How a Halti Harness Can Solve Your Leash Pulling Problems

A Halti harness can help you get control of your dog while out on a walk. This is awesome if you have a dog that pulls on the leash. Leash pulling is one of the trickiest dog behavior problems to fix and we’ve written a few previous articles on the subject.

Will a halti harness do the trick for you? Read on and find out.

What is the Halti Dog Harness?

A Halti dog harness provides you more control over your dog while you’re out on a walk. It’s a great aid to have when you are trying to teach your dog how to get along out in public too.

We think its a humane training aid if used correctly. As a dog harness it has safety features to provide your pet with comfort.

For Instance:
1. Halti safety link
2. Built in removable muzzle
3. Comfortable fit over jaws
4. Specifically designed to stop pulling
5. Smooth padded nose pad

Halti Harness to Stop Leash Pulling

You’ll find all of these features to be helpful when walking your dog. Halti is designed specifically for providing the canine comfort while keeping them in control. Some harness have metal parts that can cut into a dogs face, however you won’t have that problem with a Halti harness.

Fitting Your Dog With the Halti Harness

As with anything you use with your dog, fit is important. Poor fitting gear can either make it useless or in some cases harmful to your dog.

The Halti harness is shaped specifically to fit your dogs head. Start out by taking it by the noseband. Then take the adjustable slide on collar to get desired size. Make sure that the buckle is nice and secure. After placing it onto your dogs face, make sure the noseband is down the snout and out of it’s eyes.

To check the fit, place two fingers between the harness and your dog. This will tell you if it’s too tight or not.

Sometimes it’s easier to watch, check out this video:

5 Tips for Using a Halti Harness

If you have a dog that pulls a lot, the Halti harness may work for you. The problem is that many dogs don’t like the Halti harness on their head. Here are some helpful tips for using the Halti dog harness.

1. Let your dog get acquainted with it, allowing him or her to sniff it.

2. Hold a treat in your fingers while placing entire hand into body of harness.

3. Casually slide harness onto your dog over their snout.

4. Distract them immediately before realizing it is on, for instance with dog treats or playing with them.

5. Once lead is attached, you don’t want the dog to chew or paw at harness, so in order to divert their attention hold one of their favorite snacks up in the air.

This is easier said than done, but it will take desensitizing and rewarding your dog with the harness.

Walking your dog with a Halti harness can take a little getting used to for you as well.


Leash pulling is challenging and a Halti harness is one of many solutions out there. It will work, but it will take some commitment on your part to get your dog used to it.

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