Hacks to Cleaning a Dog Bed

Tips for Cleaning a Dog Bed

Dog beds can get a little stinky. Here are some hacks to cleaning a dog bed that will help keep it fresh for you and your pup.

Dog lovers are always fight against the big three: dog hair, odor and stains. Dog beds are no different. 

We’ve showed you how to get dog smell out of your house and how to stop dog shedding, so lets tackle the dog bed. 

The good news is you don’t need to spend a ton of money to keep your dog’s bed clean. Just use these simple hacks and you and your dog will both be happier.


1. Place a mat beside the dog bed

Usually, we only place the mats at the door of our house to filter the dirt from outdoor and prevent it bring inside the house. But we should also place one before the dog’s bed for the same reason.

Dogs don’t wipe their paws when they come in the house. At least this way you catch some of that outdoor dirt before it makes in into the bed.

They probably won’t wipe their paws on this mat either, but at least it will catch some of the dirt and hair. 


2. Prepare a wet glove or roll of packing tape

When you want to just remove the fur in their bed because you can see that their fabric is still clean or you want to remove first the fur before putting the fabric in the washing machine. Well, you can do it easily. You can magnet it with your gloves or roll the rolled packing tape to the bed so that the fur will stick on it.

You can also do it on your sofa or to your furniture because we may not know maybe there is dog fur in there.

Repeated rolling of packing tape will surely remove all the fur, unlike when you use a brush because some may float into the air and we can’t notice it.


3. Baking soda to deodorized the bed

Baking soda is very useful, there are so many hacks about the use of it and one of those is about deodorizing the smell of dog’s urine.

We know that dogs are territorial and they mark their territory by their urine even though they have their litter box.

To get rid of the urine smell in the dog’s bed, sprinkler baking soda there and let it soak for several hours. After it, vacuum the powder immediately before the dog uses its bed. Because baking soda particles may harm our pet dogs.

We can’t smell the odor but dogs can. So, they will still know that it is their bed.


4. Use a dog bed fabric that is removable

It is the best to use removable fabric to the dog’s bed so that we can easily wash it and change it.

Before putting the fabric into the washing machine, we need to remove first the fur by doing the number 2. We need to remove the fur first so that it will not block into the washing machine. Then after that, spray a stain remover on both sides and let it soak for 5 minutes. Lastly, put in in the washing machine, wash it and let it dry.


Final thought

See, it is just simple to clean our dog’s bed. It is not a total hassle for us owners. Let us just accept the fact that our dog best friends can’t clean their own mess. But they still play a big role in our life.

Cleaning their bed is only one of the simple ways to show our love to them. In return, they become our best friend who will never betray us whatever happens. In fact, they are willing to save their life just to protect their owners.

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How to Clean a Dog Bed


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