How To Calm A Hyper Dog Without Medication

How to Calm A Hyper Dog

An over excited dog can be a handful. Want to know how to calm a hyper dog without medication? Then read on!

The easy way to deal with your dog’s behavior is to look for the latest over the counter remedy to calm your dog. The problem is there are a lot of pills out there marketed to dogs. Besides not knowing where do start, many people don’t like to give their dogs medication.

Plus, if you can fix your dog’s hyperactive behavior with medication, isn’t that better in the long run? I think so, that’s why I wanted to share these with you.

How Do I Get My Dog to Calm Down?!

So, you got this dog. Seeing you come home, he zoomed around the room at his top speed with his face having a wide grin as he slams towards you and nearly knocking you down. Not satisfied with the slam, he jumps towards your face with his nails gripping on your legs and raking down your pants.

Now, to some, this might seem like an adorable scene of your furry best friend so excited to see you. I mean, he misses you, too much. But, what if he does the same with guests, especially to someone who is afraid of dogs.

What then?

And not only that.

A hyper dog can also bark like crazy, chew everything in sight and in general, make a nuisance of themselves.

Not so adorable.

So, if you have a doggo like this, you need to learn some ways to calm her down!

Here are ways to help calm a hyperactive fido.

1. Ignore The Hyper Behavior by Your Dog

Ignore The Hyper Behavior by Your Dog

Dogs will seek attention, always! And by paying attention to your hyper dog during his outbursts, you are reinforcing the very behavioral problem that you are trying to eliminate. So, the next time your furry friend tries to jump or licks at you in an overexcited way, don’t talk or touch, no eye contact, and just walk pass by him. You might be surprised how he will quickly settle down.


2. Exercise

Dog Exercise

If you wish a well-behaved doggo, you will need to exercise him. You can both have a long walk in the morning, usually 30 to 60 minutes and then have a shorter walking in the afternoon or evening after work.

You do not need to make it fast-paced. Allow your doggo to stop and smell those branches and flowers. In addition to stretching those legs, all those smells can stretch his brain, too, and helps keep him going crazy at home.

During the day, play games with him in order to really wear him out. Here are some great physical activities to stimulate your furry friend:

  • FETCH: If you are blessed enough to have a fetch maniac, then use it! When you do not have the energy to go for a run or walk with him, you can just play fetch instead. You get to sit like a king and your buddy will be exhausted for the day.
  • TUG: Playing tug of war is an excellent way to build a stronger bond with your doggo and burn some extra energy.
  • FLIRT POLES: These are basically a fishing pole with a small, squeaky toy at the end. Flaunting it around, your Fido will love to jump, bite, and chase and catch the squeaking toy. It is a great exercise for your dog with you using only one hand and in such a tiny space.
  • SNIFFING GAMES: This is a great game that sharpens your doggo’s sniffing abilities as well as stimulating him physically and mentally. He waits in a room while you hide tiny bits of his food around the house. When you let him out, it is his job to sniff out the treats that you’ve hidden.


3. Build A Routine

Build A Routine for Dogs

Hyperactivity is usually a result of insecurity on your dog’s part. This is particularly true of adopted dogs that may have moved around a lot in their past. Dogs thrive on routine. By developing a daily routine, your dog will have an idea of what to expect life to be like and calm down his nerves.

A typical routine can go something like this:

  • Early morning: breakfast, walk, a simple game of fetch, then staying inside for a few hours while everyone is a school or work
  • Afternoon: Someone comes to let your dog out and play a simple and quick game with him.
  • Evening: Dog eats dinner then a night walk.

You do not need to write a very detailed schedule of how the day will go, however, having a bit of consistency in his life can give a powerful positive effect on him.


4. Trick Or Obedience Training

Trick Or Obedience Training

Obedience or trick training builds a common language between your Fido and you. It is another excellent way to calm his nerves while teaching him how you expect him to behave. Learning new skills is also a good way to exercise his brain on good things rather than thinking which shoes of yours should he chew for the day.


5. Smart Toys

Smart Toys for Dogs

Put your doggo’s brain power to good use. Get him a few toys which will require your dog to think as well as exercising him. Buster Cubes and Kong are some of the toys that allow you to load it up with your Fido’s favorite treats or kibbles which keeps him occupied for hours while he tries to make the toy release his food. You can even feed your buddy his entire meal this way, so you can also control the pace he eats his meals.

An even better idea is to try Brain Training for Dogs. This is an amazing program that shows you games that you can play with your dog and you can also use it for training. Check it out here.


6. Learn A New Game Or Sport

New Game Or Sport for Dog

Getting involved in dog sports such as disc dog, freestyle, flyball or agility is an excellent way to build a strong bond between you and your doggo. Plus, it also offers mental and physical exercise all at once.

However, know that formal training for dog sports can be time-consuming and expensive. But, if you want the benefits without getting involved in dog sports, you can take some effort and build him an agility obstacle course in your backyard or teach him to play games such as hide and seek with your kids.


7. Consider His Food

Consider Dog Food

It might be tempting you pick up that giant bag of cheap dog food at your local store. However, you should know that what your doggo eats can have an impact on his behavior.

Inexpensive dog foods are usually loaded with ingredients that your dog does not need such as sugar, coloring, byproducts, and fillers. And just as eating junk foods alter our mood, feeding your furry fido a low-quality diet can have a negative impact on his behavior.

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How to Calm a Hyper Dog

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  1. i have 5 pit bulls that is out of control!!!!! they will not listen especially when they are all together but the live and sleep together so why dont they get along? they are brothers and sisters 9 months old.

  2. I made the mistake of letting my then 4 pound rescued 4 week Great Dane sleep with us. He dreams kicks so hard bruises and scratches me now that he is 8 yrs and 120 pound puppy lol. We have tried everything trying to get him out of our bed. We even crated him and he bent the heavy metal grates from the bottom front of the cage and woke me up snoring next to me . My husband and I argue all the time because of him in our bed . I don’t know what to do. He even has a couch in visual distance and 3 days of yanking him out of the bed onto the couch until I gave in. He is my companion because I am disabled and stuck this house all the time and he protects me very much . We need help !

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