Here’s How to Make Your Dog Smell Good

Here's How to Make Your Dog Smell Good

My dog stinks no matter what I do! Want to know how to get rid of dog body odor? Do you have dog odor even after bath? Check out these dog odor remedies and dog grooming tips on how to make your dog smell good.

A smelly dog isn’t appealing even if it is the cutest and most adorable dog on Earth. Actually, there are lots of reason why dog stinks. Some of which could be due to poorly maintained fur, poor hygiene, or maybe, your dog is stepping or rolling on his/her feces.

Either way, no matter how adorable dogs are, whether you admit it or not, it’s hard to spend time with them especially if they smell bad. As a result, you need to keep your canine smell good and pleasant. But, how you’ll do it? Here are five simple ways on how to make your dog smell good.

Five Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

1. Give your dog a bath

give dog a bath

People who did not take a bath for a couple of days will have an unpleasant odor, the same thing goes for dogs. Despite the fact that dogs can clean themselves, you should always keep in your mind that they still need a complete bath.

So, if your dog doesn’t smell good, give him/her a bath as soon as possible. When giving them a bath make sure to use a shampoo that is specifically created for dogs so that you will be able to get rid of the bad smell easily. Also, a dog shampoo can give your pup a soft and shiny pup.

Make Dog Smell Good

When bathing, make sure that your dog is wet and most importantly start at the upper part of your dog. On the other hand, use warm water to rinse the shampoo out nevertheless be careful of his/her ears and eyes.

Either way, you can also use a conditioner. However, the right type of conditioner that you can use will depend on the dog’s type of coat.  As it does with people, the conditioner helps in making your dog’s fur shiny and soft as well as with detangling.

2. Regularly Brush your Dog’s Fur

Brush your Dog’s Fur

Dog furs that are left unattended may possibly cause several conditions such as severe odor, tangles, as well as mats.

To get rid of dirt and debris that may be stuck in your dog’s fur make sure to brush them regularly. On the other hand, it is also the right time to check for ticks, fleas and cuts, bumps, lumps, and bites,

Even so, if your pup’s fur gives off bad odors, you can sprinkle a baking soda on his/her fur. Here’s how to it:

  • First, brush your canine’s fur to take away the visible debris and dirt.
  • Second, sprinkle some baking soda to the fur, however, make sure to cover your dog’s eyes.
  • Leave it for a few minutes
  • Lastly, thoroughly brush your dog’s fur to get rid of the baking soda.

3. Clean your dog’s teeth, eyes, and ears

Clean dog’s teeth, eyes, and ears

If you have already given your dog a complete bath but it is still smelly, his teeth, eyes, or ears may possibly the culprit. Actually, a good grooming can remove the bad odor that is coming from these parts.

That is why checking your dog’s ears is a good idea. If you found out that your dog’s ears are dirty, make sure to clean it immediately using a mineral oil, wipes, or an ear cleaner. These cleaning tools will effectively get rid of the unpleasant smell.

When it comes to cleaning your pup’s eyes, you can make use of a pet facial wipe, damp wet cloth, or wet cotton balls.

If your canine breath smells bad, it might be due to the tartar and plaque building up on his/her teeth. To avoid this, make sure to brush your pup’s teeth every day using a toothpaste that is specially made for them.

Don’t use a toothpaste that is created for people, as it might poison them. Either way, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is the best way to keep his/her teeth clean and healthy as well as prevent bad odor from coming.

So, if you have not been in the habit of brushing your canine’s teeth, then it is now the right time to start.

4. Clean your Pup’s Bedding Regularly

Clean Pup’s Bedding

Properly grooming or giving your dog a bath is useless if he/she is staying in a dirty bedding. In fact, one of the best yet easiest ways to keep your dog smell good is to wash your dog’s blankets, toys, kennel, and other things that around him/her.

Even so, if your pup is staying in a bedding that can’t be washed using a washing machine, you can make use of a dry shampoo or any fabric odor eliminator.

Dog crates, on the other hand, should be washed using a hose. However, if they are extremely dirty, you can scrub them using a mild biodegradable dishwashing soap, and a toothbrush or sponge.

Nevertheless, make sure to clean your dog’s crate or bedding once every two weeks or weekly depending on how frequently the odor returns.

5. Feed your dog with health foods

Feed dog with health foods

If your dog is not eating healthy foods, then bad smell may be triggered by the unnatural food your pup eats.

Either way, if you feed your dog a healthy and good quality food, you’ll be providing his/her body the nutrients that make him/her healthy and happy.

Look for foods that offer the meat source. Also, stay away from dog foods that contain cheap fillers such as soy, wheat, and corn. In addition, feed your dog a balanced diet to reduce the possibilities of having gassiness. And a diet that offers him/her a quality of life, better coat, as well as an overall skin.

Natural Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Good

  • Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll for Dog Smell

Chlorophyll is a natural substance that can eliminate fungus, toxins, and bacteria from the body. That’s why adding a little liquid chlorophyll to your pup’s diet can lessen numerous possible odor-causing problems. Also, it makes the dog’s breath and skin smell even better.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar for Good Dog Smell

By using a vinegar you’ll be able to make your dog’s smell better. Actually, vinegar acts to defuse the odor, however, you have to work it to your pup’s fur carefully and then rub it for about ten minutes.

On the other hand, adding a dishwashing soap will help to release the hold of the oily animal spray on your dog’s coat. As a result, the bad odor will be removed quicker. Nevertheless, after this treatment make sure to rinse your dog thoroughly to wash off the detergent and vinegar.

Important Considerations:

how to get rid of dog smell

Occasionally, dogs may possibly get to things that can cause them to smell bad. Actually, this is normal and isn’t commonly cause for worry.

However, things might be different especially if your dog begins to smell unpleasant for no reason, particularly if his/her coat becomes thin and he/she look itchy. Or your dog’s skin feels scabby or rough or your dog shows other warning signs of skin problems

On the other hand, any of the abovementioned signs can lead to a severe problem that needs immediate mediation and veterinary attention. Possibly, your dog needs a change in diet. For example, a diet that only uses natural preservatives. Or your dog needs additional nutritional supplements like fatty acids.


Your dog doesn’t have to smell bad. However, by simply following the tips mentioned above you will be able your dog smell fresh and dog.

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how to make your dog smell good

Even so, if your canine still smells bad even though you’ve followed the tips above make sure to visit your vet right away. Because as what we have said a while ago, it might be associated with other issues.

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