How to Get Your Dog to Stop Peeing in the House Without Spending a Ton of  Money

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Your dog isn't a puppy anymore. The problem is, your dog still isn't housebroken. 

You are not alone, many adult dogs are not housebroken.

It doesn't matter why, at this point you just need it to STOP.

End the Dread When You Leave the House

Every time you leave the house you worry. When you get home, you get that feeling of dread when you open the door. You wonder if there will be another mess to clean up. And then there is the smell.

Are you embarrassed to have people over because your house smells like dog pee?

Not to mention that your carpet is ruined and you can’t replace it because it will just happen again.

The worst part?

 Stepping in it and cleaning it up. The good news is no dog is too old to potty train.

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