The Best Online Dog Training for Your Obedience School Dropout

Welcome to Good Doggies Online, the best online dog training source for your lovable obedience school dropout!

If you’ve tried to take your dog to obedience classes, you know that they are not for everyone. Our dog has the distinct honor of being expelled twice. Her behavior also got us into our fair share of embarrassing moments and dangerous scrapes.

She’s better behaved now and we would like to share what we have learned.

Please let us introduce ourselves…Best online dog training

Good Doggies Online Dog Training Philosophy

We’re not professional dog trainers. We are just dog lovers and parents that had dogs with behavior problems. We found obedience classes and a lot of books just didn’t work.

We tried and tried and nothing changed. We decided to take the pieces we had learned and gear them toward our type of dog, the lovable obedience school dropouts of the world.

Have you ever tried dog training advice from some experts and felt like you were doing more harm than good? Were you and your dog miserable after a training session? Did you feel like a dog bully instead of a pet parent?

That’s how we felt. So we came up with simple and easy dog training tips that were realistic and actionable. In fact our tips are so easy even our dogs figured them out!

Ever seen those drill seargent dog owners yelling at their perfectly behaved pups? Yeah…we’re really not about that. But some basic dog training skills can make your relationship with your dog dramatically better.

Living with a dog should be fun and training should be no different.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

You can teach an old dog new tricks and we will show you how (Even if that “trick” is just staying out of the trash!).

If you are reading this, you are probably having some issues with your dog. Sometimes these things can be annoying, embarrassing or even scary. Like most people these days, you see your dog as a member of the family. Through their unconditional love, loyalty, and lovable personalities dogs have won a special place in our hearts.

As pet parents, it hurts when our dogs develop behavioral problems. It’s not just the inconvenience and embarrassment, but it’s the sadness in knowing our dog is acting out for a reason.

We are here to help you, wonderful pet parent! Take a look around and find something good. Start by downloading this FREE Everyday Dog Training Guide.

We hope you find help here. Remember, no matter the issue, all doggies are Good Doggies!