Home Alone? The Secret to Stop Destructive Dog Behavior

tips to stop destructive dog behavior

how to stop destructive dog behaviorStop me if you’ve heard this one before… You come home and open the door to eerie silence. Strangely, your dog is nowhere to be found. Soon you find the trash is knocked over, the couch is trashed and it looks like a beaver chewed on pieces of your furniture. Home invasion? Nah, just another day of your destructive dog home alone.

Not ringing any bells? Have you found a nasty note from your neighbor or the city telling you to stop your dog’s barking or pay a fine? Funny, your dog is so quiet when you’re home. Also well behaved. It’s like you dog turns into another animal when you leave the house.

Still not ringing any bells? It’s amazing how many people don’t even know that their dog barks when they are gone! If you do know what I’m talking about, the good news is that this destructive dog behavior can be fixed.

The Secret of Destructive Dog Behavior

You might be surprised, but this is not too complicated of a problem to sort out. In fact it’s one of the most common and straight forward behavioral issues with dogs. In this post I am going to quickly explain destructive dog behavior and point you to some resources where you can easily learn how to stop it, gently and quickly.

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Why Dogs Get Destructive When Alone

So why is your dog barking and being so destructive when you leave? Let me explain to you with an analogy. Imagine that you are a parent with a two year old child for a moment.
Your main job is to care for, look after and protect that child. Now if the child ended up outside the house and you were locked inside unable to get out what would you do?

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t sit down and watch some t.v. You would be screaming and yelling and doing everything you could to get out of the house. You would be prying the doors and the windows. Your energy levels would be high and you would be very stressed. How do people deal with stress? Shouting, chewing fingernails, excessive drinking/eating, the need to keep busy etc. Generally when we are stressed we are the opposite of relaxed. Your dog is no different.

The cause of the problem is simply that your dog thinks that he is the pack leader in your home and he thinks that his job is to keep an eye on you and protect you. That is why your dog is stressed when you leave them. They are stuck inside the property unhappy, worried and restless – all their pups have gone! And anything could happen!

Think about it. You leave for work 5 days a week and you’re gone for over 8 hours. Then you have to leave them at home again and again. Imagine what that does to your poor dog!

The build up of stress, as with humans, can come out in many different ways. Some dogs will bark nonstop, some will become hyper and not settle, some will dig holes and be destructive. Some dogs chew. The chewing actually releases endorphines which can help calm your dog down, very similar to when humans are stressed and chew gum.

The bottom line is that they are stressed. They are unsettled and wandering around all day long doing stuff, often not stuff that you want because they can’t settle down. They are not bored and they usually don’t need more exercise. Your dog does not need more toys or a bone! (In fact this can make the problem much worse!)

The Real Solution to Destructive Dog Behavior

The real solution is simple, straight forward, and not expensive… YOU become the pack leader and then your dog will happily rest at home when you leave. The best place to understand how to achieve this is Doggy Dan’s video website where you can follow over 250 of his videos of how to achieve pack leader status in the eyes of your dog.

The method uses 5 very powerful principles that he calls the 5 Golden Rules to ensure that your dog understands that you are the pack leader. As such, you are free to come and go as you please. Your dog can then relax and not worry when you leave the house.

Dan’s methods are also very kind and gentle as he understands how to work with the dog’s nature and work along side them. The best thing is that this technique fixes your problem whether it’s barking or other destructive behavior.Click Here To Visit The Online Dog Trainer Now!

The site also covers off a number of other contributing factors that you can look into which will ensure that you achieve the results that you are looking for. The site is organized very well and easy to use. You won’t even have to leave the house to get the help you need.


If you are in desperate need of help, this is the perfect resource you need. You don’t have to take drastic action, just a little understanding of what’s going on in your dogs mind. It’s an amazing solution and I recommend it. Also check out our free training guide here. Go check it out and start enjoying life with your dog again!

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