If the roller surface is already full of strands, remove the portion and uncover a new one.

Keep on rolling until you are satisfied with the result. This may take some time, but you’ll surely be able to remove that stubborn dog hair.

3. Using Rubber Gloves

Rubber is also a good way to remove dog hair. The static produced by rubber is effective in gathering hair on any surface. It is also more effective if the rubber is wet. Just remember that it is always better to work on dust-free blankets.

You also have to prepare a separate cloth which you will use to wipe off the blanket after every stroke. Plus, a bin to place the hair you removed. You can also gather the hair by dipping the gloves into a warm water.

When you do so, the hair floats making it easy to gather. It is said that rubber gloves work best in removing hair from knitted blankets or those with fleece, nylon, polyester, acrylic, suede, and shaggy wool materials.

4. Washing Machine

This could be your last resort to removing dog hair off a blanket. It is also the best way to eliminate not only the hair but also the bacteria that live in it.

Though it is recommended that you remove all the visible hair first using any alternatives. It is also best if run the blanket in a dryer first. This will loosen the hair, so when you wash it, hair can be easily remove.

Bear in mind that there are some precautions and reminders if you opt for this process.

  • Make sure to remove the hair in the filter of the dryer after using it. This is to avoid it from gathering and blocking the filter.
  • Don’t wash the blanket with dog hair with other clothes to avoid the hair from sticking to them. As much as possible, give enough space for the blanket to move freely as for the hair to be removed.
  • Clean the machine after washing and make sure to remove all the hair in it.

Other Alternatives

In some instances, vacuum, lint rollers or rubber gloves may not be available, but that doesn’t mean that there is no other way anymore. There are a few alternatives which involve just what you have and at a cheaper cost.


This could be a tape of any kind provided that the adhesive part is sticky enough to gather hair on any surfaces. Just get a part of it, wrap it around your hand and tap it on areas where you want the dog hair off.

Once the tape is full of hair, remove it, and wrap another piece around your hand. Repeat the process until you get rid of all the hair.

Inflated Balloon

The rubber material of the balloon also has a static charge, same with how the rubber gloves do. Inflate a balloon and damp it a little. Use to scrub the surface of the blanket and you’ll see the hair gathered. Do it repeatedly. To clean the balloon, dip it in water and the hair will float.

Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponge will also do the same work. But make sure not to sure the same sponge to clean your dishes. Sounds awful, yeah? Wipe the surface of the blanket using the sponge and gather the unwanted hair and dispose them.


When you live with a dog, cleanliness is always a must. You may not be allergic to your dog’s hair but still, you have to make sure to do the cleaning regularly. This will help avoid the spread of bacteria which may cause diseases for you and your dog.

In addition, you have to make sure you dispose the hair you gathered properly. Remember, the best feeling is when you can enjoy each other’s company in a clean and dog hair free environment.

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