Holiday Gift Guide for Pampered Puppies and Spoiled Doggies

We love our dogs. Some of us love to pamper our puppies. If you have a spoiled doggie or a pampered pup, or you know someone that does, here is our guide for great gift ideas. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Pampered Puppies and Spoiled Doggies.Holiday Gift Guide Pampered Puppy Spoiled Doggy

Luxury Dog Beds

Every queen must have a throne. So your puppy is no different. If your poor dog is being forced to lounge on some run of the mill dog bed, now is the perfect chance to stop that. Give her the dog bed she deserves! Check out these luxury dog beds:

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dog Sweaters

What pampered dog would be without a selection of fine sweaters? None we say! A dog of such stature can not be expected to go out during the holiday season without a sweater. Add to your dog’s presumably large existing sweater collection with these nice selections:

Blueberry Pet Nordic Pattern Dog Sweater

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Holiday Christmas Reindeer Vintage Classic Dog Sweater

Gooby Stretch Fleece Pull Over Cold Weather Dog Vest

Blueberry Pet Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

BlueberryHoliday Festive Dog Sweater

Bling Bling Dog Collars

Please, please please don’t tell me that your dog runs around town with some unadorned, jewel-less strap around her neck as a collar. Step 1 of being the owner of a pampered dog is the bling bling collar. Check out these selections:

PETFAVORITES Rhinestone Dog Collar

Berry Pet Bling Rhinestones Dog Collar

Beirui Rhinestone Bling Leather Dog Collar

Pet’s House Dog Collars

Lillypet Bling Rhinestone Pet Bow Tie Collar

CocoPet Luxury Handmade Bling Rhinestone Pet Collar

Luxury Hair Bows for Your Dog

Another essential accessory for the pampered pooch is the hair bow. Every dog needs several hair bows depending on the day. And not just the cheap ones. Here’s a selection to choose from:

PET SHOW Bling Rhinestone Pet Hair Bows

Dog Hair Bows Rubber Bands – Holiday Style

Yagopet 20pcs New Dog Hair Bows

Yagopet Small Dog Hair Bows

Yagopet New Dog Hair Bows

Sweats for Your Dog

Being a pampered puppy doesn’t mean being dressed up all the time. Sometimes a dog has to run to Starbucks in the morning and just needs a trendy and fashionable sweatsuit. That’s where these come in!

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs

Scheppend Adidog Hoodie for Dog

Fleece Dog Hoodies with Pocket

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest

Dog Boots for Delicate Paws

If you live where it gets cold, you can’t have your dog’s paws getting cold out on walks. Plus there is salt and all other kinds of nasty de-icers that can harm your puppy’s paws. Check out these dog boots for warmth and protection:

Water Resistant Dog Shoes

URBESTBrown Dog Booties

Antiskid Winter Dog Boots

Roll in Style with Dog Strollers

Another solution to protect your puppy’s Paws is to keep the off the pavement all together. Why make them walk when they can ride in a stroller? Check these out:

Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller

OxGord Pet Stroller

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller


BestPet Pet Stroller

Doggie Purse, Please

Who doesn’t want a purse to carry their dog in?! Ok, the guy with the slobbering Saint Bernard. But little dog lovers love them! Check out these doggie purses:

Shinysnail Pet Travel Carrier Purse

BETOP Pet Carrier Tote Around Town Pet Carrier

WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier Bag

Petparty Fashion Dog Carrier

Dog Sunglasses for the High Roller

Don’t hog all the coolness for yourself! Plus all the UV eye protection. If you didn’t know they made sunglasses for dogs, now you do. Now you need to get your doggie up to speed. Check these out:

QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear

Enjoying Dog Sunglasses for Small Dogs

Top-Elecmart Dog Sunglasses


Well, there you have it, our Holiday Gift Guide for Pampered Puppies and Spoiled Doggies. Now go out there and rain presents on your pup this season.

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