Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers: 23 Pawsome Gifts for Christmas and Beyond

Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

It’s that time of year when giving gifts is practically a must. If you’re stumped on what to give the dog parent in your life, then browse through our gift guide for dog lovers.

To be honest we wouldn’t mind receiving a bunch of these ourselves, because they really resound with our love for dogs. That’s why we believe that any dog lover would highly appreciate any (or a bunch of) these gifts. If you’re a dog lover yourself, we definitely understand if you want to get some of these as a gift for yourself too.

While most of the gifts are for the dog parents to enjoy, there are a few that’s for their dogs as well, because dogs deserve some lovin’ during the holidays too!


1. Texts from Dog 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

Texts from Dog 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

This 2018 calendar is perfect for any dog parent who has ever wondered what their dog would text them if they could. Witty and amusing, this calendar also has bonus content that any dog lover would surely enjoy having. 

2. “It’s Not Drinking Alone if the Dog is Home” Wine Glass

It's Not Drinking Alone if the Dog is HomeBeing a dog parent is not an easy task, but here’s a perk! This funny statement wine glass will surely make the dog parent in your life laugh.

3. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship by Susan Lordi

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship by Susan Lordi

This beautiful figurine shows an angel cradling a dog and we’re not gonna lie, dogs are angels too. It can also double as a Christmas decoration or a year-round decor at any dog lover’s home. 

4.“We Like Big Mutts And We Cannot Lie” Doormat

We Like Big Mutts And We Cannot Lie

This classy callback to the hit lyrics is a fun piece to welcome guests at the door. Plus, it also serves as a warning to anyone who arrives that dogs are to be expected inside. 

5. Assorted Dog Toys, 6-Pcs

Assorted Dog Toys, 6-Pcs

Dog moms and dads will surely appreciate gifts for their fur babies as well, and this set of assorted dog toys is a good choice. Each has its own personal charm and can inspire dogs to play with them, with the enticing designs and durability perfect for any home with a playful pup. 

6. Mr. Peanut’s Collapsible Dog Bowls, Set of 4 Colors

Mr. Peanut's Collapsible Dog Bowls, Set of 4 Colors

If you want to give a pet lover a practical gift, then these collapsible dog bowls are a good choice too. These are extremely handy for when they like to go out on trips, walks, and adventures with their canine pals and need a set of bowls that won’t take up too much luggage space. 

7. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine – Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies

Claudia's Canine Cuisine

Christmas is a time for cookies, after all! Who says only Santa deserves the cookies when dogs are the greatest gift of all? These treats will surely make any pup feel the love during the holidays.  

8. “Everything Tastes Better With Dog Hair In It” Stoneware Mug

Everything Tastes Better With Dog Hair In It - Stoneware Mug

Back to gifts for the dog parents, there are some things that makes living with a dog  unique, and the presence of dog hair in everything is one of those. This statement mug is not only funny because its true, it’s also announcing the fact that yes, your drink probably has dog hair in it now.

9. “Dog Mom” Stoneware Mug

Dog Mom - Stoneware Mug

Dog mom and proud! This mug is a pawsome gift for any proud dog mom. Just look at those adorable heart paw prints!

10. “Dog Mom and Dad” Stoneware Mug Set

Dog Mom and DadIf the dog lovers in your life are a couple of dog parents, then this set is perfect for them. Dog dads exist too, after all. 

11. “Dogs Welcome People Tolerated” Plaque

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated

Because dogs are infinitely better than humans, right? This sign will surely make for a great conversation piece once hung in the home of a dog parent. 

Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

12. “Beware of Dog Kisses” Sign

Beware of Dog Kisses

Warning: dog kisses inevitable. This sign is also a nice addition to any dog-loving home, particularly for those who have really affectionate dogs. 

13. “Dogs are like potato chips you can’t have just one” Plaque

Dogs are like potato chips you can't have just one“I’ll just have one potato chip and save the rest for later,” said no one ever. Well, we all say that, but do we really make true of that statement? The same goes for dogs, just ask any dog parent.

14. “Love Is Sloppy Kisses and a Wagging Tail” Sign

Love Is Sloppy Kisses and a Wagging Tail

A sign that speaks the truth. The dog lover that you gift this to will surely appreciate how real it is. It also makes for a wicked home decor. 

15. “A House Is Not a Home Without a Dog” Sign

A House Is Not a Home Without a Dog

Dropping more truth bombs your way.

16. “There Is Always Room For One More Dog” Sign

There Is Always Room For One More Dog

Same argument for the potato chips sign (and also for dessert during the holidays). There’s always room for cake. And ice cream.

17. “No Outfit is Complete Without Dog Hair” Plaque

No Outfit is Complete Without Dog Hair

Dog hair in your drinks, dog hair on your pants. Dog parents know the struggle, until they just embrace it as part of their daily ensemble. That’s true fashion. 

18. “All You Need Is Love… And A Dog” Sign

"All You Need Is Love... And A Dog" Sign Gift

Yet another sign on the list because you can never have too much signs in your home proclaiming your love for dogs! 

19. “Rescued Is My Favorite Breed” Sign

Dog Lovers Sign Gift of "Rescued Is My Favorite Breed"Rescue dogs deserve all the love, and this sign is great for dog parents who like to adopt rescue dogs. It also makes a great statement and could spark more conversations about the importance of adopting rescue dogs.

20. “I work hard so my dog can have a better life” Mug

Mog Gift for Dog Lovers

Where is the lie, right? Dog lovers work hard for themselves too, but it’s mostly to provide for their dog. 

21. “It’s Been a Long Day” Wine Glass

Gift as Dog Wine Glass

Witty and charming. The Christmas celebrations can be harrowing on anybody, and trying to stop your dog from taking down your tree is no exception. Dog parents deserve a glass of wine after these ordeals. 

22. “Dog Rules” Pillow

Dog Rules PillowLet’s be honest, if you gift this to a dog owner, their dog would probably apply these rules pronto… to this pillow.


23. “Heaven Is The Place” Dogs Decorative Tapestry Toss Pillow

Dogs Decorative Tapestry Toss PillowAnd to wrap up our gift guide for dog lovers, a snuggly pillow that will speak to their souls. Heaven is a place on Earth (or anywhere) when you’re with dogs.

holiday gift guide for dog lovers

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