So This Is How Often To Bathe A Dog

How often to bathe a dog

Most people don’t sit around and wonder how often to bathe a dog.

If you’re asking that question, chances are you’ve just taken a sniff at your canine companion and your pooch smells somewhere between tolerable and terrible.

It’s been three weeks since the last bath and the vivid memories of how well that turned out keep on replaying in your head.

So the question stands: how soon after their last bath should you give your dog another bath? If your dog likes to jump up on your bed or sofa, then this question may cross your mind more often.


(Or you could just get your dog to stop jumping up on the bed…)

It would be great if dogs came with care instruction tags like our clothes do, but they don’t. Luckily you can find the answer to your pressing question right here.

As it turns out, the answer is pretty simple. You bathe your dog depending on how much it’s needed.

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Bathing Your Dog: Too Little, Too Much?

It sounds easy enough to follow, especially if your pup miraculously manages to smell good (or tolerable at best) over a long period of time.

However, the frequency of a bath also depends on their skin’s overall health. You probably have an idea that your dog grooming himself is his own method of cleaning himself up, but did you know that dogs also do it to help enable hair follicle growth and to keep their skins healthy?

Giving your dog a bath helps maintain their skin’s health. Doing it in excess will damage and irritate their skin and hair follicles, and expose your dog to the possibility of getting bacterial or fungal infections.

So yeah, too much of a good thing and all that.

how often to bathe a dog

Answer the ‘Why’ of the Dog Bath First

In order to have a better idea on how often you should bathe your dog, it helps to know why you’re doing it in the first place.

Did your dog have a little too much fun with the puddle you encountered out on your walk? Pretty much a signal for ‘Bath needed PRONTO’.

But if your dog is pretty much an indoor dog, chances are you don’t need to bathe them that often.

Unless they have a skin allergy or disease of some sort that requires bathing to help treat, indoor dogs should be good to go for a month or so, provided that they are being groomed adequately.

If you noticed that your dog tends to get stinky pretty fast, then that’s another qualifier to giving them more frequent baths. Sometimes it all comes down to each individual dog’s ability to keep themselves from getting too smelly for comfort.

Still in doubt? Watch this video from the folks at Animal Medical Care on how often you should bathe your dog.

4 Super Helpful Dog Bathing Tips

Life is crazy enough without wrestling your wet dog in your bathtub, so here are 4 helpful tips you can use right away to help make doggy bath time better at your house:

  1.   Bathing once a month should be enough for most indoor dogs who have normal healthy skin. Do so with some dog shampoo (Amazon link) or baby shampoo to ensure that no harsh chemicals affect their skin.   
  2. For dogs who need more than the monthly bath, make sure to reduce the amount of soap or shampoo that you use on them unless it has moisturizing properties. Much like human skin, your dog’s skin can dry up if constantly exposed to soap.
  3. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid giving your dog a bath multiple times in a week. If you’re using a topical treatment to treat your dog from fleas, those work better if your dog’s natural skin oils are present to help speed up their effect.
  4. To make bath time easier, train your dog to stay calm during baths from the get go. Allowing them to freak out and hide at the slightest indication of a bath would only prove detrimental for both of you in the long run. Instead, make bath time something enjoyable that your dog will love doing.


The question of how often to bathe a dog can puzzle a lot of pet owners, but luckily the answer’s quite simple. It all matters on how frequently it is needed.

No matter how frequent that is, using our 4 super helpful tips should make bath time better at your house.

Are you a wet dog wrestler who avoids bathing your pup at all costs? Leave a comment below and tell us how often do you bathe your dog? We always love to hear from you!

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how often are you supposed to bathe a dog

8 thoughts on “So This Is How Often To Bathe A Dog”

  1. Casey Mitchell loves baths. He steps into the water like a human. He’s an indoor dog, so once a month. I wash his paws when we come in, especially in the winter when snow and ice is involved.

  2. I bathe my indoor dog every month next day I put on her frontal flee solution also wen she has a bowel motion I put her in the laundry & with warm water hose her behind too cos she sleeps on top of our bef

  3. I have a short hair German Shepherd who mostly keeps herself very clean but occasionally her sweat glands give her a smelly odor that’s when she gets a professional grooming. Probably every 6 weeks in winter and once a month during hot summer months according to her need. German Shepherd Dogs are like cats, they love being cuddled so cleanliness is important to both owners and them also

  4. I bath my pomeranians once a month. I also have Maltese and they seem to need baths every 2 weeks. One I keep in long coat and he seems to need a weekly bath, he’s a puppy. Hopefully we can go longer soon. I do a lot of dog grooming!

  5. I bath my pomeranians once a month. I also have Maltese and they seem to need baths every 2 weeks. One I keep in long coat and he seems to need a weekly bath, he’s a puppy. Hopefully we can go longer soon. I do a lot of dog grooming!

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